All My Children

Season 42 Episode 56

Ep. #10585


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  • friday

    All My Children may not be the hippest show on television, but they do a lot of creative things and they give the supporting cast a chance to shine, something that is not always the case on other shows.

    I even enjoyed the Marissa and Scott scenes today, although I wish that they did not continue to tease a Marissa and JR relationship.

    I expect that Ricky will eventually leave the show, but I wish that this storyline was a way to introduce him to Pine Valley. I would love to see how he interacted with the rest of the cast with a different storyline in front of him, I mean, he had me convinced that he was a reverend for so long, so I am sure they could pull it off.

    Nice, fun episode to cloee the week out on.