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  • One of the Greatest of all times

    This show is one of the best sitcoms of all time in my opinion.
  • The Best Show Ever

    This is the most intelligent, funniest and best show ever made. I wish there were more TV programs of this caliber.
  • All in the Family focuses on life at 704 Hauser Street in Queens. There we see the life and times of Archie Bunker, his wife Edith, daughter Gloria and son-in-law Mike. No subject, politics, race relations, sex, is taboo in the Bunker household.


    All in the Family is definitely one of the greatest sitcoms ever produced. It was a show that was the first to take on such taboo topics as race, religion and politics and do so with no boundaries. The great cast and excellent writing are another reason why All in the Family remains so popular more than 30 years after it ended production. Many of the popular sitcoms that exist today owe their sucsess to All in the Family.

  • perfect

    this is such a hilarious sitcom! I like it a lot. Archie Bunker is a hilarious character. The show isn't too adult oriented or anything, but it is really hilarious. Archie often argues on subjects with Mike "Meathead" Stivic, or his daughter Gloria, or wife Edith. Funny show. I don't watch it a lot but I have yet to see an episode I did not like a lot or I did not laugh at. Really hilarious, my overall grade for this show is an A+, just an all around funny, good show, I recommend to anyone who likes classic sitcoms
  • This was a great show.

    All in the Family was a great show. It was about a family, the Bunkers, going through life with some comedy mixed in. I have watched every season and every episode that there has been. Although there are a few episodes that I did not like, this show was a perfect 10. I would recommend this show to anyone who wants to have a good laugh. While watching they will also see how nomatter what may happen to you in life, your family will always be there for you to help you out. I cannot wait for season 7 to come out onto DVD.
  • One of the best shows ever, and you all know it.

    If you ever asked a 13 year old girl what her favorite television show is, I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t be the first show you’d expect her to mention.

    However, with *this* 13 year old girl, you’d be pleasantly surprised. Not only was this the number one TV show for a long time, it is the reason that many of the shows we watch are on today. Many of my friends are fans of South Park and Family Guy, as am I. Sadly, I am the only one that understands that if this show had never existed, those shows would not either. As a matter of fact, I am likely the only one who knows it ever existed at all.
    My dad never liked AITF much, because “all they do is argue.” But if you look at most TV shows that’s all they do, so I don’t understand that. I’m glad this show is still on TV, and I watch it almost every day.

    R.I.P Carroll O’Connor
  • Just great!

    I remember watching this a few years ago when it was being aired on television. I'm with the teenage generation, so I did not grow up with this, but I can understand the greatness of this. When I watched this, I loved how great the acting was and how perfect it was at giving out its laughs. This, along with many other shows in its time was a very memorable program. I will, as well as many others, will probably never forget Archie's "Get out of my chair, Meathead." Nor will I forget Mike's activism. It's definitely something that I wish oould come back or be placed on DVD. If it was, I would definitely watch it.
  • Time Capsule Material

    All In The Family is considered by many to be the most politically and socially charged show since the birth of televison. I usually laugh at comments such as this - but in all honesty it's the truth.

    With such hot topics as culture clash, racism, women's liberation, and the Vietnam War among many others - All In The Family should be considered America's first reality television program, as the show is very much true to how life really is.
  • family adventures of Archie Bunker.

    This has got to be one of the most incredible shows that ever aired! Its incredible how the viewer can laugh and cry within a 30 minute time range! The superb acting skills of the entire cast is wat added to the enjoyment of the show. From Archie's fumbling of words, to Edith's way of keeping the peace, and even to " MeatHead's" liberal ideologies reflected what was goin on in american society at that time and even now. The range of topics this show covered was incredible! Racism, abortion, communism, economy, government, and even computers were just a few. Amazing show which i feel wil never be replaced.
  • The reason were watching shows like South Park, and Family Guy.

    This is the show that changed it all. Before All in the Family aired American Tv was stuck in a culture, resemblant of a 1950 society. Norman Lear changed that all. All in the Family was the first show to tackle important issues in society that was concidered taboo to Mass Media. Issues covered on this show dealt with everthing from rape, race, homosexuality, athesium, bigatory...etc. It changed TV as we know it, and inspired generations of producers to push the limits of cencorship into an era of free speach. Shows such as The Jeffersons, South Park, bacically all the shows concidered controvercial. The show itself is briallanty produced and the actors are great. Carrol O' Connor plays Archie Bunker and made him into the most influential TV character it TV history. Jean Stapelton is Edith Bunker, the kindest and sweetest woman, mother anyone could have, and balances out Archies bigatory. Then there are the Stivics Mike and Gloria, the Daughter and Son in Law to the Bunkers. (Riener, Struthers) They play the part of the opposition to most of Archies bigatory views on the show to provied a sorce of conflict. All in the Family is and Remains the most influential, and arguable the best TV show in History.
  • All in the Family is one of the most important sit-coms in the history of American television

