All in the Family - Season 4

CBS (ended 1979)




Episode Guide

  • Archie Eats and Runs
    Archie comes home for a nice dinner that Edith has prepared: beef and mushroom stew. Later, when Mike comes to the table for dinner, he finds Archie has completely finished his meal and then breaks the news that there has been a recall at the supermarkets of a certain brand of mushroom. Convinced that he has food poisoning, Archie rushes down to the hospital for treatment.moreless
  • Pay the Twenty Dollars
    Archie stops by Jefferson Cleaners to pick up some dry cleaning and pays with a twenty dollar bill. Later, a furious George shows up at the Bunker's front door claiming the bill Archie passed to him was counterfeit. This leads to two separate arguments: one between Archie and George and the other between Edith and Louise. Louise and Edith quickly make up and soon put a plan into motion that would clear up the entire mess between George and Archie.moreless
  • Archie and the Computer
    A computer error leads Edith into collecting a small fortune in quarters sent to her in the mail by a prune company. When Archie discovers this, he immediately wants to keep the money and doesn't want Edith to say anything to the company. However, Archie has a computer problem of his own when the Veteran's office officially declares him dead.moreless
  • Gloria's Boyfriend
    Gloria's Boyfriend
    Episode 19
    Gloria befriends the box boy, George, who works at the local supermarket and happens to be mentally handicapped. When Archie discovers this, all of his misconceptions come pouring out and he encourages Gloria not to lead him on. Meanwhile, Archie encourages George to take a break at the Bunker's while George is still on the clock. George's father storms over to the Bunker's home with the bad news that George has been fired.moreless
  • Lionel's Engagement
    Lionel's Engagement
    Episode 20
    Edith, Mike and Gloria are each extended a special invitation to attend Lionel's engagement party. However, Archie isn't invited, that is until a big argument between Louise and George results in Louise deciding to invite him. Later, during the party, George is in for a big shock when it turns out that Lionel's fiancée, Jennie has interracial parents.moreless
  • The Games Bunkers Play

    Mike is all excited when the Lorenzos and Lionel are coming over after dinner for a game of 'Group Therapy.' Archie takes one look at some of the questions that are asked during a game and quickly rushes off for drinks at Kelsey's bar. Later, during the game, Mike childishly refuses to accept criticism from everyone involved.

