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  • Archie is the greatest

    Archie had his flaws, but you had to laugh at the things he said and did, what a character. They always pointed out he was wrong, CBS loves to always make the liberals in the right of course and portray Archie as always in the wrong, which he was, they make it seem like all Republicans and biggots which is false, butthe fights and discussions betweent all the characters political or otherwise were just great to watch.My favorite quote from Archie Bunker is "God don't make no mistakes that's how he got to become God." the characters of Mike and Gloria were huge and obviously so was Edith the "dingbat"
  • Archie Bunker is a riot.

    The television show All In The Family is a ground breaking show in T.V. history. All in the Family pushed the envelope in areas that had never been addressed before. The subjects of pre-marital sex, racism, religion, politics, neglagence, alcohol, drugs, and narrow mindedness were all explored on this show. The main character, Archie Bunker, was a very narrow-minded, "christian", repuplican who did not like people of color or of other religion. This type of character had never been allowed on the air and that is why this show revolutionized the evening sitcoms. If you are a fan of Carol O'Conner or comedy, I think this show is for you.
  • A Brilliant Show.

    Some people might not like Archie's racial comments, but he is showing how people react to others. But deep in his heart he was a nice man. All the time Archie use to call Michael "MeatHead", but when they moved, Archie gave Michael a hug before he left. Beautiful show.
  • this set the pace ... for sit coms always it is the bar to me as a watcher to see if anything is close only a few have been semi close to this all time ahead of its time and classic a must watch for any sit com fan's

    just watch it
    dvr record it or buy the dvd sets
    and be ready for such a classic all time
    true witty yet also had
    a subtle message
    broke all hang up's in tv
    so many shows try to copy the ...
    style of it and fall short
    minus the spin -off's from the
    orignal show ...

    Peace and music always and
    good shows ...
  • I love the hyperbole of the typical american family during that time period. The characters all have vital roles in this superb comedy series. I love archies witty remarks and comparisons. Edith Is quite frankly a moron, but shes the typical homemaker and

    Its a great show that would take an extremly long time to get bored of. Its my daily fix of laughter. It also portrays a comedy at its best, no matter what time it was from. This show is a classic and unique television series that hopefully will never be forgotten.
  • My Favorite Show!

    This is the best show. It mixes comedy and drama and has many great episodes. Great characters and just great to watch. Archie Bunker is so funny with his mispronuciation of words. This show probably could not be on today because of the racial humor involved. Racial humor is a lost art because of political correctness. This show was great because it was not afraid to use it and they used it well. Today they would be calling Norman Lear a racist which would be unfortunate because he used this show's racial humor to point out why racism is wrong. There will never be another show like this show until Political Correctness goes away.
  • Mixing both comedy and drama, toped with great acting, this show presents us the life of 2 diffenrent generations couples.

    This show is able to mix, like only a few can, a good sense of humor (both situation humor and character) with the drama and human touch a series like this needs in order to pass its message.

    This message (and the way it's passed to the audience) is supported by the excellent writing also by the extraordinary performances by the actors, especially Carroll O'Connor (Archie Bunker) and the amazing Jean Stapleton (Edith Bunker).

    O'Connor acts out his character (Archie Bunker, an annoying, "patriotic", to a certain point close-minded father) so well he makes you admire and "hate" (maybe "hate" is too hard to describe it but I'll stick to it) him at the same time. You "hate" Archir Bunker, he get's on your nerves, he annoys you...and you HAVE to love the way O'Connor performs the character - it's so flawless...!
    In the end Archie is a good man, a friend of his friend even though he does have a hard time showing it to people.

    Stapleton to put it???...PERFECT in her role as Edith Bunker, a tipical American Housewife and mother. She's that person you love...putting on a fools face she's actually smarter and more intelligent then she likes to show - but when she does it just moves you. She's just a really nice, sweet person who would do anything for those she loves.

    Though I haven't mentioned neither Rob Reiner nor Sally Struthers doesn't mean I dislike them - on the contrary...but I must also admit that it was both Stapelton and O'Connor who I admire the disrespect meant, though.

