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  • This show is an classic.As the song says "Those were the days......"

    This has to be one of the best classic show! That I had seen in my life! I mean I wasn't born.When this show had started.But I do love the show.I liked it when Archie calls Michael "Meathead" that is so funny! Carrot O Conner.He does an good job playing as Archie Bunker.Edith makes me laughed too.The cast are funny and I must say they do an good job of acting and all that kind of stuff.I rally love this show its the best.I always watched it whenever its on tvland.
  • this show was way ahead of its time

    this show was way ahead of its time. it delt with serious issues. i love this show and i allways have. its wonderfull and it is a classic show. the character of archie was the funniest charecter ever. i loughed evry time he callled the charecter of mike "meet head". it was way ahead of its time, thats for sure. no question about it that this is one of those that is actually a classic. it was one of those shows that i am glad that it was around because it made a diference in the world tha we have.
  • Not exactly a bad way to past time. Although I have had more enjoyable moments.

    Not exactly a bad way to past time. Although I have had more enjoyable moments. All in the Family does have its high points although I certainly wished there were more of them. It left me bored not long after I was exposed to it and that certainly is not saying something entirely positive about it. Nonetheless, it is very well packaged so a 7 rating I feel is very fair.
  • Best of the best Best of the best Best of the best Best of the best Best of the best Best of the best Best of the best Best of the best Best of the best Best of the best

    Best of the best Best of the best Best of the best Best of the best Best of the best Best of the best Best of the best Best of the best Best of the best Best of the best Best of the best Best of the best Best of the best Best of the best Best of the best Best of the best Best of the best Best of the best Best of the best Best of the best
  • 10 OUT OF 10 for its first 3 years. Then it sinks...

    Seasons 1-3, no contest. THAT is the formula. The show unabashedly contronts topics. From sexism, racism, homophobia, every little nuance is found to confront, and confrontation was the goal.

    Season 4 starts to show Mike is wrong... and more typical sitcom shlock is introduced. The debates becoming tangential, family "drama" becoming more and more the norm.

    Season 5 continues the trend, with a few gasps of sublimeness ("Gloria's Shock" being by far the best story since season 3), but it is this season the Jeffersons come into their own, and with aplomb...

    Season 6 and onward are lacking, apart from a Christmas story, Rape's attempted rate, Mike and Gloria leaving (first to California, then what happens after that...), and a transexual we all grow to love then cry over... those moments were great, but what surrounded them were flat.

    Of course, season 4 onward we occasionally get product placement malarky. Mike would not approve, but at least early on it wasn't unabashedly vulgar. The worst offender is in a Xmas episode (season 7 or 8?) where Mike and Archie bicker about a boxing game for toddlers, as Archie bought it for Joey - go figure. Trouble is, MINUTES are devoted to the camera doing a big close-up of the game in action, with the box in sufficient view. Disgusting.

    Season 6 also has Mike wanting a child despite a big diatribe in "Gloria's Shock" that should have had people concerned, the figures are spot on... Mike also gets treated to reverse discrimination!

  • One of the best shows ever, and you all know it.

    If you ever asked a 13 year old girl what her favorite television show is, I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t be the first show you’d expect her to mention.

    However, with *this* 13 year old girl, you’d be pleasantly surprised. Not only was this the number one TV show for a long time, it is the reason that many of the shows we watch are on today. Many of my friends are fans of South Park and Family Guy, as am I. Sadly, I am the only one that understands that if this show had never existed, those shows would not either. As a matter of fact, I am likely the only one who knows it ever existed at all.
    My dad never liked AITF much, because “all they do is argue.” But if you look at most TV shows that’s all they do, so I don’t understand that. I’m glad this show is still on TV, and I watch it almost every day.

    R.I.P Carroll O’Connor
  • Any show that feels it blazed a trail lies in the wake of All In The Family.

