All in the Family

CBS (ended 1979)





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  • Perhaps the greatest show of all time.

    Or one of them, at least. It was crude, controversial, daring, extremely taboo. But these factors made changes to the television industry itself (along with all other Norman Lear programs). Racism, abortion, swearing, and women's rights were always prominent issues that Archie Bunker would try to have opinions on. In nearly every episode of the series, there's an argument, usually consisting of Archie. Speaking of Archie Bunker, one of the great characters of television, was extremely opinionated on things he didn't understand. For example, in the episode 'Archie is Branded', he calls civil rights 'Communism' because he can't think of anything better to say. His stupidity is part of what makes the show so great...the entire family's stupidity, really. Edith and Mike always tend to have their airhead moments (especially Edith). Mike was the very opposite of Archie, a hippie who had a very left-winged disposition. He was married to the Bunkers' daughter, Gloria, who shared his liberal views. She was the most sensible out of all them, and usually ended getting up in the middle of fights with her husband and her father. Edith did everything for Archie, but he always treated her like a dog, often telling her to 'stifle it'. Well, I'd better wrap this up. All in the Family was, and still is, the most important and influential show in television history, and is only outranked by I Love Lucy (in my opinion).