    I consider this to be a MUST for all comedy/drama knows when to be funny and when o be serious, handling both the ordinary aspects of life and other not so ordinary (some of them quite serious), such as raping...

    Not to be missed...

  • This is one show that is(or was) way ahead of it\\\'s time.

    From Archie\\\'s racism,to Edith\\\'s \\\"rightous moments\\\",All in the Family is a show that almost everyone will love.It teaches us that even the cruelest of people have a soft spot in them...somewhere.I started watching this show when I was about twelves years old and let me tell you,I still love it.
  • Simply the best television program of all time. Period.

    Besides the actors being perfectly fit for their parts, the writing is supurb. This program dealt with topics rarely discussed on television at the time. Although written in the 70s, the material will never be dated. You can still watch "All in the Family" today, and have a clear understanding of what this show was all about. It is a show about family-togetherness, understanding and tolerance. An issue that is probably more important today, than ever before.

  • Always had realism in it's storytelling.

    When All In The Family first came on the air in 1971, you could say that tv was in it's infancy. I mean, when Lucille Ball became pregnant with Desi on her tv show they couldn't even say that word on the air. On the Dick Van Dyke show, they always showed Rob and Laura in seperate beds. All In The Family exploded like a bomb on this innocent world of tv. It showed subjects that were previously taboo like menopause, breast cancer, vasectomies, impotence, rape and even Archie taking a dump and flushing the toilet! Carroll O'Connor, Jean Stapleton, Rob Reiner and Sally Struthers all were an amazing team that made tv history. People don't realize that Norman Lear actually based the character of Archie Bunker on his father Herman. His father was basically a good man, but he was very prejudiced like Archie was. He would tell his wife to "stifle herself" and there was a special chair in his house that he alone would sit in. He would tell his son that he "was the laziest white kid he ever knew". Norman grew up hating his father's prejudices while he still loved his father. Paul Harvey had that on one of his "Rest Of The Stories". Carroll O' Connor had started off his acting career in drama and playing Archie gave him the chance to be dramatic on many occasions. The one episode that I remember was one that came on while the Vietnam war was still being fought it was where Mike brought home a friend for Thanksgiving who was a draft dodger and that same night a friend of Archies came over who had lost a son in the war. Archie exploded in rage at Mike (usually on the show when he gets mad its funny because he is just making a fool of himself, but in this episode it is chilling!). There was another episode where Archie had a problem with drugs and delivered a tearful monologue to Edith and Gloria and Mike when they confronted him with his problem. All In The Family spawned the realistic tv shows that we see today and also led to the spin offs Maude and The Jeffersons. Norman Lear created such a wonderful television legacy for all time and it all started with Archie Bunker, America's favorite bigot and All In The Family. His original aim was to create a show that would allow us to look into our own hearts and souls and see our own fears and prejudices and be able to laugh at them. I guess that in a sense you could say that there is a little bit of Archie Bunker in all of us and that is why he remains so endearing and so popular. It is like we are looking into a mirror.

  • All In The Family is truly a classic that belongs in TV history. I think everyone can relate to this show in some way. It’s shows like this that stick in people's minds forever. To this day it still airs on TV and that tells you something.

    'All In The Family' continues to air in many homes across the country, thanks to TVLand and other TV networks. Archie was the grumpiest man in the world, but you knew his family loved him including Mike. Sometimes opposites attract and that's how Mike and Archie's relationship was. The two were night and day, but that 'difference' is what made the show so great. If both men saw eye to eye, it wouldn't have been so great, because Edith would have never said.

    "I think we should eat now" during an argument and repeat it several times.

    In 1971 no one had seen a show like 'All In The Family' where you take a family and show their arguments, political differences, and a Son-In Law who had different religious beliefs then his Father In-law. The final straw is they all lived together. I'm not sure if a show could ever duplicate 'All In The Family' and personally I wouldn't want it to.

    When TV critics and TV historians look back in TV history, this show will be one that many will talk about.

    This indeed is one of my favorite shows, and possibly one of the top five all time shows in TV history.
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