    All In The Family took televison to a new dimension and no other show has ever been able to match it. Not that any show dare try. Making us squirm as it made us look at ourselves in a full length mirror. We sometimes don't like what we see, but we keep looking because what we see is the painful truth. The truth does hurt sometimes, but adding humor to it helped us endure pain.
  • This show fits so many classifications. It was a great comedy that could be called Classic, Trendsetter, Influential, Personal Favorite, Bring it Back, Ahead of It's Time or Cutting Edge ... take your pick.

    This show fits so many classifications. It was a great comedy that could be called Classic, Trendsetter, Influential, Personal Favorite, Bring it Back, Ahead of It's Time or Cutting Edge ... take your pick. Loaded with a great cast and the outstanding writing of Norman Lear this show took on tabu topics and handeled them very well. There was never a doubt that Carroll O'Connor was the big star of the comedy series as Archie Bunker. His wife was named Edith was played by Jean Stapleton. Their daughter Gloria was played by Sally Struthers and her husband was Michael Stivic who was played by Rob Reiner. A great comedy that is still a very watchable televison program.
  • One of Norman Leer's great sit coms.

    A great family sit com from the 70's dealing with a lot of social issues with comedy thrown in. There was no doubt that Carroll O'Connor was the star of the show as Archie Bunker. His wife Edith was played very well by Jean Stapleton. Their daughter Gloria was played by Sally Struthers and her boyfriend / husband was Michael Stivic who was played by Rob Reiner. Reiner is the real life son of comic genius Carl reiner and has gone on to become a great movie director. The show would talk about tabo issuses such as womens rights, race issues and homosexuality. A great classic show that is still pretty funny to watch today.

  • A very comical TV show

    I like to watch this show with my Grandfather thats the reaon I started watching this show, but it is as good as the other classic TV shows that I watch, The reaon I watch this show all the time like my favorite TV show is because of the how good they pull it off and also because it is extremely funny and when I here or see something funny on this tv show I can't stop watching this great classic! I think that all the classic Tv shows like this and The Dukes of Hazzard should all begiving awards for the passion that the casts had in doing these show's and some of the actors should've been giving awards for the comedy they did on the shows! YEEHAW!
  • Old time favorite

    This is truly a classic show. If ever you are feelin bad about something, just tune in to this show, its full of laughs, funny, touching and yet very special. I love the whole cast of this show and I'm glad I grew up watching it. When I was a kid, I couldn't understand it at first, but threw the years I have learn to understand it more and grown to love it. Now what would a night be like withouth Archie on your set!! this show I'm giving it a perfect 10!!
  • All In The Family

    This show is one of the all time greats.The whole cast are very good. I have alot of laughs when I watch this show. You gotta Love how Mike and Archie go at it all the time. Edith is one of the best on the show as well.
    My review on this show is a must see show.
  • The reason were watching shows like South Park, and Family Guy.

    This is the show that changed it all. Before All in the Family aired American Tv was stuck in a culture, resemblant of a 1950 society. Norman Lear changed that all. All in the Family was the first show to tackle important issues in society that was concidered taboo to Mass Media. Issues covered on this show dealt with everthing from rape, race, homosexuality, athesium, bigatory...etc. It changed TV as we know it, and inspired generations of producers to push the limits of cencorship into an era of free speach. Shows such as The Jeffersons, South Park, bacically all the shows concidered controvercial. The show itself is briallanty produced and the actors are great. Carrol O' Connor plays Archie Bunker and made him into the most influential TV character it TV history. Jean Stapelton is Edith Bunker, the kindest and sweetest woman, mother anyone could have, and balances out Archies bigatory. Then there are the Stivics Mike and Gloria, the Daughter and Son in Law to the Bunkers. (Riener, Struthers) They play the part of the opposition to most of Archies bigatory views on the show to provied a sorce of conflict. All in the Family is and Remains the most influential, and arguable the best TV show in History.
  • Groundbreaking!

