All in the Family

Season 7 Episode 11

Mr. Edith Bunker

Aired Unknown Nov 27, 1976 on CBS

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  • After saving a man's life at the Sunshine Home, Edith learns she is going to be interviewed for a local newscast. Archie has trouble with being overshadowed.

    "Mr. Edith Bunker" is a good episode of this classic series. It has some well written dialogue and it delivers its fair share of laughs. That aside I would not rank this episode as one of the series' greatest. For one thing, it's hard to have any sympathy for Archie over the fact that he is being left out. I understand that's the point, but why Archie thinks he was going to get equal screen time with his wife is puzzling. After all he had nothing to do with Edith's life saving actions and he wasn't even there! What helps this episode is the very good final scene in which Archie watches Edith's live interview. It's one of those very rare moments in "All in the Family" where Archie realizes how lucky he is to be married to Edith. "Mr. Edith Bunker" is no classic but delivers just enough to make it worth watching.