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  • All of Us is an African-American sitcom o what happens in some lives. Robert, a tv show host, and Neesee have a child together,but are divorced. Both are trying to go forward in their lives, without forgetting there son.

    I loved the show it shows the true meaning of family. And is very funny. It shows what goes on in some homes everyday. It is a true comedy you will be laughing. The only con in this show is they start to take some of the funnier people out that made the show out in the later show, but it still is funny.Every character compliments another character you can't have one wihtout the other. I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really love and enjoy this show. I recommend it to people who love to laugh.
  • All of Us serves as a great relief from the repetitive story lines of the sitcoms of television today. Please bring it back!

    I really enjoy watching All of Us on the CW 17. The combination of Duane Martin, LisaRaye, and Tony Rock is ingenius and makes for a well balanced cast. I give props to Will and Jada for writing this show and I believe it has staying power, if it was given another chance by the network. I believe that Duane Martin plays the character Robert to perfection. LisaRaye is convincing as an ex-wife. All of Us presents viewers with a widely felt experience that is difficult for all parties involved: divorce. However, all of Us shows us that it can be positive and civil, as well as humorous.
    In all, I am hoping this review as well as those of everyone else would bring about the revival of this show. Thank you!
  • this show is really cool...but they should fire the child actor that plays Bobby.

    we're just catchin up with various episodes of 'all of us' in the uk and it's actually really funny-except for that child actor...if they got rid of him and kept that cast and script the show would be a hit...and surprised feedback groups in the USA haven't pointed this quite obvious flaw out. Even Will and Jada's son who plays 'Reggie' has got way more skills. The child who plays Bobby is just a lil bit inexperienced and hasn't quite got the whole acting thing down yet. I wonder if they will bring the show back, very rare to have such cool 'black sitcoms' on tv.
  • Wedding Singers, Nessee gets invited to her mother's wedding. Due to plane problems Robert and Nesee have to stay in Tulsa, hunger drive them at a wedding to eat. An enjoying each other company they fulfill the viewers desire for a night to remember.

    I belive this was a great episode,because the show was building and leading us to this place of truth. Finally revealing how Nesee and Robert feel about each other. The question now is would there be a next season, today there are too little shows on the tv that portrays divorced couples in any positive light. They either always fighting or trying to outsmart one another for the love of their child or children. I really can't wait to see what will happen next season given all thats happening on television. Another show well done, trully deserving yet another season experience.
  • This show has to be one of the funniest, I have ever seen, yet it is true to life. The writers have touched on some very familiar territory.

    I was so caught up in this show, that when I moved to Kuwait ,it had to be recorded and sent to me so that I would not miss an episode. Not only was I hooked. I had soldiers passing it around. I returned back to the USA to discover it had been cancelled. Where is the Justice
    Please bring it back! We need to know the out come of Robert and Neece. Great Actors I love the attitude the character Neece. On any given day she can be an angel, yet you cross her and you will deal with her wrath.
  • Show was a hit, bring it back!

    I loved the show! The show brought meaning, and depth to me personally! It always reminded me of me and my ex. I mean we are a exact duplicate of what that show is about. When we first watched the show we thought someone in the entertainment field knew us and was doing a show on us! The show has to come back on, we really loved watching it. I really thought that Jada and Will Smith knew my ex and I. I said wow look at this, they are doing a show about us. His family, my family they all said the same thing we said. This show really reminds us of how we are! Lisa Raye, and Dewayne Martin give excellent performances. I personally would love to see the two of them get back together. I think they are so cute together, they work well as a team, and the way they raise Bobby is wonderful. I am telling you this show truely reminds me of me and my ex. Please bring the show back on air! And if you do bring it back on air, please make sure that Neesee and Robert get back together! That would be the perfect ending to what I would say is "my story"!!
  • Finally - A positive sitcom centered around African Americans!

    We've seen several shows with African American people on them but nothing (with longevity) that really depicts preeminent African American people and their families. Given America's divorce rates, we all know that most marriages don't work out. While playing into that sad statistic, this show is extremely funny and while the parents don't always get along they are willing to sacrifice and put up with one another in an effort to raise their child. One of the funniest sitcoms to ever hit TV, "All of Us" was something that I got turned onto very late and I immediately became addicted. Once you see a few episodes, there's no turning back!
  • I love it.