    Another show from my childhood that just gets better as I age. As a child the humor I saw was from Archie's insulting Edith and Meathead (see how well I remember his name!) and many others. He said words that we were not allowed to say when describing people. As an adult I am able to see the social conciousness of this show. Archie's bigotry was a comment on all of America and how we view ourselves and those around us. Nothing was held back.

    Unfortunately in the later years the show lost a lot of what made it original. The carry over to Archie Bunker's Place should never have happened.

    Either way, this show is still groundbreaking today.
  • one of the best

    this show had such a cultural impact that it is not really been matched since.. Archie Bunkers attitudes defined a generation, but they were exposed as misgiven and the biggest bigot on Tv began to change, it almost gave permisson for the older generation to stop and consider what the younger folk were saying,, this show was ground breaking .. and still very enjoyable today it does not get old or very out of date
  • Archie and Meathead are a classic act of relatives - in - law! They are always going at each other, while Edith and Gloria just deal with it the best that they can. Archie and Mike will pretty much argue about anything It is just a down home funny show!

    I personally find this show Hilarious! My mother thought that there was always too much yelling and fighting, but I think that that's what makes it so funny! I mean, Mike and Archie, LOL! They are beautiful! Well, so are Edith and Gloria, I mean, they have to sit there and deal with all the arguing. Poor girls!
  • All in the Family changed the way TV sitcoms were looked upon forever.

    All in the Family was the show that changed the way TV Sitcoms were made forever. Starring Carrol O. Connor, All in the Family made its debut in 1971, much to public disapproval. The show was about a man who was very racist and political, until his son-in-law finally gets him to change his ways. The producers told the cast that if the crowd loves it, say hello to the beginning of a new TV era. However, if the crowd disapproved, the show would be immediately cancelled. Luckily, the crowd loved it, and All in the Family went on for eight seasons.
    The Theme Song:

    Boy the way Glen Miller played
    Songs that made the hit parade.
    Guys like us we had it made,
    Those were the days.

    And you knew who you were then,
    Girls were girls and men were men,
    Mister we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again.

    Didn't need no welfare state,
    Everybody pulled his weight.
    Gee our old LaSalle ran great.
    Those were the days.

    Carrol O. Connor (who played Archie Bunker) was married in the show to Jean Stapleton (who played Edith Bunker). The couple had one child named Gloria (Sally Struthers) who was married to Michael Stivic (Rob Reiner).

    All in the Family was altogether a GREAT show. It currently airs daily on TVLand.
  • This show was a classic! Great acting by the big four.

    This show was way ahead of it's time. Norman Lear went way out on a limb with this one and ended up buying many Rolls Royces and mansions because of it. Archie Bunker said what he thought. This was free speech at it's best. Archie could offend anyone and not even blink. He said what millions of American's thought everyday but were afraid to say. He was a bigot but not a militant racists. He had fun with minorities in culturally rich New York. Meathead was a classic. Edith was a nutso and a little unbelievable. Gloria was good, especially in the rape and wedding episodes which were really good. Archie showed his sentimental side in these episodes and proved he was a real human being with feelings just like everyone else. This show jumped the shark with that ditsy girl, Archie becoming tolerant, and Mike and Gloria moving out.
  • 10
    Personally, I believe that the first three seasons of AITF represented the best example of 1970\'s American comedy series. The late great Caroll O\'Connor was brilliant as the intolerant, fiesty but lovable Archie - a character who\'s unique views of the world were so skewed they were hillarious. The versitiale Jean Stapleton\'s character, Edith, was somewhat difficult to follow for my taste, however. Whereas Archie started out as staunchly opinionated and tough, only to become lighter hearted and loving as Joey and Stephanie came into the series, Edith started out as a clingy, ditzy housewife who discovered independance and personal identity and then recevted back to ditzy. Sally Struthers gave an outstanding performance as Gloria, a little innocent girl who had grown to become an assertive and independant young woman and devoted mother. Fan favorite Rob Reiner portrayed an unforgettable Mike Stivic, a proud, honest humanitarian who stood up to his biggoted father in law and fought for equality and justice for all. With the brilliant storylines and effective supporting characters, Norman Lear\'s creation deserved every reward it received.
  • Changed sitcoms forever

