All in the Family

Season 7 Episode 19

Stretch Cunningham, Goodbye

Aired Unknown Jan 29, 1977 on CBS



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    • Archie: (seeing a Star of David draping Stretch's casket) What's going on, Edith?
      Edith: I guess Stretch must have been Jewish.
      Archie: With a name like Cunningham?
      Edith: Oh, well, Archie...'what's in a name?'
      Archie: A Jewish name ain't supposed to have no 'ham' in it.

    • Edith: (upon their learning of Stretch's untimely death) Archie, do you want to cry? (Archie slowly turns and gives her a funny look) It's okay for a man to cry.
      Archie: No, Ediith. I don't want to cry.
      Edith: The Reader's Digest says it's okay to cry.
      Archie: Then let The Reader's Digest cry...little, condensed tears.

    • Archie: (during his eulogy, repeating a joke Stretch had told) Like the one about the priest and the rabbi. The priest asks the rabbi, 'How come you don't eat ham,' and the rabbi says, 'It's against my religion,' and the rabbi asks the priest, 'How come you don't go out with the girls,' and the priest says, 'It's against my religion,' and the rabbi says, 'Well you should try it some time, it's better than ham.'

    • Archie: (looking around nervously before whispering) Stretch's spirit might be right here in this room!
      Edith: But Stretch lived in the Bronx! Archie: If you was a spirit, would you hang out in the Bronx?

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