All is Forgiven

NBC (ended 1986)


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All is Forgiven

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Life just got more complicated for Paula Russell. She went in for a secretarial job on the low-rated soap opera All Is Forgiven and walked out a producer. She thought she was going to enjoy a private, intimate relationship with her new husband Matt (who makes -- we kid you not -- organic doughnuts for a living) and instead got saddled with his smart-mouthed teenage daughter, Sonia. Although Paula had no experience either as a producer or a parent, her newfound dealings with both Sonia and her incompetent array of co-workers -- Cecile Porter-Lindsay, the prima donna star; Nicolette Bingham, the loopy Southern head writer; Oliver Royce, the former handyman-turned writer; Wendell, the timid director; and Lorraine, the receptionist -- were sure going to give her plenty. Four years, eleven Emmy awards, thirty-seven Emmy award nominations, and innumerable critical raves after the inception of Cheers, its three creators, Glen Charles, Les Charles and James Burrows, brought their second show to NBC, from an original script by fellow Taxi scribes Howard Gewirtz and Ian Praiser. But All Is Forgiven was no Veronica's Closet or Love & War. The reviews were also terrific, and the ratings -- after Cheers and The Golden Girls -- were okay (if not as good as Night Court or 227). The show's future looked bright. Then Brandon Tartikoff cancelled it. (Apparently, when you're number 3, you can afford to keep last-place shows, while when you're number 1, you can afford to lose top 30 ones.) After its cancellation, Gewirtz and Praiser went their separate ways. Charles/Burrows/Charles tried two more times for NBC -- with the much-loathed Cheers spinoff The Tortellis and the just plain much-loathed Flesh 'n' Blood -- before the Charles brothers dissolved their own partnership and went off to try their luck on the big screen. All Is Forgiven is produced by Charles/Burrows/Charles Productions, in association with Paramount Televisionmoreless