All in the Family

Season 8 Episode 20


Aired Unknown Feb 19, 1978 on CBS

Episode Recap

While having dinner with their good friends Bob and Lorraine, Mike and Gloria are challenged to re-examine their romantic life. Their friends have been living together for seven years and can't keep their hands off one another, and Mike and Gloria suddenly realize that they used to be like that.

A weekend trip to the Poconos seems to be the perfect solution to their cooling of romance, and as Gloria packs her suitcase she has a heart-to-heart with Edith, who isn't quite able to comfort her. Meanwhile, downstairs Mike has a similar exchange with Archie, who naturally assumes that the two of them won't even make it outdoors because of their lust.

At the resort, awkwardness reigns when Mike and Gloria get back from hiking and wonder "what to do next." Mike suggests that they get dinner, but Gloria asks if he wouldn't rather get busy. He agrees, and they kiss - in a mechanical way. They try making out on a chair, and then on the bed, and then switch sides of the bed, but nothing seems to bring the passion. Gloria finally concludes that the romance is gone from their marriage, and proceeds to suggest tearfully that the only thing to do is to get a divorce.

Mike reacts to this remark by fleeing to the bathroom and locking himself inside. He refuses to come out and seems to be hysterical, and Gloria forgets her own loss as worry for Mike takes over. When he won't open the door and doesn't respond, she threatens to break it down. She takes a long running start, and just as she's about to make contact with the door, it opens and she collides with Mike. The two of them burst into uncontrollable laughter on the floor, and when they recover a little they begin to discuss all the good things that they have going, including Joey and their deep friendship with one another. The sudden vanishing of tension makes way for burning passion...right there on the floor, in front of the commode.
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