    Is there a show that had a greater influence on not only TV but in everyday life? I like to think of this show as the first "reality" show. It was the first that dared take real life and put it on tv. No other show addressed such controversial or socially relevant storylines (politics, minorities, sex, religion) with such blunt humor. Before this show married couples still had twin beds! This number one show, for 5 years, paved the way for other sitcoms (Maude, Good Times, The Jeffersons) and changed the way shows would be written, acted, and watched forever.
  • The one that changed TV. It covered many important issues.

    Let's go back to the late sixties. On televixion, there are black and white shows on. They couldn't do anything which might be considered controversal. All of the shows had the husbands go to work, the wives stay home and do the housework without complaining, and perfect kids. If the children get into trouble, it's usually because they broke their mother's vase, broke a window, told a lie, or something else like that. There are a few of those kinds of shows I like, such as "I Love Lucy."

    Then, in 1970, a man, Norman Lear, pitches the idea for a comedy which does the exact opposite that was on TV up to that point. One where the main character, Archie, is a biggot, and makes a lot of politically incorrect statements about black people, Jewish people, and just about any person who is different than him. He has a wife, named Edith, who is the kind of wife that was on the shows before it. Archie is always telling Edith to "Stifle," and when she doesn't, he mimes killing himself. Archie's daughter and her husband Michael are living with Archie and Edith. Archie and Micael are always getting into political arguments because Archie is a conservative, and Michael is a liberal. Through the series, the show covers such issues as rape, miscariages, losing faith in God because somebody was killed for their appearence, forgery, and the KKK, just to name a few.

    CBS took a huge risk allowing this show on their station, but it definately paid off. It lasted for nine season. It had many spinoffs, including "Archie Bunker's Place," which was a continuation of "All In The Family." When this show started, it was the beginning of a revolution of television, and it has a huge impact on TV.
  • Best sitcom of all time. A true cutting edge classic.

    I rate All In The Family the absolute best sitcom of all time. It dared to be different from anything that came before it and most that has come since, having the main character an example of how not to be rather than a wholesome, good example for us all type person like sitcoms that came before. It dealt with issues that had never before been dealt with on TV such as politics, religion, and sex. The characters and situations are much more true to life than many sitcoms that offer a fantasy escape from the real world. Yet many episodes have a moral to the story and a valuable lesson.
  • much better the 1nd time around

    I remember watching this show when I was younger and thought it was funny but not as funny as it is now on reruns. I guess I didn't understand at the time the inside to all the jokes. As an adult it is all clear now what some of the very funny jokes were meant to mean. Archie was your typical make from back then. Edith was your typical housewife of her times. Much better the second time around.
  • Interesting instances!

    Right now it is 10:30 AM EST and viewers are looking forward to watching All in the Family. This show touches so many 'touchy' subjects. It's very enjoyable and offensive to some at the same time.

    Archie Bunker is the classic bigot, off to war kind of person that fuels tension between the other characters on the show and viewers. Not that I'm one for racism, but one just can't help loving Archie Bunker.

  • Pretty good.

    Archir Bunker is a pretty good show, and has alot of funny moments. I can't say i agree totally with either Archie or Meathead, as they are both pretty radical. Gloria aka "Little Girl" is funny, and Edith is my favorite. A truly sad episode is where Edith dies and Archie remembers her as he goes thru their bedroom. Edith is a hilarious scatterbrain, but uptight Archie is just a little TOO lacking in patience with his dizzy wife, because she is well meaning. At least Mike is kind, understanding, and alot more mellow. Joey was a really cute addition too. My favorite line is where Edith and Archie recieve a Christmas card for a friend, and she says "Look Archie! It's the 3 wisemen in a blue convertable!"

