All in the Family

Season 1 Episode 12

Success Story

Aired Unknown Mar 30, 1971 on CBS

Episode Recap

Mike and Gloria are sealing a stack of envelopes. When they kiss they pretend to get stuck together. Edith comes to help them after she put the stew on to cook. Archie comes home complaining about the ticket he got for jaywalking. They explain that the envelopes are volunteer work. Archie reads the flyer. It's about a free clinic. He argues about dropouts getting free services. Then he argues that dropouts don't have any solutions to their own problems.

Archie answer the door and signs for a package. He got a box of cigars that cost a dollar a piece. Gloria answers the door again and finds the delivery man there again. There's another package for them. He brings in a big beautifully wrapped package. He then expects a tip. Archie shooes him out. The gift is a beautiful expensive gift basket full of food and alcohol. It's from Eddie Frazier, a millionaire friend of Archie's. Mike criticizes Eddie for just being rich and not helping the world. Edith answers the phone. It's for Archie. Edith holds onto the phone while Archie rushes to the bathroom. We hear the toilet flush. Archie talks to Eddie who's in New York. He's coming over to visit with Archie tomorrow night. Mike and Gloria say they won't get to meet Eddie because they are going to the movies instead. They get started cleaning up for Eddie's impending arrival.

A group of Archie's army buddies are sitting around waiting for Eddie. Mike tries to mix with them but he finds them boring. Eddie comes in dressed in a suit and surprises them. Archie introduces Eddie to his family. Eddie says he came to New York to visit with his friends. They look at pictures. Eddie makes a phone call to his son but his son doesn't want to see him. He even cries on the phone. Archie and the guys talk about how much Eddie's clothes cost. Mike talks to Eddie and finds out that he's sad about the lack of relationship that he has with his son. Archie and Mike sit after the party. Archie's drunk and he sings a song.