    Its easy to underestimate the importance of All in the Family,especially today in the more open environment,and liberal standards.But there was a time when couples had separate beds,and you couldnt even use the word pregnant on a sit-com.All in the Family changed all that.I would argue that the only sit-com more important,historically is I Love Lucy.Before AITF,political ideas were not discussed,gimmicky series abounded,and black people were only ocassionally seen,and life was hunky dory outside.In January 1971,the country was introduced to Archie Bunker,bigoted,loud mouthed,brusque and conservative common man.Norman Lear intended to show the folly of being such a close minded fool.And,lets face it,the show as funny as all get out.With experienced veteran writers and a great director,not to mention perfect casting,it was assured of succeeding.Who knows what have happened if the show wasnt funny.It probaly would have failed and TV might not have changed for several more years.What I find amazing is how funny the show still is today,after 35 years.Some shows have not aged as well,especially after multiple viewings,but AITF has stood the test of time.Of course,eventually the show evolved and Archie mellowed significantly,but the quality remained high until the final season,following the departure of Mike and Gloria,which is a testament to how well the 4 actors worked together.The only negative is that Carroll O'connor tried to keep the show going as Archie Bunkers Place w/out Edith,even though by then the character of Archie had pretty much run its course.But its hard to not consider its influence.Every great sit-com that has followed in its wake,owes at least a tiny part of its existence to AITF.Even today,the famous opening is spoofed in the animated sit-com FAMILY GUY,a series that pushes the envelope as much as any sit-com today,which it couldnt have done w/out AITF.Whoop-de-doo,indeed!
  • This show is an classic.As the song says "Those were the days......"

    This has to be one of the best classic show! That I had seen in my life! I mean I wasn't born.When this show had started.But I do love the show.I liked it when Archie calls Michael "Meathead" that is so funny! Carrot O Conner.He does an good job playing as Archie Bunker.Edith makes me laughed too.The cast are funny and I must say they do an good job of acting and all that kind of stuff.I rally love this show its the best.I always watched it whenever its on tvland.
  • this show was way ahead of its time

    this show was way ahead of its time. it delt with serious issues. i love this show and i allways have. its wonderfull and it is a classic show. the character of archie was the funniest charecter ever. i loughed evry time he callled the charecter of mike "meet head". it was way ahead of its time, thats for sure. no question about it that this is one of those that is actually a classic. it was one of those shows that i am glad that it was around because it made a diference in the world tha we have.
  • Everyone has an "Archie" or "Edith" in their family or at least knows one.

    This was a groundbreaking, wonderful show from the mind of Norman Lear. I love alot of his shows, but, All In The Family is one I can relate to. I have a couple uncles who were like Archie and an aunt who reminded me of Edith. One of my favorite episodes is "The Longest Kiss" because it starts out with an argument over Gloria being allergic to lima beans and ends with everyone doing something crazy when Archie finally arrives home and opens the door. The look on his face is hysterical. I can't imagine anybody else playing the four main characters as wonderfully as Carroll O'Connor, Jean Stapleton, Sally Struthers and Rob Reiner did. All in The Family was such a success that two equally terrific and funny shows were spun-off. They were "Maude" and "The Jeffersons". Bea Arthur played Edith's cousin Maude Findlay in a two episodes. Norman Lear liked her so much, she got her own show in 1972 and in 1975, George, Weezy and Lionel were also spun off into "The Jeffersons" because they were so well liked as the Bunker's neighbors. Because it is released on dvd and aired on TVLand, many generations of fans can enjoy it.
  • A well crafted show.

    It was probably difficult to do a show like this from an acting point of view since many of the characters were very different than the actors who played them. A classic show made in an era when such shows were possible. Not made by people who were overly concerned about getting their faces on magazines covers. It was a show of its times that dealt with many issues that took place in those times , unlike sitcoms today that basically avoid anything controversial in favour of plot lines like boy meets girl, girl meets boy, boy meets ostrich, etc.
  • Perhaps the greatest show of all time.

