All in the Family

Season 9 Episode 27

Too Good Edith

Aired Unknown Apr 08, 1979 on CBS

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  • The ninth season (and the series) ends with Edith in great pain due to phlebitis. However Archie expects Edith to do all of the cooking for the upcoming St. Patrick's Day Party at Archie's Place.


    "Too Good Edith" is a fitting end to probably the greatest situation comedy in television history. As usual Jean Stapleton and the late Carrol O'Connor are in top form as they have always been since the beginning. The episode also has just the right mix of comedy and drama to make it work well. The episode's final scene of Archie in bed next to an ailing Edith is a perfect way to close the book on All in the Family. It's nice to see Archie admit for once how important Edith is to him and how much he loves her.