All in the Family

Season 9 Episode 27

Too Good Edith

Aired Unknown Apr 08, 1979 on CBS

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  • The 202nd and final episode of All in the Family. Viewership for this finale: 40,200,000.

    This is the episode when All in the Family ended its run as the #9 show of the 1978-79 season. Over 40,200,000 viewers watched this episode.

    Archie has planned for Edith to help cook corned beef and cabbage for a St. Patrick's Day festival at Archie Bunker's Place. Archie does't even know that Edith has a bad case of phlebitis, and she was told to stay off her feet because of it. then against doctor's order, Edith began to cook anyway, but Edith tells Archie she can't walk and he needs to contact Dr. Shapiro. Shapiro is initially angry at Archie for forcing Edith to work, but since archie didn't even know about Edith's illness, he has a crisis of conscience for yelling at him. Archie goes upstairs to visit Edith in bed. Archie tells Edith that he wants to be told next time when she ain't feeling well, then admits he loves her very much and that without her, he has nothing. At the end of this episode, since Archie has refused to host the St. Patrick's Day festival, he instead falls asleep in the hands of his wife Edith.

    This is the episode that foreshadowed Edith's death in the episode "Archie Alone".