All in the Family

Season 9 Episode 27

Too Good Edith

Aired Unknown Apr 08, 1979 on CBS

Episode Recap

Edith has gone to see Dr. Sidney Shapiro due to leg pain she's been suffering. Dr. Shapiro tells her that she has phlebitis, and that it would be best to stay off her feet for a few days in order to recover. However, it's close to St. Patrick's Day and Archie's Place is having a party to celebrate the holiday, and since Archie would most likely need her to help out, Edith doesn't take his advice and decides not to tell Archie about what her condition is, unsure of how he'll react and not wanting to ruin the party.

St. Patrick's Day comes and Edith is making corned beef and cabbage per Archie's request. Since he still doesn't know of his wife's condition Archie insists on having Edith cook and carry the food to the bar, but Edith's condition worsens and she gets to the point where she can't walk.

Archie calls Dr. Shapiro, completely clueless as to why Edith broke down in that way. The doctor arrives furious over the fact that Archie would make Edith do all that work when she was told to rest. Archie is confused as to why Dr. Shapiro is so angry at him, thinking that nothing he asked of Edith could've caused her to get sick. Dr. Shapiro suddenly realizes that Edith didn't tell Archie she had phlebitis, and has a crisis of conscience. He tells Archie about Edith's condition and leaves apologizing, with Archie so stunned all he can do is mutter things he said to the doctor when he was a child.

Archie goes upstairs and immediately questions whether or not Edith loves him because she didn't tell him of her condition. He tells Edith that she should've told him about her phlebitis so he could've helped her out because he loves her and doesn't want to lose her. Edith speaks the final line in the episode and original series to Archie, using a line he always used to describe her- "You're a pip. A real pip."
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