All in the Family

Season 1 Episode 13

The First and Last Supper

Aired Unknown Apr 06, 1971 on CBS

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  • The first season ends with Edith accepting an invitation to dinner from the Jeffersons. Archie, not surprisingly, is not happy at all about it.

    The inaugural season of the greatest situation comedy in history ended perfectly with a well written and hysterical episode. The late Mel Stewart makes a lasting impression in his debut performance as Henry Jefferson. He is rip roaring hysterical in his debates with the late Carol O'Connor. Henry's toast "to good neighbors" was nothing short of brilliant. Though he only had a small part in this episode, the late Mike Evans is once again in top form. The scene where he tricks Archie into allowing the Jeffersons to have dinner brought over to Archie's house. One thing that made me like this episode more is the reveal at the end that neither side was being totally honest with the other. I think it fit the episode well. I have seen this episode many times and it always cracks me up. For that reason I think you should make time to see it for yourself.
  • Edith agree's to have dinner at the Jefferson's place.However Archie isn't too thrilled.

    Archie was planning to go and see an baseball game.However Edith told Louise,that she and Archie,would love to come over their house for dinner.Even an chance to meet her husband.However unhappy Archie,didn't agree to this.So he tells Edith,that she has to pretend that she has an broken leg.He called Louise,and tells her that they couldn't make it.Because Edith,had an broken leg.Instead Louise came with her husband,with dinner.Having dinner,at Archie's house.Which didn't make Archie happy.So he begin to clashed with Louise husband about things.In the end Archie tells the truth that Edith doesn't have an broken leg.He wanted to go to the baseball game.Louise reveals the man,she brought wasn't her husband.But her brother-in-law.Apparently her husband went to the baseball game.

    It was funny how Edith tried to do something.But Archie,keeps telling her not to.