All of Us

Season 3 Episode 19

The N Word

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Apr 24, 2006 on The CW
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The N Word
Little Bobby blurts out a racist word in the middle of his birthday party, causing debate among the adults.

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  • This episode is the first I have ever seen, and I'm glad I saw it.

    I just got cable and saw the show for the first time ever. The first thing I have to say is that I was very touched. I am a 28-year-old Caucasian mom, and I cannot think of a more offensive word. I remember the first time I ever heard it, and it was from an extended family member when I was a child. I remember my Dad raising his voice, saying, "We don't use that word!" and I recently had to say the same thing when a friend of a friend said the word in front of my 5-year-old daughter. I appreciate that on the show, the parents really didn't know what to tell their son. I think they could not have done a better job. Hate hurts me deep down, but it is real, and worth confronting. I am in the process of adoption, and I am considering adopting an African American sibling group. I believe that this episode helped me to understand some of the questions my future children may have about their heritage, and I want to be able to teach it to them. When the little boy said "Do some people hate me?" I cried like a baby. I was thinking, how much can we teach our children about hate without scaring them or putting them on the defensive? I enjoy a show that confronts real issues, and makes me think. Excellent.moreless
  • This is the new generation of shows.I reckon it's great shows talk about today's problems.

    Finally shows are man enough to add a bit more language and sketches without having to show it late at night. Also there are new ideas for shows. I swear on a new show around half the episodes have the same idea for other shows. For instance: A camping trip where the characters get lost. a characters run in with the police. an anoying relative coming to stay. I reckon All of us and Fresh prince are similar but excellent ( probably coz they got will Smith) Dirk is played by Tony Rock ( chris rock's brother. Bring mo Episodes.moreless
  • Bobby causes a serious discussion to open up when he innocently blurts out the offensive N word at his party.

    This was a very well done episode and although I disagreed with the way in which the characters handled explaining things to Bobby, I understood why they did it that way. I felt that Bobby was old enough to hear a more in depth explanation but I also felt that in real life, that is exactly the way some parents would have handled it. I love the fact that it opened dialogue among the guests, though and it is another thing that should be required in classrooms so that it can open up dialogue in real life situations. Nice job.moreless
  • This was an excellent episode touching on a very sensitive subject, that many people either want to ignore, or gloss over. I'm glad the episode was done.

    All of us is not the first black sitcom to use the n word in an episode. The televison show The Parenthood also had a show discussing the word as well. I really liked how All of Us handled the issue, because a lot of what was said on the show by the adults are the very thoughts I’ve had myself with regards to the word. So often it is said by using the word with the a at the end it is a word to be used around your friends, and it has no power. That is so untrue, because when someone else uses the word regardless of how it is spelled, a fight is ready to breakout!!!!

    When Bobby blurts out the word, the room is shocked, and the kids have no idea anything was done wrong. Robert grabs Bobby and runs into the kitchen, and Niecee backs away embarrassed into the kitchen. Bobby still has no idea he said anything wrong, and Robert and Niecee try to figure out how to deal with the issue. When Robert suggests to the birthday crowd lets cut the cake, he is attacked for glossing over the issue.

    The episode touched on a subject that many people choose to ignore, or justify their use of the word. There was apart of the show where a Caucasian woman said she hated the word, and it was brought up if she hated the word because of the meaning and the context if was used in the past. I think we forget there were Caucasian people who are just as uncomfortable with the context of the word as black people are.

    Dirk added his dose of comedic appeal to the episode, but it did not take away from the serious issue presented. There was one line when the kids at the party were discussing why the parents were so uptight, and Bobby says “I thought the word meant friend.” One kid said “The word must be bad like broccoli.”

    The ending of the show really was what had me pause and reaffirm my distaste for the word. The ending showed a montage of products that had the n word on it. Soap, signs, and then how the word is used now, showing an album cover with Tupac, ending with a cute photo of Bobby. This is one episode that needs to be shown again, and again.

    This episode was directed by Will Smith and I’m very glad he was brave and found a way to tackle this issue.

  • This was a good one

    This episode ws very diferent..It was the first time I have seen a black sitcom actually use the word ni**** besides on \"The Parent Hood\" where Nicholas says the word. I liked the episode because it dealt with that issue... also it showed actual products from the 1900\'s to the present with the \"n\" word written on it...check out

    This is some of the information

    The show, however, wasn\'t all that good as a whole.... The jokes and catch linesare starting to become lame and not funny. The show is decreasing its humor... That is why I believe that is the reason why the new network, CW, (upn and wbs merging network) is cancelling All of Us.. along with Eve...

    The WB\'s Charmed will not move over to the CW Network -- on March 3, 2006, it was formally announced that the series won\'t be renewed for a ninth season, and the final episode will air on May 21, 2006. Likewise, What I Like About You has also been cancelled, and on April 10, 2006, UPN announced that their comedies, Eve and All of Us would not be renewed.

    7th Heaven (which like Charmed is produced by Aaron Spelling), traditionally The WB\'s highest-rated show, has also recently been cancelled, with the finale scheduled to air on May 8, 2006; however, talks are reportedly ongoing among CW executives and Spelling Television which may either reverse that cancellation, or green-light a spinoff that features the \"younger and less expensive\" stars. [13]

    Around Valentine\'s Day 2006, there were rumors that Joss Whedon\'s Firefly would be picked up by The CW. Whedon downplayed the rumors, but did not rule out the possibility of a TV movie or miniseries.

    On April 6, 2006, it was announced that Michael Roberts would transition from The WB to The CW[14]. He will keep his title as executive VP of current programming. The effect of this announcement on The CW\'s 2006 programming slate is currently unknown, though it might provide a boost for potential WB holdovers.

    On April 21, 2006, it was announced that Betsy McGowen had joined network-to-be The CW as senior VP and general manager of Kids WB! on The CW[15].

Duane Martin

Duane Martin

Robert James

Khamani Griffin

Khamani Griffin

Robert "Bobby" Humphrey James Jr.



Neesee Harrison James

Tony Rock

Tony Rock

Dirk Black

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • This episode started a trend that aired on Girlfriends and Half & Half. All the episodes featured some Star Trek joke. Levar Burton and his role as Commander LaForge is mentioned after Bobby watched Roots. Sulu is mentioned on Half & Half and Marina Sirtis (Counselor Troi) and Uhura on Girlfriends.

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    • During this episode, Dirk Black comically exclaims that Bobby is the "steamboat captain" of the family. The mention of the father as a steamboat captain is a clear allusion to Mark Twain's famed American novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

    • Neesee: "It's your birthday. Go shorty." This is a reference to the song "In Da Club" by rapper 50 Cent.