All in the Family - Season 5

CBS (ended 1979)




Episode Guide

  • The Bunkers and Inflation (1)
    Archie and Edith's 26th wedding anniversary celebration coincides with Archie's worry over whether or not his union will be going on strike. When the news hits that indeed there will be a strike, Archie and Edith find out separately and try to keep the news from each other to avoid putting a damper on the party.moreless
  • The Bunkers and Inflation (2) (a.k.a.) Archie Underfoot
    With Archie out on strike, household funds have begun to dwindle, leaving Edith in a touch position trying to balance the little household income that is coming in. Meanwhile, tempers flare as Archie finds himself with nothing to do but sit around the house.
  • The Bunkers and Inflation (3) (a.k.a.) Edith the Job Hunter
    With Archie still on strike and the household income dwindling, Edith decides to go out and try to get a job. Louise comes to her rescue offering her a job working in one of George's cleaning stores. However, when Archie hears of this he refuses to take charity and tries to get Edith to turn the offer down.moreless
  • The Bunkers and Inflation (4) (a.k.a.) Archie's Raise
    Archie begins to feel like the odd man out, with everyone working in the family except him. Meanwhile, negotiations continue with Archie's union but an agreement is finally made leaving Archie with a raise. However, Archie doesn't realize that the results of the negotiations will leave him worse off than before the strike began.moreless
  • Lionel the Live-In
    Lionel the Live-In
    Episode 5
    Archie and Edith are kept up all night with the sounds of an argument coming from the Jeffersons home. This soon leads to Lionel temporarily moving in with the Bunkers after George refuses to allow his son to marry a girl who has a white father. Archie soon gets fed up and tries to get Lionel and George to make peace.moreless
  • Archie's Helping Hand
    Irene has been job hunting and in her spare time, she has been spending time at her women's club with Edith. Not pleased that Edith has been at the women's club, he decides to help Irene get a job at his company. However, he is anything but pleased when she lands a job as a forklift driver on his loading dock.moreless
  • Gloria's Shock
    Gloria's Shock
    Episode 7
    Yet another argument erupts between Archie and Mike about the nation and its problems, Mike states that he does not want children. This takes Gloria by surprise and leads to an even bigger argument between Mike and Gloria.
  • Where's Archie? (1) (a.k.a.) Archie is Missing (1)
    Mike and Gloria worry about Archie's sudden disappearance while on his way to a union convention in Buffalo. Not wanting to upset Edith, they keep this from her who is busy putting together her first Tupperware party and struggles with a short speech that she plans to give.
  • Where's Archie? (2) (a.k.a.) Archie is Missing (2)
    After discovering that Archie is missing, Edith goes down to the police station with Mike to file a missing persons report. Later, while going through some of Archie's things, Mike discovers a photo of Archie with another woman. This leads him to believe that Archie may have run off with another woman.moreless
  • The Longest Kiss (3)
    Edith has news that Archie finally called home to let everyone know where he was. Supposedly he got sidetracked to a podiatrists' convention in Rochester. Meanwhile, Mike and Gloria get into a big fight about lying which results in a kissing contest, just in time for a welcome home party.
  • Archie and the Miracle
    While at work, Archie is in a near fatal accident when a large crate nearly crushes him. This near death experience leads Archie to suddenly become a devout if somewhat hypocritical churchgoer.
  • George and Archie Make a Deal
    In a crooked attempt to buy the building next to his cleaning store, George Jefferson has decided to run for a position on the Republican county commission and needs Archie to sign a petition. Naturally, Archie wants to know what's in it for him if he signs.
  • Archie's Contract
    Archie's Contract
    Episode 13
    The Bunker home gets a visit by a fast talking furnace inspector who cons Archie into signing a contract to purchase two-thousand dollars worth of aluminim siding. Later, Irene and George warn Archie that the man is a fraud but are too late, the installation crew has just shown up.
  • Mike's Friend
    Mike's Friend
    Episode 14
    One of Mike's graduate school friends, Stuart, comes over one evening for a visit and Gloria begins to feel like an intellectual outcast. This leads her to believe that perhaps as Mike becomes more educated in school, he may start looking for a smarter woman.
  • The Best of All in the Family (1)
    In celebration of its first 100 episodes, Henry Fonda hosts a retrospective of the previous episodes and explores the relationships and the characters that make up the Bunker household, via flashbacks.
  • The Best of All in the Family (2)
    Henry Fonda continues to host this retrospective look back at the previous 100 episodes that CBS has aired, taking special look at the relationships and characters of Archie, Edith, Mike and Gloria.
  • Prisoner in the House
    Edith becomes friends with Nick Howard, the plumber's assistant who happens to be a convict on a work-release program from Sing Sing. When Archie discovers this, he becomes paranoid and begins to feel unsafe in his home and doesn't want Edith and Gloria left alone with him.
  • The Jeffersons Move Up
    Edith stops by the Jeffersons home to say goodbye to her dear friend, Louise. It seems that George his struck it big with his dry cleaning business and has decided to 'move on up to the East side, to a deluxe apartment in the sky.'
  • All's Fair
    All's Fair
    Episode 19
    Mike and Gloria have been practicing something call "Fair Fighting" in which they set aside time to vent their frustrations. After seeing Archie yet again push Edith around, wanting her to do what he wants, Mike and Gloria encourage her to try out a little "Fair Fighting."
  • Amelia's Divorce
    Amelia's Divorce
    Episode 20
    Archie is hoping to have a relaxing Sunday, but his hopes are dashed when Edith announces that her cousin Amelia and her husband Russell are coming over for a visit. Both Archie and Edith both get a shock and realize that their marriage is in pretty good shape compared to Amelia and Russell, who may be on the brink of a divorce.moreless
  • Everybody Does It
    Everybody Does It
    Episode 21
    Archie steals a box of nails and a drill from work in order to do so home improvements. He soon finds himself at the center of a household debate on morality and becomes worried that Irene will report him when she finds out he has work property.
  • Archie and the Quiz
    Archie and the Quiz
    Episode 22
    Edith takes a life expectancy quiz in a magazine and the results state that Edith will live to be a ripe old age. However, when Archie takes the quiz, it only gives him another seven years of life. This has Archie reconsidering his bad habits of drinking and smoking.
  • Edith's Friend
    Edith's Friend
    Episode 23
    Edith goes to Scranton to attend a family wedding. Once there, Edith is reunited with a childhood friend whom she was once smitten with despite thinking that he was her cousin and now learns that they were never related and briefly entertains the notion of infidelity.
  • No Smoking
    No Smoking
    Episode 24
    After a woman asks Archie to put out is cigar, Archie defends his smoking habit. Soon, the Bunker house is locked in a battle of wills after Mike vows he can go without food longer than Archie can abstain from smoking.
  • Mike Makes His Move
    Mike Makes His Move
    Episode 25
    Archie and Edith are all excited and throw a mortgage burning party because they have finally payed off their mortgage. Meanwhile, Mike has completed his graduate classes and begins a fruitless seach for new lodgings. Later, Mike and Gloria agree to rent George Jefferson's old house-even though it means living next door to Archie.moreless