All My Children

Season 38 Episode 146

Ep. #9670




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    • Babe Carey Chandler (To Ava): That's interesting because while you were busy throwing your life away, two little babies have been fighting to make it to tomorrow. So you want to whine about how life isn't fair, pop pills, and feel sorry for yourself? You have a chance to make a difference, and you would rather bitch and moan and throw attitude. You can either walk around with that stupid chip on your shoulder, or you can actually step up and do something for someone else for once.

    • Jack Montgomery: So, now, can you stop demanding Greenlee's head on a platter?
      Erica Kane: Jack, it doesn't matter what Greenlee did after she kidnapped Spike. And I don't think you should be defending her.
      Jack Montgomery: Only Greenlee knows the truth of what happened.
      Erica Kane: "The truth" and "Greenlee" in the same sentence!
      Jack Montgomery: Hey. She's my daughter.
      Erica Kane: And we both know damn well what she did, Jack.

    • Ryan Lavery: (To Annie) After the surgery, when Spike came out of the general anesthesia, he, um... he made this sound. It wasn't a cry or... or a whimper. It was more like, um... it came from a place that... that no child should ever know. And, um, I couldn't do anything. I couldn't make it go away, I couldn't make him feel better, I couldn't tell him that all of this is to help. So... the doctors came in and they put him out again, and they said that he's better this way. It's better for him. (To Spike) I'm so -- I'm sorry. Spike, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. (back to Annie) Annie, if he doesn't make it...
      Annie Lavery: Stop it. Look at me. This is not your fault. You did what you did because it's who you are. OK? You believed in the... in the goodness and the decency of a woman you used to love. You tried to help her, Ryan. You opened your heart to do that. You tried to find peace for all of us, and for Greenlee, and for your family. To me, that makes you a hero.

    • Jack Montgomery (To Greenlee Smythe Du Pres): I don't want to know. I don't want to hear it. OK? You were in an accident. You could have died. Nobody knew anything. I... when... when I found out what happened, nobody here could answer my questions. I didn't know if you were alive or dead. But when you came through the door on that gurney.. I just thank God you're OK.

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