    I like AITF, because, unlike Maude, at least they could bring a poilitical point to light without being so darn biased.
  • A pivitol moment in television.

    "All In The Family" was a pivitol moment in television - not only did it revive the sitcom format for the 1970's - it also changed the course of television forever. Television sitcoms of the 1950's & 1960's were funny no doubt, but as most people know the characters on these shows didn't really face any real problems. "All In The Family" changed all of that. The characters on the show faced real, everyday issues that Americans deal with. Inflation, unemployment, discrimination, cancer, death, rape, violence. Of course at the center of the show was Carroll O'Connor as Archie Bunker, a character, of which viewers of the time, had never been seen before on television. Archie was a blue-collar working stiff who had no problems letting his prejudices known to those around him. His wife Edith was played by Jean Stapleton. Edith (who in my opinion is the best character ever portrayed on television) was honest and unbiased against anyone, and although Edith was an old-fasioned wife who catered to her husband's needs, she was not above speaking her mind or standing her ground when she needed to. Archie & Edith had one daughter Gloria (played by Sally Struthers) who had married Mike Stivic (Rob Reiner) who was of Polish descent. Mike's ethnic background was something that Archie had to adjust too - that and Mike was also a liberal and an athiest. These issues became the source of many of the discussions/arguements that erupted between Archie & Meathead (Archie's nickname for Mike; Archie's nickname for Edith was Dingbat). The series first episode found Archie and Mike arguing about the validity of God and the Bible. Other episodes through the years found Edith dealing with menopause and later a lump she disocovered in her breast; Archie's realization that all is not what it appears on the surface in the classic episode "Judging Books By Covers"; Edith's outspoken cousin Maude coming for a visit. Sally Struthers and Rob Reiner left the series at the end of the 1977-78 season. That season found some of the most seriously themed episodes of the entire series including "Edith's 50th Birthday" and "Edith's Crisis Of Faith", which in my opinion are the two best episodes (both hour long/2 part shows) of the entire series.
  • One of a kind. . .

    This was the first show to break away from the normal sitom format of a crappy gooey sticky sweet family, and show everybody what a real family was like. It stayed #1 in the Nielsen's several seasons, but during its later seasons, the ratings dropped slightly. However, I think they probably dropped most of all during the shows last season after Rob Reiner and Sally Struthers left the series. It just wasn't the same, and the character of Stephanie could not fill that void.
  • About All In The Family

    This is another show that is vulgar. I cannot stand this show at all, and I also cannot stand the lyrics for this show

    Not only are these people racist, but they desire a time where there was war and people suffering and times were less than ideal, and they really don't describe it as it actually happened at all.

    All In The Family and Sanford And Son, and all of those other low-budget shows are just about a bunch of old people complaining about how things have changed. Who would want to watch something as stupid like that?!

    The jerks on the show should realize that no amount of complaining and wishing things were like they were a long time ago will ever change anything, and no matter what they think, in any amount of time in the past there was always something bad happening, and should have been glad that those things are now over.

    Those were NOT the days.
  • A comedy that wasn't afraid to deal with real issues.

    Some people might think All In The Family is offensive and stupid. But I don't think that at all. This is one of the only shows in the history of television that was funny and delt with very serious issues.

    Like in one episode (and one of the most well known episodes of AITF) Edith was rapped on her birthday. This is the first time a comedy had delt with the issue of rape. After she was rapped she realized her cake was burning in the oven, she splated it in her rappist face. Getting a laughing roar from the live audience.

    In another episode, Gloria suffered a miscarriage. It was delt with beautifully with a touching scene between Gloria and Archie.

    This show is a classic and will be shown 30 years from now.
  • This is one show I will watch over and over! I love it!

    I think when this show came out it was ahead of it's time. I loved that about it and now I just love it even more.Every character is needed in this show!I just love the character's Archie and Edith is my favorite of all the people in the show. This show will live on and on!
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