    Or one of them, at least. It was crude, controversial, daring, extremely taboo. But these factors made changes to the television industry itself (along with all other Norman Lear programs). Racism, abortion, swearing, and women's rights were always prominent issues that Archie Bunker would try to have opinions on. In nearly every episode of the series, there's an argument, usually consisting of Archie. Speaking of Archie Bunker, one of the great characters of television, was extremely opinionated on things he didn't understand. For example, in the episode 'Archie is Branded', he calls civil rights 'Communism' because he can't think of anything better to say. His stupidity is part of what makes the show so great...the entire family's stupidity, really. Edith and Mike always tend to have their airhead moments (especially Edith). Mike was the very opposite of Archie, a hippie who had a very left-winged disposition. He was married to the Bunkers' daughter, Gloria, who shared his liberal views. She was the most sensible out of all them, and usually ended getting up in the middle of fights with her husband and her father. Edith did everything for Archie, but he always treated her like a dog, often telling her to 'stifle it'. Well, I'd better wrap this up. All in the Family was, and still is, the most important and influential show in television history, and is only outranked by I Love Lucy (in my opinion).
  • When a show from so long ago still has the ability to stimulate conversation, provoke thought and even, shock the audiences of today, you know you are in the presence of genius!

    The impact of "All in the Family" on American culture is hard to accurately measure, but all would agree it is profound. Like no other show before it, AITF dared to tackle social situations that were considered by most to be "too taboo" for TV.

    Racial tensions, bigotry, narrow-mindedness all rolled up into one Archie Bunker. Surrounded by his family, Archie showed how a misguided and bigoted man could be lovable.

    It was more than just "in your face" because AITF was willing to leave issues without resolution. Archie never really found full enlightenment along the way. For every step forward he took, he still showed how rigid he could be.

    Featuring television's first same sex kiss (between Archie Bunker and Sammy Davis Jr.) the shocking humor of this brilliant show challenged viewers to throw open their own bigotry and prejudice to the bright light of day.

    The Jefferson's (George and Wheezy) were born here. So was Maude (Bea Arthur). They all got their start interacting with lovable, frustrating, ignorant and offensive Archie. Other classic episodes have Archie "meeting God" while dilusional and trapped in his basement. Or the time that he saved a woman's life, only to find out that "she" was a he! It is almost impossible for me to think of any other show that has done (or is doing) more to challenge the stereotypical mindsets that limit us.

    Brilliant television done with style. If you haven't seen any episodes, do yourself a favor and watch. If like me you have seen them, watch again and remind yourself that we are "All in the Family."
  • A true classic of T.V.

    There's nothing more that can be said than already has been said. It is the classic of the classic.
    This show is on TV Land all the time, so if you haven't seen it yet, watch it. It might be kind of difficult to get into, because it's so different, but once you like it, you'll know why it's such a classic.

    Archie Bunker is the star. The most famous character in all of television.

    Edith Bunker: Archie's wife. A classic TV character. You wish she was your mother.

    Mike Civic: always argues with Archie because they have totally different views of everything.

    Gloria Civic: Mike's wife and Archie and Edith's daughter. Mike's hot wife who, although not as favored as the other 3, is still funny and has common, everyday, marital issues with Mike.
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  • Old time favorite

    This is truly a classic show. If ever you are feelin bad about something, just tune in to this show, its full of laughs, funny, touching and yet very special. I love the whole cast of this show and I'm glad I grew up watching it. When I was a kid, I couldn't understand it at first, but threw the years I have learn to understand it more and grown to love it. Now what would a night be like withouth Archie on your set!! this show I'm giving it a perfect 10!!
  • Groundbreaking!

    Another show from my childhood that just gets better as I age. As a child the humor I saw was from Archie's insulting Edith and Meathead (see how well I remember his name!) and many others. He said words that we were not allowed to say when describing people. As an adult I am able to see the social conciousness of this show. Archie's bigotry was a comment on all of America and how we view ourselves and those around us. Nothing was held back.

    Unfortunately in the later years the show lost a lot of what made it original. The carry over to Archie Bunker's Place should never have happened.

    Either way, this show is still groundbreaking today.
  • This is one show I will watch over and over! I love it!

    I think when this show came out it was ahead of it's time. I loved that about it and now I just love it even more.Every character is needed in this show!I just love the character's Archie and Edith is my favorite of all the people in the show. This show will live on and on!
  • This show represents the greatest in cultural comedy history. Outspoken, cutting edge, and way ahead of its time, All in the Family represented the views of both right-wing conservatives and leftist-hippies in a comical and culturally relevant way.