    This one of the African American sitcoms that were out. Now it's cancelled. I love the way how they show life lessons on this show. It teaches parents how to communicate with kids and be better parents. I love Bobby on the show he is so adorable and grew up so fast. Tony Rock is the funniest character on here. My favorite episode is how everyone reacted to the N-word on here. This shows has good humor and good family values. Will and Jada did a very good job in creating this show. I just wish we could see more of it.
  • This show has encouraged me to view things in a positive and mature manner when attempting to "blend" families. The ex-wife and the new romance seem to get along for the sake of the child, Bobby. I love this show!

    This show has encouraged me to view things in a positive and mature manner when attempting to "blend" families. The ex-wife and the new romance seem to get along for the sake of the child, Bobby. I love this show!! I want more and hope that the series continues...

    I have most of the shows recorded on TiVo, but I want to see more!!! I am a true fan of this show and it's cast...keep up the good work!!!

    I also enjoy the good taste in fashion the cast ont the show where with so much class...especially, LisaRaye. I am really hopefull this show continues to air with old and new episodes.
  • this was one of the most great shows in the line on the CW. It showed family values and you all are taking that away from the viewers. Don't nobody watch that show that they put in place of that

    I don't know why they took it off this was a good realuty show for black people to watch. It was a family show that showed the things that we normal people go through when we divorce. They need to bring it back. They show white people (not to be racist) but they do have shows that are like that and stayed on the air for many many years down the line. This is reality on how it should be and how it is in some families where the divorce couple should be able to interact in other life when it is a child involve. This show showed where both parents was present in their child life even if they did have problems they still raise their son in a family setting and that is encourgement for many of people that goes through this in real life. The only difference is the fact of there wasn't that much drama within the ex and and soon-to-be wife.
  • WHAT! no more all of us. I'm changing the channel.

    I can not believe that my favorite show has been taken off the air. I hope you people check your ratings during that time frame, compare it to when all of us was in that slot. See which way they go. UUuuggggg! How can you leave us in suspense. Robert and necee has not finished giving us their story. There is no closure. At least you could have given us that much. But to cut the show and leave us all hanging, this is just not fair to your viewers. I'm hoping someone is writing some scripts for them to come back. How long will you give this new show to fall flat with the ratings? Bring back what the people like. How could you stick that weird show right in the middle of a good line up. Oh I know why the ratings were good and you wanted to see what happens. Well I hope there is a lesson learned here. We want ALL OF US!
  • The only show in the old Monday night line-up that truly made it worth watching.

    How many shows come out and in a comedic way just show you life? I mean, sure, if you wanted to, you could say that The Suite Life of Zack and Cody or the Simpsons shows life, but All of Us truly took it a step further. I remember when the show first came out, I was watching TV and my mom changed the channel. I started complaining, because usually, she changes to the worst crap on TV and I just leave. But there was something about All of Us that made me stay. Was it the cast? The plot? The obvious flame between Robert and Neece? Whatever it was, it had me hooked. I watched All of Us all the time and if I missed an episode, you could trust I'd find a way to see it or I'd come here and read about it or I'd talk to a friend who saw it. It wasn't just som Disney show that I watched and was a guilty pleasure. It was a show that I loved and watched everyday. And at the very least, I'm heartbroken to see it go. All of Us was the show I turned to watch when I went to channel 12 on my TV. I didn't go to watch Cuts, or One on One, or Girlfriends, or The Game, or Everybody Hates Chris, or the Simpsons; I came for All of Us. Sure, I watched the other shows, but it wasn't the same. All of Us comes from the brilliant minds of talented people and has such talented and enthusiastic actors and actresses bringing their roles to life. I can't say I haven't met a few Roberts or Bobby's or Dirks in my lifetime, because Lord knows I have. I've met the crazy best friend who can't really take anything serious, heck, I was one when I was younger. I've met and been the little kid dealing with some family stuff and just trying to adapt and hold everything together. I've seen it all and at the very least, the show was a way for me to take a step back and not reflect on my own life but to see another's-even if it was fictional in a sense. All of Us isn't just a show for me and I'm devestated to see it go. The whole point of this review is just... don't let it go, bring it back. All of Us has been around for four seasons, it's lasted longer than most of those crappy shows which lasted a season then got cancelled. It can't just go away and never return. And seriously, that last season finale... the word TORTURE comes to mind. So, in conclusion, All of Us was definitely one in a million, it's not everyday a show like that comes around and I just hope that if another one like that does come around again, it won't be cancelled by some stupid station and will get to ride it's term like a magestic horse soaring through the fresh green grass.
  • All of Us is a great show!

