All in the Family

Season 6 Episode 15

The Baby (2) (a.k.a.) Birth of the Baby (2)

Aired Unknown Dec 22, 1975 on CBS

Episode Recap

Edith arrives at the hospital five minutes from the restaurant where they were having dinner when Gloria went into labor. She interrupts the nurse, who has been deep into a phone conversation, to find out where Gloria is. The nurse checks her rolodex and informs Edith that Gloria has not checked in. Edith is nearly frantic, and at that moment, Archie comes in, in blackface and wearing a rented suit. Archie gets into it with the nurse when she's on the phone, saying she shouldn't be on a personal call. He insists Gloria has to be there, and ends up walking into a room with a woman named "Stipic" who is horrified at Archie's visit. Archie gets some cold cream from her to remove his blackface.

Since Gloria and Mike are nowhere to be found, Archie starts getting into it with the nurse again, insisting she find Dr. Shapiro, Gloria's doctor. Finally, in the midst of the chaos Gloria and Mike come in, having been delayed. After being rushed to the emergency room, Mike and Gloria have to sit out a long labor while Archie and Edith get anxious and emotional in the waiting room. In the midst of their fearful apprehension, Archie tells Edith she's going to make "one hell of a grandma" and kisses her, which makes Edith cry and annoys Archie.

Finally, Gloria delivers (after Mike nearly passes out) a baby boy. A very pleased Archie tells Mike that he didn't think he "had it in" him.