All in the Family - Season 6

CBS (ended 1979)




Episode Guide

  • Edith's Night Out
    Edith's Night Out
    Episode 24
    Gloria surprises Edith with a new outfit and wants to take her and Archie out for a night on the town. Archie refuses which leads Edith to abandon her stick-in-the-mud husband and decides to liven things up on her own by spending an evening out at Kelsey's Bar.
  • Gloria and Mike's House Guests
    Following Archie's attempts to get Joey baptized, a broken furnace forces Archie and Edith to spend a few nights under the Stivic's roof and Mike is furious with Archie for secretly trying to have Joey baptized. With Mike and Archie at each others throats, Edith and Gloria try to make peace between the two men.moreless
  • Joey's Baptism
    Joey's Baptism
    Episode 22
    Archie becomes insistant on having Joey baptized and presents his case to Mike and Gloria both of whom refuse. Meanwhile, as Edith is preparing to donate boxes of clothing to the church, Archie kidnaps Joey and takes him to a church to be baptized without Mike and Gloria's permission.
  • Love by Appointment
    Love by Appointment
    Episode 21
    Mike and Gloria's sex life begins to suffer after they have to begin planning their encounters around the baby's feeding schedule. Mike gets Edith and Archie to babysit Joey so they can have some time together but this only leads to an argument. Later, Gloria turns to Edith for advice while Mike turns to Archie.moreless
  • Archie's Weighty Problem

    Archie is not at all pleased after he has a visit with the doctor and learns that he has to go on a diet to lose 25 lbs. Edith does her best to keep him on a healthy diet but when Archie gets fed up he soon turns to Kelsey who begins cooking him his unhealthy dinners. But Quigley shows up to Kelseys and tells him the importance of losing weight and Archie starts changing his ways.

  • Mike's Move
    Mike's Move
    Episode 19
    Mike is all excited at the possibility of getting a promotion despite the fact that it would mean moving to Minnesota. However, Archie is anything but happy at the possibility of his daughter moving away from him. Later, Mike's integrity is put to the test when he loses it to an equally qualified black candidate.moreless
  • Archie Finds a Friend
    Archie becomes friends with a Jewish man named Bernard Bernstein and he asks Archie to go in with him on an invention that he is perfecting. When Edith learns that Archie is planning on giving him $1000, she tries her best to talk him out of it but Archie is persistant on this venture.moreless
  • Archie, the Babysitter
    Mike and Gloria are looking forward to having a night on the town for the first time since Joey has been born. However, Archie is distressed when he learns that they have hired a teenager to look after the baby. This leads Archie to take over and must find away to juggle babysitting with his poker game.moreless
  • New Year's Wedding
    New Year's Wedding
    Episode 16
    On New Year's Eve, Al and Trudy stop by prior to their wedding right in the middle of a fight between Mike and Gloria over Mike constantly making descisions without consulting Gloria. To make matters worse, the babysitter for Joey backs out and Mike makes the decision without consulting Gloria to have the wedding in the Stivics' home.moreless
  • The Baby (2) (a.k.a.) Birth of the Baby (2)
    Edith and Archie arrive at the hospital and alarmed when they learn that Mike and Gloria have not yet arrived. Meanwhile, Gloria is rescued from the phone booth and later arrives at the hospital and soon must battle through the boredom of a slow delivery.
  • The Baby (1) (a.k.a.) Birth of the Baby (1)
    Archie is a nervous wreck when he is scheduled to perform a minstrel number in blackface at a convention at his lodge. He quickly begins looking for a way out and soon gets one when he learns the Gloria has gone into labor. However, little does he know Gloria has become stuck in a phone booth at an Italian restaurant.moreless
  • Gloria is Nervous
    Gloria is Nervous
    Episode 13
    Gloria is fed up with being pregnant and the fact that she is nine days overdue doesn't help anything. Mike soon finds himself a target as Gloria soon begins to take out her frustrations on Mike. Meanwhile, Edith is excited about an upcoming baby shower for Gloria.
  • Archie's Civil Rights
    While driving a cab for Bert Munson, Archie encounters a mugger who pulls a knife on him. In retaliation, Archie sprays him with tear gas. Later, Archie finds himself hauled off to court, when an officer gives him a ticket for owning tear gas, which is outlawed.
  • The Little Atheist
    The Little Atheist
    Episode 11
    Thanksgiving dinner becomes a family battleground when Archie discovers that Mike and Gloria don't want to impose the family's religious beliefs on their baby. The argument quickly extends throughout the whole dinner with Archie insisting that the baby should attend Sunday school, while Mike and Gloria want their child to decide for itself.moreless
  • Gloria Suspects Mike
    With her pregnancy nearing the ninth month, Gloria has become insecure about her looks and begins to suspect hanky-panky when she meets the beautiful blonde Mike's been tutoring after school hours. Meanwhile, Edith and Archie try their best to keep the gift they bought for the baby a secret.
  • Grandpa Blues
    Grandpa Blues
    Episode 9
    Archie has been dreading a company physical and he is worried that if he does not pass he may get fired. He soon finds it difficult keeping his blood pressure down after the family launches into a heavy debate over what to name Mike and Gloria's baby.
  • Edith Breaks Out
    Edith Breaks Out
    Episode 8
    Edith has been busy volunteering part-time at the Sunshine Home for the Elderly and Archie feels abandoned. This prompts him to put his foot down and forbids her to volunteer any more, which doesn't go over very well. Edith puts her foot down and insists that she will keep volunteering as long as she wants too.moreless
  • Mike Faces Life
    Mike Faces Life
    Episode 7
    Mike becomes increasingly worried about keeping a tight budget and he soon finds that the budget has become even tighter when he learns that he is now the sole support of the growing family as Gloria has just lost her job. The reason for her termination just adds fuel to the fire as they learn she was fired because of her pregnancy.moreless
  • Chain Letter
    Chain Letter
    Episode 6
    As a gag, Irene sends Edith and Archie a chain letter and Edith takes the letter seriously and promptly participates in it to avoid bad luck. However, Archie throws his away and he soon begins experiencing a string of bad luck, which includes him believing that he may have contracted hepatitis.moreless
  • Mike's Pains
    Mike's Pains
    Episode 5
    Mike quickly begins to have second thoughts about whether or not he will be in the delivery room when Gloria gives birth. Meanwhile, Edith is all excited with her friend Sybil who is coming over to make a psychic prediction about the gender of the baby.
  • Archie, the Hero
    Archie, the Hero
    Episode 4
    While driving his cab, Archie has a claim to fame when he uses CPR to save the life a one of his passengers, a woman. However, Archie gets a shock when he discovers that the tall, classy dame whose life he saved turns out to be a man. Suddenly, Archie is not so sure he wants to be hailed as a hero.moreless
  • Archie, the Donor
    Archie, the Donor
    Episode 3
    Archie is all excited with the possibility of getting a promotion down at his work. Archie decides that he must try to impress his boss to get the position by making the maximum contribution to his favorite charity and unwittingly donates his body to medical science.
  • Alone at Last
    Alone at Last
    Episode 2
    Teary farewells turn into fireworks when Mike hits Archie with five years of repressed rage, only to discover that he and Gloria can't move out for another week after Mike reveals he forgot to turn on the gas and electricity at his new home.
  • The Very Moving Day
    As Mike and Gloria are getting ready to move into their own home, Gloria comes home with news from the doctor that she's pregnant and announces it to an overjoyed Archie and Edith. However, she is a bit nervous about announcing her unexpected pregnancy to Mike because of his stubborn attitudes concerning overpopulation. When Mike does find out he has a mixed reaction, ultimately resulting in him storming out.moreless