All in the Family

Season 3 Episode 7

The Bunkers and the Swingers

Aired Unknown Oct 28, 1972 on CBS

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  • While riding the subway Edith finds a magazine titled "New Family." In it she finds an ad placed by swingers Curtis and Ruth Rempley. Wrongly thinking the Rempleys are looking for friendship, Edith invites them over.

    Along with "Archie is Branded", "The Bunkers and the Swingers" is one of the best episodes of the third season of "All in the Family." The late Rue McCalanahan displays the terrific acting ability that would later help pave the way to an Emmy award on "The Golden Girls." The late Vincent Gardenia, in the first of three appearances on the show (as three different characters), is just as good as the male half of the swinging couple. The highlight of this episode is the final scene where Edith realizes her mistake. The scene's drama and emotion seem very genuine.