    This show over the past 4 years has shown that divorced copuples can come tto an understanding when raising a child.This show is funny with many talents people. The CW has cancelled enough African American comedies.Eve was cancelled and that show also had many talented African American actors and actresses. All of Us was created by two very talented people. Will and Jada Smith did an outstanding job and should be given another season. I would like to see Nessee and Robert become a family again. Also see Dirk become a great father. Bring the show back one more time.
  • They(CW) should be this show back. Well, I guess its another show they can add to the cancelled list. I do not like the CW.

    This series is about a mixed-up divorced family. Robert has his own talkshow and Necee owns her own restaurant. They have a son named Bobby together,who is a little confused about his parents relatipnship. One minute they are getting along, the next they are fighting.Robert has a corky bestfriend, who is not the best person to get advice from.Dirk has a daughter named Courtney, who he just found out about, not to long ago.At the end of the series, they finally get back together. I knew they would.
  • Wow

    The seanson finale was really good. I can not believe that Robert and Nisee decided to have another baby together. I hope they get back together. I think they will be a good couple if they do get back together. I can not wait to see if they show comes on again next season.
  • A very good show!!

    I think the show should start making DVD's of the episodes, because some people like me are just now getting the channel (CW) and are coming in on it late and have to watch the few episodes of reruns on TVONE, I love the show and would love to see it from the beginning!

    i have been wacthing a couple of the episodes all of us and its pretty hilarious , the character personality of Rob and neese together they make a good funnie duo ,and the lil dude makes look sweet , and Derek , dont get me started he knows how to play funny, so all people ho love africain american movies this is one of the best shows eva , so if u dont like i guess we have a problem , but like i said , if u guys like funny this the thing to wacth , thx and see ya
  • okay i like it a litttle.

    Now, when i say i liked this show, i mean i liked it. i didnt love it i just liked it, my fave character was neesee but from after season 2 and onwards her character changed. she wasnt the same. her personality changed a lil bit. dirk is the funniest though.hes so funny and i was surprised at what had happened toward the end of season 3, with him finding out about him having a 13 year old daughter, season 4 hasnt premiered over here yet(england ) but it should soon be. i still think half and half is better and should never have got cancelled. all of us is good but if i had to choose which show to save , id save half and half, however, i havent seen season 4 of half and half yet so i dont know.
  • All of Us: Dysfunctional Family

    All of Us is a situation comedy (sitcom) airing on The CW. The show involves a blended family.

    Robert James (Duane Martin) is a California-based TV entertainment reporter with a young son, Bobby Jr. (Khamani Griffin). He is divorced from his ex-wife Neesee James (LisaRaye McCoy) and now dealing with Neesee having to move back in after her apartment burned down. This only compounds the pain of dealing with being single again after being left by his former fiancée Tia Jewel (Elise Neal). Robert and Neesee receive support from Dirk Black (Tony Rock), Robert\'s best friend and co-host of his new show.

    All of Us was created and executive produced by Jada Pinkett Smith, Betsy Borns, and Will Smith and is produced by Warner Bros. Television and Overbrook Productions (owned and operated by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith).
  • All of Us, surrounds a black family trying to make life work with all the road bumps being thrown in their way. I must admit...watching this series is a guilty pleasure of mine!!!

    This show is absolutely fabulous!!!
    Its funny, entertaining and at the same time its life changing.
    This show not only tells you how you should live a happy meaningful shows you!
    That's what's great about this show.
    There are so many life lessons one can learn from this show!!!

    It is one of the funniest comedy show of its time!
  • Elise Neal character was very dull and I am glad that neesee and her son father is back together.

    Elise Neal character was very dull and I am glad that neesee and her son father is back together. She always had bad hair, not cute, clothing was horrible the chemistry I wasn\'t feeling at all. Neesee on the other hand had everything to offer him, she was pushing, funny, pretty, hair always was nicely done, dress nice... and loved her son very much. Her chemistry with Robert is just awesome, the still loved one another you could tell by the way they acted . And his best friend is really funny too. I am glad he has a daughter/girlfriend in his life now.
  • I enjoy this show but i wished that they did not can Robert\'s fiance after they broke up, Lisa Raye is a phenominal actress

    great episode, just from reading the review i feel that it will be one that i will need to tivo next time it comes on. overall there are not too many epiesodes that i dont like one of my favorite ones was when their son dropped the n bomb. it just goes to show you how they can put that in an episode on a family show in this day and age and before a subject like that was very taboo, unspoken of even. well thats all i have for my review just trying to finish out my word count.
  • I just started watching it this season. This is a good show.

