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  • Spawned so many series and was THE landmark series of the 1970s.

    Archie was an uneducated but hardworking simplistic man. Was he racist? No. A bigot? Somewhat. Prejudiced? Definitely. Of course the same could be said of George Jefferson. Edith and Louise Jefferson were the opposite accepting almost everyone as they were making them natural friends. In reality Archie and George were 2 sides of the same coin. Over time both of them evolved and became more accepting of people different from themselves but at their core they still preferred to associate with people like them. Of course in the real world that is still as true now as it was then. Great strides have been made in the areas of race relations but people still tend to form close relationships between people like them (race, religion, political view, ect) but in the end we all tend to get along in America rather well - as compared to other nations.

    Above all Archie was a typical blue collar WW II veteran whos primary mission in life was to provide for his family. No matter how bad things got Archie and Edith stuck it out. These days marriages are disposable and as soon as things get tough the marriage ends. Till death do us part doesnt mean a whole lot these days. People like watching Archie and Edith even now because they wish todays marriages were more like that of the Bunkers.

    Though the series probably went on a season or 2 too long it ended on a positive note before morphing into Archie Bunkers Place which was ok, but nowhere near as good. The disasterous remake of this series making the family black (704 Hauser) shows what happens when you try to remake such a landmark series. Hopefully they will never try this with MASH (AfterMASH was bad enough).