  • The Taxi Caper
    The Taxi Caper
    Episode 13
    Archie is robbed of $50 by a young man while driving a cab for Burt Munson. He files a report at the police station and has every intention of filing charges when the suspect is eventually apprehended. However, he has a sudden change of heart when a lawyer for the young man's affluent father pays a visit to the Bunker residence.moreless
  • Et Tu, Archie?
    Et Tu, Archie?
    Episode 18
    Archie is all excited when an old friend whom he used to work with, Joe Tucker, stops by for a visit. Archie soon discovers that Joe, who has been unemployed for quite some time, is trying to get a job at Archie's plant. Archie soon tries to sabotage Joe's efforts to land a job at the loading dock because he's afraid the man might be in line for his position.moreless
  • Archie is Cursed
    Archie is Cursed
    Episode 14
    Archie and Irene get into a heated argument about the appropriateness of women playing men's sports, which inspires Irene to challenge Archie to a pool match. While initially eager to accept the challenge, Archie becomes desperate to come up with an excuse to back out when he learns a relevant fact about Irene's past.moreless
  • Archie Feels Left Out
    It's Archie's 50th birthday and Edith, Gloria and Mike are planning a surprise party for him. However, Archie finds out about the party and Edith insists that he act surprised when he walks through the door. Meanwhile, Archie isn't so happy about celebrating his birthday when Archie insists that he's 49, but Mike confirms that he indeed is 50 years old, according to his birth certificate.moreless
  • Edith's Christmas Story
    The Christmas season has everyone in the Christmas spirit. For a joke, Archie purchases some fake nose and mustache glasses that were on sale, but Mike also happened to go to that same store and hit that same sale. Meanwhile, Edith returns from a doctor checkup and confides in Gloria the fact that she has a lump in her breast and she fears it may be breast cancer.moreless
  • Archie and the Kiss
    While spending time at the Lorenzo's home, Gloria admires a statue replica of Rodin's 'The Kiss." Seeing the admiration in Gloria's eyes, Irene gives her the statue. However, when she brings it home, Archie is infuriated by it, citing that it's pornography. There is also another problem that arises when Frank wants the statue back and that Irene had no right to give it away.moreless
  • We're Still Having a Heat Wave
    The new neighbors, Irene and Frank Lorenzo, settle into the house next door. Soon Archie is annoyed with both of them, as Irene makes friends with Edith and Archie soon grows jealous of all the time that Edith is spending with her. Meanwhile, Archie also becomes annoyed with Frank, whose constant singing filters into the Bunkers home prompting Archie to buy an air horn to combat the noise.moreless
  • Edith's Conversion
    Edith's Conversion
    Episode 9
    Archie becomes concerned when Edith begins attending Irene Lorenzo's church. Edith also begins wearing a Catholic medallion and gets literature on how to be Catholic. This leads Archie to believe that Irene is trying to convert Edith to Catholicism. Meanwhile, with the rising meat prices, Gloria brings home horse meat and makes it for dinner.moreless
  • Henry's Farewell
    Henry's Farewell
    Episode 6
    Henry Jefferson seems to be moving away to open up his own cleaning store in another county and Louise and Lionel are planning a going away party. Archie refuses to set foot in the Jefferson's home and George Jefferson refuses to have white people in his home. So when the party is moved to the Bunker's, George makes an unexpected visit and finally meets the Bunkers.moreless
  • Mike's Graduation
    Mike's Graduation
    Episode 24
    As Mike nervously awaits results of final exams that are his last obstacle to graduation, Archie is in an especially good mood, in eager anticipation of Mike finally moving out and being able to pay back the money owed to him. However, Archie doesn't anticipate another possible outcome that would put his celebration on hold for yet another year.moreless
  • We're Having a Heat Wave
    A heat wave hits New York, putting all of the Bunkers in bad moods and, to put salt on an already open wound, the air conditioner breaks down. When the house next door is put up for sale, Archie puts together a petition to prevent more minorities from moving into the neighborhood. Henry Jefferson hops on board when he discovers that a Hispanic family is looking at the home.moreless
  • Black is the Color of My True Love's Wig
    Wanting to try something new, Gloria buys a brunette wig and it immediately arouses Mike, who desperately tries to get Gloria to wear it while they make love. However, Gloria is insulted which leads to a big fight that lands Mike to sleeping on the couch. Meanwhile, Archie is out of town on a Veteran's retreat, but when he arrives home he finds himself in the middle of the argument centering on the wig.moreless
  • Archie, the Gambler
    Archie comes home in a great mood, bearing gifts of perfume for Gloria and bubble bath for Edith. However, Edith becomes deeply distrubed to find out Archie won money while playing the horses. It seems that he had promised never to gamble again, twenty years prior, when his addiction got so bad that Edith threatened to leave him.moreless
  • Edith Finds an Old Man
    While shopping at the supermarket, Edith befriends a lonely old man, Mr. Quigley, who ran away from the nursing home. Edith swiftly brings him home with her and Archie is less than thrilled to have a constant reminder of his own advancing years hanging around the house. Meanwhile, Mr. Quigley has another problem when he can't get a hold of his uncaring daughter.moreless
  • Gloria Sings the Blues
    As Mike and Archie make final preparations for a weekend fishing trip, Gloria comes home in an especially depressed mood and makes an uncharacteristic derogatory comment to her parents. When Edith is finally is able to get her to open up, Gloria admits to a problem in her marriage that Edith can easily relate to.moreless
  • Archie in the Cellar

    Irene installs a new lock on the cellar door just as Mike and Gloria go away for the weekend and Edith leaves for a baby shower. Archie is left home alone. Not having paid attention to Irene's instructions, he locks himself in the basement. After finding a bottle of Polish vodka, Archie spends a long night contemplating his life through the haze of a drunken stupor.

  • Mike and Gloria Mix it Up
    One evening, Edith and Archie go out for the evening to a party that Edith's Cousin Amelia is having, leaving Mike and Gloria with the house to themselves. When Gloria makes sexual advances on Mike, the two become embroiled in a huge argument, in which Mike insists that the man is supposed to make the first move.moreless
  • Second Honeymoon
    Second Honeymoon
    Episode 12

    For their 25th wedding anniversary, Edith plans a romantic second honeymoon getaway to Atlantic City, the same place they went on their first honeymoon. However, trying to keep it a secret and get Archie to come along is a challenge, since Archie is all excited about an upcoming basketball game.