All in the Family - Season 7

CBS (ended 1979)




Episode Guide

  • Archie's Dog Day Afternoon
    Archie and Barney's friendship becomes strained when Archie retaliates after being continually harassed by Barney's unleashed dog. When he accidentally runs the dog over and breaks its leg, he makes matters a lot worse, but not in the way he expected.
  • Archie, the Liberal
    Archie, the Liberal
    Episode 24
    The newspaper accuses Archie's "Kings of Queens" club of being bigoted, which causes him and his friends to fear protests and the loss of their tax exempt status. Archie naively thinks the solution is to initiate one of his coworkers to be a token black and Jewish member.
  • Mike and Gloria Split
    A game of Scrabble sparks a huge fight between Mike and Gloria, and Mike is forced to spend the night with Archie. This proves to be disastrous, but gives Mike the opportunity to reevaluate the way he treats his wife.
  • Fire
    Episode 22
    The Bunkers and Teresa wake up in the middle of the night to discover a small fire has broken out in the bathroom, which Mike is able to put out in short order. Archie feels that his twenty years of premium payments entitle him to a large insurance payout, but he's in for a shock when the adjuster investigates the cause of the fire.moreless
  • Mike, the Pacifist
    Mike, the Pacifist
    Episode 21
    Archie, Mike, and Gloria become stranded on a crowded subway car, and Mike instinctively punches a man in the face when he perceives that Gloria is in danger. The experience causes him to reconsider some of his core beliefs.
  • The Joys of Sex
    The Joys of Sex
    Episode 20
    Gloria discovers that Edith has bought a copy of How to be your Husband's Mistress, and she convinces Mike to inform Archie that he needs to have an intimate discussion with his wife.
  • Stretch Cunningham, Goodbye
    Archie reluctantly agrees to deliver Stretch Cunningham's eulogy, unaware that his departed friend was Jewish.
  • Mike Goes Skiing
    Mike Goes Skiing
    Episode 18
    Mike insists on going on a weekend ski trip with his unmarried friends, despite Gloria's concern that she'd feel uncomfortable going to an engagement party by herself. Mike regrets his decision and comes home early, only to witness Gloria arrive home from the party with another man.
  • Archie's Chair
    Archie's Chair
    Episode 17
    After explaining to Edith why he just shaved off his mustache, Mike accidentally breaks Archie's chair and he sends it to Kressler's for repair. Archie becomes hysterical when he discovers what happened, but faces an unexpected dilemma when finds out the chair has accidentally become part of a modern art exhibit.moreless
  • The Boarder Patrol
    The Boarder Patrol
    Episode 16
    Mike tells Teresa and her boyfriend they can have the Bunker house to themselves because Archie and Edith are away for the weekend in New Jersey. However, this turns out to be a bad idea when Archie and Edith miss their bus and come back home that same night.
  • The Draft Dodger
    The Draft Dodger
    Episode 15
    The clash of two worlds explodes in this episode. Mike's friend is a Draft Dodger and he has come down from Canada for a visit and joins the Bunkers for Christmas dinner, unbeknownst to Archie. The guy is exactly everything Archie hates about Mike's generation. On top of this, Archie's joker friend is also spending Christmas dinner with the Bunkers and he lost his son to the war.moreless
  • Gloria's False Alarm
    Gloria comes home from the doctor with unexpected news, she may be pregnant. This leads her to debate about what to do and decides the best thing would be if Mike were to get a vasectomy. She promptly sends Mike off to the doctor and then has second thoughts when she gets a call from the doctor with the results of her pregnancy test.moreless
  • The Baby Contest
    The Baby Contest
    Episode 13
    Archie gets into an argument with Barney Hefner over who has the cuter grandchild. When Archie learns Barney has enter his grandchild in a newspaper's beautiful baby contest, Archie decides to do the same and tries to get the perfect snapshot of Joey. However, he soon has a battle on his hands when Mike and Gloria forbid him to enter Joey into the contest.moreless
  • Archie's Secret Passion
    Archie comes home to find Edith in an usual mood, it seems she ran into some old high school friends, Bummie and Dolores and she has invited them over for dinner. Archie confides in Mike that he once had a brief encounter with Dolores before he married Edith. Little does he know, Edith already knows about their fling.moreless
