All My Children

Season 38 Episode 68

Ep. #9592


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  • In this episode Krystal is trying to win back Adam's heart and prove that she still loves him and there is something worth saving in their marriage. Krystal's waters breakthen she goes into labour and begs Adam to take her to the hospital but he refuses!

    This is a very moving episode and i think it shows just how much Krystal loves Adam. This episode also shows how mean and angry Adam can get, by endangering a poor little child and Krystal. But you can't help but feel sorry for Adam as Krystal did jump in bed with a man he loathes and the continued as if nothing was wrong and tried to pass Tad's child of as his! Overall this was a nail-biting episode and i was clinging to the edge of my seat and this episode left me in suspense! It was a real cliff-hanger! Would the Krystal and the unborn child make it to the hospital? Will they both survive? And Who will come to the rescue? One of the Best episodes I have seen in years!