All My Children

Season 38 Episode 41

Ep. #9565


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  • Long time watcher losing interest.

    I am so turned off with All My Children. This is the only soap opera I've ever watched (for about twenty years mind you) and I see myself cutting the umbilical cord soon. How many times is JR going to turn on Babe? How many times is Babe going to run away with his son? When will someone smack the ish out of Erica? OMG, I swear I fast forward any scene thats she's in. Then they have the audacity to kill Dixie off! Before she even finds her daughter. Oh, who by the way is psychic! How does that little girl know Tad is her dad? We barely see him there. Why wouldn't she think Jamie was her father.... you know, being that's he's sleepy with her new "mother". I'm going to give up All My Children for a month. Lets see what I miss.