All My Children

Season 38 Episode 145

Ep. #9669




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    • Adam Chandler: What do you want? I don't have any children left to appropriate.
      Krystal Carey Chandler: I heard you finally went and soaked your head.
      Adam Chandler: Yeah... probably wished I'd had a swallow of fetid water and died right on the spot, right?
      Krystal Carey Chandler: No. Your son and your daughter need you to be alive.
      Adam Chandler: They want my money... you all do.
      Krystal Carey Chandler: Stubborn, pigheaded, and just plain stupid.
      Adam Chandler: What did you call me?
      Krystal Carey Chandler: Kendall Slater is in the hospital ER afraid she's about to lose both of her babies. Now, I know what that fear is like and so do you, so stop talking about money and wills and garbage that nobody cares about. You're all in a lather because your children walked out on you, so you tell me this right now, Adam... are you going to try to stay alive long enough to be around when they finally come back to you?

    • Kendall Hart Slater: I can't feel my legs, but I can hear you, so I'll hear the baby.
      Dr. Delano: Uh... no, Kendall. The baby will have to have a breathing tube.
      Kendall Hart Slater: Then... then how will I know that he's OK?
      Zach Slater: Because you'll look at me, and you'll see me smile. That's how you'll know.

    • Erica Kane: You're being vague, Joe. I need to know the facts, the... the realities.
      Joe Martin Sr.: Erica, the reality is we all want the same thing, and we'll do whatever we can to make it happen.

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