All in the Family

Season 3 Episode 7

The Bunkers and the Swingers

Aired Unknown Oct 28, 1972 on CBS

Episode Recap

Gloria discovers that Edit has been reading a magazine that she found on the subway, New Family and that she has responded to an ad that was placed by a swinging couple. Gloria and Mike are on their way out for the evening, and don't fully explain what the couple who placed the ad are actually desiring. Edith is excited to meet the new people, and informs a dismayed Archie that they are having company. When the couple arrives, Archie pulls Edith into the kitchen and demands that she get rid of them quickly. After Archie opens the gift that Curtis, the man, has given him, he's softened when he discovers that it's a box of expensive cigars.

Meanwhile, Curtis and his wife, Ruthie, are puzzled by the Bunkers' seemingly shy antics, but conclude that "it's their first time." Curtis brings a portable stereo and gets them all dancing. He commands everyone to switch partners, so that he and Edith are dancing and Archie is dancing with Ruthie. At that moment, the doorbell rings and it's Louise Jefferson on an errand. Curtis calls out to her, "The more, the merrier!" and Louise follows Edith into the kitchen, asking what he meant by that. When Louise sees the ad that attracted Edith to them, she's mortified. She explains what the couple really wants, and Edith is horrified. Louise jets out quickly, wanting no part of the goings-on. Before Edith can explain to Archie what's happening, Curtis shows Archie a nude photograph – of his wife, Ruth. Curtis is about to show Edith one of himself when Archie intervenes. Angrily, he demands that they leave right away. Ruth explains that "swinging saved" their marriage and Curtis adds that prior to their new hobby, the marriage had become listless. Sheepishly, the couple leaves after Archie gives them disapproving looks and Edith simply looks shocked.

Archie warns Edith to read "no more magazines!"