All in the Family

Season 9 Episode 9

Return of the Waitress

Aired Unknown Nov 26, 1978 on CBS

Episode Recap

Archie comes to his bar and discovers that Harry hired a new waitress - it's Denise, the same waitress with whom he almost had an affair. Archie doesn't think it's a good idea that she work there, but Denise is persuasive. She is desperate for the job, she says, and she and Archie are two mature adults. Reluctantly, Archie agrees to let her stay.

Later, Edith comes into Archie's Place unexpectedly and decides to stay for a ginger ale. Archie does everything that he can to get Edith to leave, but she won't. Much to Archie's chagrin, Denise ends up waiting on Edith. Edith, not knowing who Denise is, invites her to sit down. After Denise tells her her name, it dawns on Edith who she is. After some awkward conversation, Edith thanks Denise for bringing her and Archie closer together than ever.

Archie has been crouching behind Hank at the bar after seeing Edith talking with Denise, but comes out of his hiding place when Denise calls him. She informs him that she's decided to leave and get a job elsewhere. Archie is much relieved, but Edith calls him out on it when Archie tries to pass it off like it's his own idea to let Denise go.

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