    This family stlye sitcom features the Bunker's and their new son-in-law battling each other in daily life, as well as the changing times in New York during the turbulent 1970's. Archie confronts African-Americans, Puerto Ricans, and society as a whole with his distorted view of traditional morality. The creators manage to surf the fine line of neutrality as they poke fun at both left and right wing philosphies. Much more than just a poignant comedy, All in the Family made a statement every week, and created some of the funniest situations any comedy has ever come up with. What was truly most successful about this series was its ability to seemingly represent each niche of viewers, and have those viewers believe that they were asserting their correct points of view onto the supposedly inane other set of viewers.
  • a classic gem!

    all in the family one of norman lears best comedies of the 70's. for 8yrs it had laughter, from archieball, edith(dingbat) gloria(daddy's little girl) and of course mike(meathead). from the first show to the last it had racism, bigotry, and of course personnel issues. the main one which nevered aired on tv or shown is the one where edith passes away. that episode was the most in depth than any other. when carol o connor and jean stapleton sung the song 'those were the days'thats exactly what the long running series was all about.
  • Spawned so many series and was THE landmark series of the 1970s.

    Archie was an uneducated but hardworking simplistic man. Was he racist? No. A bigot? Somewhat. Prejudiced? Definitely. Of course the same could be said of George Jefferson. Edith and Louise Jefferson were the opposite accepting almost everyone as they were making them natural friends. In reality Archie and George were 2 sides of the same coin. Over time both of them evolved and became more accepting of people different from themselves but at their core they still preferred to associate with people like them. Of course in the real world that is still as true now as it was then. Great strides have been made in the areas of race relations but people still tend to form close relationships between people like them (race, religion, political view, ect) but in the end we all tend to get along in America rather well - as compared to other nations.

    Above all Archie was a typical blue collar WW II veteran whos primary mission in life was to provide for his family. No matter how bad things got Archie and Edith stuck it out. These days marriages are disposable and as soon as things get tough the marriage ends. Till death do us part doesnt mean a whole lot these days. People like watching Archie and Edith even now because they wish todays marriages were more like that of the Bunkers.

    Though the series probably went on a season or 2 too long it ended on a positive note before morphing into Archie Bunkers Place which was ok, but nowhere near as good. The disasterous remake of this series making the family black (704 Hauser) shows what happens when you try to remake such a landmark series. Hopefully they will never try this with MASH (AfterMASH was bad enough).
  • much better the 1nd time around

    I remember watching this show when I was younger and thought it was funny but not as funny as it is now on reruns. I guess I didn't understand at the time the inside to all the jokes. As an adult it is all clear now what some of the very funny jokes were meant to mean. Archie was your typical make from back then. Edith was your typical housewife of her times. Much better the second time around.
  • Best show ever!

    This show is the perfect mix of comedy and drama. It is the best show of all time and is the most realistic show of all time as well. The complete series is on DVD.
  • I always found it hard to wait for the next episode. I feel honored that I was able to watch this show from it's inception. After watching All In The Family my way of looking at life was never the same.

    All In The Family was a milestone in TV history. A show that gave America a true sense of freedom, in a time when hope was diminishing. Unabashed, relentless, baudy, this show left no one out as far as poking fun at, and gave no one a break. The cast of this show had a chemistry that you rarely see on TV to this day in a comedy show. It's too bad that the innocent but truthful humour of All In The Family is lost in the realm of "Reality TV" and what people seem to think is situation comedy today. It's no wonder that I would rather watch House, or 24, or even CSI (I love CSI) than any of the so called situation comedy's at the present time. I miss you Archie, Edith, Meathead, and Little Girl...I even miss Archies easy chair (what a great episode that was) RIP.
  • I like how all the characters get along in All in the Family - Archie, Edith, Mike and Gloria. I like the interaction between Archie and Edith.

    My favorite episode of All in the Family was Edith's change of life. This was a very funny off the wall episode. I liked how Edith went from meek to yelling at Archie since that was not usually her persona. It was funny seeing Archie's reaction to her change of life. There was also other funny episodes but Edith's change of life was my favorite episode. I always try to catch the repeats of All in the Family on TVLand. I just wish the shows were on more often. All in the Family is a CLASSIC.
  • This show fits so many classifications. It was a great comedy that could be called Classic, Trendsetter, Influential, Personal Favorite, Bring it Back, Ahead of It's Time or Cutting Edge ... take your pick.

    This show fits so many classifications. It was a great comedy that could be called Classic, Trendsetter, Influential, Personal Favorite, Bring it Back, Ahead of It's Time or Cutting Edge ... take your pick. Loaded with a great cast and the outstanding writing of Norman Lear this show took on tabu topics and handeled them very well. There was never a doubt that Carroll O'Connor was the big star of the comedy series as Archie Bunker. His wife was named Edith was played by Jean Stapleton. Their daughter Gloria was played by Sally Struthers and her husband was Michael Stivic who was played by Rob Reiner. A great comedy that is still a very watchable televison program.
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