    I only started watching this show this season and so far I really like it. I didn't realize that Will Smith was behind it when I found out I decided to give it a chance and I wasn't disappointed. It's got a talented cast and the stories are definitely entertaining. It's unfortunate that it's on The CW, I hope it will do okay in the ratings, it is following Everybody Hates Chris and now with the move to Mondays I'm optomistic.
  • I expected more from a show written and produced by Will and Jada Smith.

    This show is ridiculous. Not only is it not funny, but the acting is terrible. I would think that on show with so many seasoned actors and written by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith it would tolerable... but it's not. I've watched this show a few times and have yet to laugh at a single joke. It was a whole lot worse with Elise Neal on it, but it hasn't improved much since she left. I'm surprised that the CW picked it up to last after the merger I would have thought this show would be the first to go.
  • Its already falling apart. So run so more re -runs, or finish up the season and take if off the air and make sure it never comes back on.

    All of us is a boring unfunny show. Its not a good idea to have a kid play one of the major roles in the series and can barely speak. The soft-comedy from Bobby (the little kid) is not funny. Its not cute and no way entertaining. Neither is Neese or Bobby's father funny. The jokes are bland and stupid as the situations. They fired Tia but it doesnt make a difference because her jokes were just as bad if not worse. I seen her on Hugleys, Fresh Prince and other comedy shows and she's just not made for comedy. I dont laugh at her jokes and Im not laughing at this show. However, Derricks insults and wise cracks makes you smile sometimes but thats the most rise you get. I dont watch T.V for family values. I watch T.V to be entertained. The show is not even made for the younger audience because they do swear so not even younger children can watch All of Us. All of us tries to establish family values as the shows centerpoint but the problems and scenarios they come up with are dry and boring. Its very painstaking too watch the show. Its already falling apart. So run so more re -runs, or finish up the season and take if off the air and make sure it never comes back on.
  • Very funny......

    Very funny are the words that i would use to describe this sitcom! In my opinion Lisa raye ( Neesee) and Duane Martin (Robert) are the ones who make the show what it is! ( not including the writers , producers, directors, etc). This is really a great comedic show! It's well planned out and the actors fit their part perfectly! This is really a great show!!!!
  • Worse movie ever.

    Worse movie ever. Well actually that's being very harsh. After all, I'm sure the production company had put a lot of effort in producing this and trashing it like I am doing right now seems downright unfair. However, I can't forgive those who waste my time with something like this. Why did I pick up something called All of Us in the first place?

  • Elise Neal not returing for this series of "All of us"

    have recently watched the new series of "All of us" and was dissapointed to see Elise Neal was not in this series. She was a great charachter in the show and it simply is not the same without her charachter. There is no mention as to were she has gone which leaves viewers confused as she was a fundimental part of the last series, at least the writers and producers should have written her out to let viewers know what is going on in the show, i.e in the last series she was engaged and planning her wedding to robert who was the main charachter. Then as if by magic she disappears never to be mentioned in the series at all. I myself as a fan of the show had to do a bit of looking on the internet and found out that she had left due to her not being paid properly, I don't know if this is true but this is all the information I have got. In conclusion I think Elise is a great actress and wish her all the best in her futures roles, she is a great loss to "All fo us".
  • Not the best, but good.

    This show isn't must-see TV, but it is a decent show. I like some of the storylines, even though they're mildly entertaining. It's also good to see how Robert and Neesee handle certain situations with Tia around. Also, the Dirk character provides a lot of laughter and comic relief, even in the more dramatic situations. All in all, this is a somewhat enjoyable show that at times I can't tear myself away from.
  • A family show, with values, good clean middle class African American people. It\\\'s good to see ourselves portrayed in a positive light, with a touch of comedy. These are all good people with viable issues that are based in reality. It\\\'s good to see D

    I am loving the variety of characters involved in the production. Aside from being real characters, I like the cross section. There is middle class and there are ghetto characters as well as the irritating comedian types we all run into in our daily lives.

    I am very appreciative of the realistic cross section of our color as well. Though I appreciate all actors of African American descent, it has gotten to be a lighter shade of our people who have been mostly portrayed in main stream television. We are not all fair skinned and beautifully perfect. I admire the producers\\\' and casting directors\\\' choice of actors. I revel in seeing the darker skinned actors being gainfully employed. I especially llike the child playing Dirk Black\\\'s daughter. She is a beautiful deep rich ebony, she is tall and reminds me of family. Please Keep this beautifully sarcastic child, she rounds out the cast and gives it a touch of realism. She\\\'s the baby we all have in our families, who\\\'s tough exterior belies her vulnerability and lovability.

    Excellent work, Mr and Mrs. Smith, and all the cast and crew of \\\"All of Us.\\\"
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