All of Us

Season 2 Episode 1

Reunited and It Doesn't Feel That Good

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Sep 21, 2004 on The CW
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Reunited and It Doesn't Feel That Good
Tia tries to explain why she needs some space, Robert successfully seduces her, thinking their problems are solved only to be disappointed the next morning when Tia tells him nothing has changed. But when Neesee attempts to get Robert and Tia back together, her plan backfires, not realizing that she is the reason for their separation. Later, when Jonelle decides to take Tia out to take her mind off of the separation, Robert shows up at the club and begs Tia to reconsider, only to find her being hit on by an annoying guy named Hale.moreless

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  • So...the saga continues! Tia comes back home.

    We last saw Tia walk out of Robert's front door in the season one finale of "All of Us". In the season two premiere, Robert struggles to get Tia back into his life; meanwhile, Dirk tries to push Jonelle out of his life. But, Dirk's situation is not a major factor here. This episode's major focus is on Robert and Tia's relationship, and the big role that Robert's ex-wife Neesee plays in their relationship.

    The episode basically begins with Neesee apologizing to Tia if she did anything wrong to split the two up. Meanwhile, Dirk is giving Robert advice on how to handle his situation with Tia and Neesee. Robert, still so in love with Tia, sends flowers to her job to let her know how sorry that he is if he did anything to make Tia walk out the door. Just to refresh our memories, let's rewind into the season one finale: Tia left because she realized that marrying Robert would also mean that she'd be "marrying" Neesee also. Now, back to the present.

    Tia and Robert both feel that Neesee had something to do with their breakup (which at all is not true in my opinion) and neither of them want to speak to Neesee.

    Later on, Robert plans a romantic night at home (alone) with Tia, only after she invited herself to his abode for the evening. Tia and Robert had sex, with Robert thinking that their problems would all disappear with a night of physical pleasure. The next morning, Tia finally let Robert now that "last night didn't change things."

    Tia requested that Robert give her "space" to think things through so that she could really take a good look at the relationship that they once had. To make matters better, surprisingly, Robert's ex Neesee gave him the advice that he'd apparently needed in both of his most recent relationships. Neesee reminded him that he never gave her space, and that now he is doing the same thing to Tia. The exact term used for Robert's nagging would be called a "bug-a-boo."

    Robert did take Neesee's advice---for a minute, until Dirk warned him that Tia was going to a club with Jonelle. Dirk and Robert proceeded to follow the women to the club to sort things through. The episode ended with Robert giving Tia an ultimatum, and in return Tia gave her engagement ring back to Robert.

    In my opinion, this was a very good start for a second season premiere for "All of Us". There were some very comedic moments in this episode (most notably, the club scene with Tia and special guest Farnsworth Bentley), but there was an absence of arguments, mostly what fans of this show expect.

    Overall, the performances of the actors were outstanding, and Tony Rock (Dirk) most notably never fails to give a highly comedic performance. The ending would have been perfect until the writers threw in a very tacky, crappy, and apparently fake wedding proposal from Dirk to Jonelle. Other than that apparent mistake, the writers and actors all put together an outstanding piece of art.

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Duane Martin

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Tony Rock

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