  • Mr. Edith Bunker
    Mr. Edith Bunker
    Episode 11
    Edith is working at the Sunshine Home when a man grabs his chest and collapses before Edith's eyes. Thinking quickly, Edith begins to perform CPR on him and saves his life. Later, the Bunker household turns into a media circus when Edith is being interviewed for a news program and Archie feels left out.moreless
  • Mike and Gloria's Will
    Michael almost gets hit by a train and the experience gets him and Gloria thinking about their will and who will get custody of Joey. Michael and Gloria decide not leave Joey to Archie and Edith due to Archie's bigotry. Things hit a boiling point, when Archie brings Joey a machine gun for a birthday present and Michael lets slip their custody plans.moreless
  • Teresa Moves In
    Teresa Moves In
    Episode 9
    To bring in some extra money each month, Archie and Edith decide to take in a boarder in hopes of reviving their battered budget. Archie is less than thrilled to find the border is a pushy Puerto Rican nurse and he disapproves of almost everything about her, the way she talks, her music and her cooking. Meanwhile, another war is brewing, Archie versus a mouse.moreless
  • Beverly Rides Again
    Archie is fed up with his jokester pal, Pinky Peterson. It seems every time Archie turns around, Pinky is playing yet another practical joke on him. Meanwhile, female impersonator, Beverly LaSalle stops by the Bunkers for a visit and to invite them out to dinner, when Archie gets the bright idea to play a joke of his own on Pinky using Beverly.moreless
  • Archie's Operation (2)
    Archie is recuperating after gall bladder surgery and becomes more comfortable with the fact that blood was used from a female West Indian doctor. However, the hospital bill is not a happy sight for Archie or learning that a pal of his has taken his position at the loading dock, that is until he learns he's been called back to work-with a raise and a promotion.moreless
  • Archie's Operation (1)
    Archie's pain turns into something more serious as he has to have his gallbladder removed and he is taken to the hospital right away for the operation. Archie's trip to the hospital turns into an ethnic nightmare for him. He's admitted by a Puerto Rican receptionist, treated by a Jewish physician, and is forced to accept a blood transfusion from a female West Indian doctor's assistant.moreless
  • The Unemployment Story (2)
    Archie has not been a happy camper since being fired from his job, it seems he has been rendered impotent and also has developed a pain in his side. Archie later gets a job as a janitor, however, a college grad who applied for the same position threatens to jump off the building and Archie does his best to stop the man from leaping to his death.moreless
  • The Unemployment Story (1)
    Edith and Gloria are all excited for Michael because he sold an article and it's going to be published in a magazine. Meanwhile, Archie's self-esteem takes a beating when he loses his job on the loading dock. Archie soon finds himself fighting what seems to be an uphill battle with unemployment. He goes down and applies for unemployment but is certainly not impressed with all the legal red tape.moreless
  • Archie's Brief Encounter (3)
    After Edith walks out on Archie, she spends all her time at the Sunshine Home and Archie has been spending all his time at Kelsey's Bar. Meanwhile, Mike and Gloria do their best to try to get them back together and they set up a meeting at their home. This leads to an emotional reunion for Archie and Edith.moreless
  • Archie's Brief Encounter (2)
    Archie shares a kiss with Denise and then then when they get interrupted, he makes a quick exit before it goes any further. However, now Archie tries to keep his encounter from Edith and tries to concoct a story to cover up what happened with Denise, but Edith only grows more suspicious and confronts him, when she finds Denise's number.moreless
  • Archie's Brief Encounter (1)
    Archie becomes infatuated with Denise, a waitress at a local restaurant. He is flattered when she gives him her number. Later at home, Archie finds himself home alone with Edith busy volunteering at the Sunshine Home. This is when he reaches into his pocket finds Denise's number and decides to give her a call and soon finds himself in her apartment.moreless