All in the Family

CBS (ended 1979)





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  • All in the Family is one of the most important sit-coms in the history of American television

    Its easy to underestimate the importance of All in the Family,especially today in the more open environment,and liberal standards.But there was a time when couples had separate beds,and you couldnt even use the word pregnant on a sit-com.All in the Family changed all that.I would argue that the only sit-com more important,historically is I Love Lucy.Before AITF,political ideas were not discussed,gimmicky series abounded,and black people were only ocassionally seen,and life was hunky dory outside.In January 1971,the country was introduced to Archie Bunker,bigoted,loud mouthed,brusque and conservative common man.Norman Lear intended to show the folly of being such a close minded fool.And,lets face it,the show as funny as all get out.With experienced veteran writers and a great director,not to mention perfect casting,it was assured of succeeding.Who knows what have happened if the show wasnt funny.It probaly would have failed and TV might not have changed for several more years.What I find amazing is how funny the show still is today,after 35 years.Some shows have not aged as well,especially after multiple viewings,but AITF has stood the test of time.Of course,eventually the show evolved and Archie mellowed significantly,but the quality remained high until the final season,following the departure of Mike and Gloria,which is a testament to how well the 4 actors worked together.The only negative is that Carroll O'connor tried to keep the show going as Archie Bunkers Place w/out Edith,even though by then the character of Archie had pretty much run its course.But its hard to not consider its influence.Every great sit-com that has followed in its wake,owes at least a tiny part of its existence to AITF.Even today,the famous opening is spoofed in the animated sit-com FAMILY GUY,a series that pushes the envelope as much as any sit-com today,which it couldnt have done w/out AITF.Whoop-de-doo,indeed!