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All in the Family

CBS (ended 1979)



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  • Season 9 Episode 19: The Return of Archie's Br...

  • Everyone, including Archie, Edith and Fred must've forgotten that they've reunited last season in "The Brother"! In this episode, they say the last time they've met was at Archie and Edith's wedding where Archie punched Fred and broke his tooth--which is the same story used in "The Brother"! Had the writers ran out of ideas and decided to repeat an episode and figured none of us will remember it?!

  • Edith says that Archie is 55 yet in "Flashback: Mike Meets Archie" (which was 8 years ago), Archie says he's 49. And he said that in a flashback where Mike and Gloria was dating so it takes even a bit more than the show first started! That's over 9 years! So Archie should be 58-ish not 55.

  • Season 9 Episode 20: Stephanie's Conversion

  • When Archie gives Stephanie a Star of David necklace while they are standing on the porch, the porch is obviously not closed-in. However, in the opening credits, all of the porches on Archie's street -- including Archie's -- are closed-in.

  • Season 9 Episode 25: The Family Next Door

  • While at the bar, Archie reveals to his friends that the Jeffersons remodeled their old house and were looking for renters. It is never explained what happened to the accepted offer the Jeffersons had for the house that forced Mike and Gloria to move out early.

  • When we see the livingroom of the house for the first time since the previous three seasons,there is one small thing missing.The small radiator that stood against the wall opposite the livingroom window.

  • When Mike and Gloria left, they had to move in with Archie and Edith for two weeks because the Jefferson house had been sold to the Banzinis and they wanted to move in right away. Yet now the Jeffersons still own the house-what happened to the Banzinis?

  • Season 9 Episode 26: The Return of Stephanie's...

  • I understand that there might be a reason why the crew couldn't get the original actor who plays Mr. Mills in "Little Miss Bunker" to appear in this one--but couldn't they at least try to get a look-a-like? In "Little Miss Bunker", Floyd has a full load of curly hair, while in this episode, he is bald with a comb-over!

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