All Saints

Season 9 Episode 16

An Apple a Day

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Jun 06, 2006 on Seven Network

Episode Recap

Cate and Sean get called out to a medieval recreational tournament gone wrong. The elderly drifter from he previous episode is back, with a fresh litany of problems. Mike and Frank clash over a patient, and then over who Jack answers to, leaving Jack caught in the middle. Frank could really do with one of Alison's talking-tos – to Mike. Mike is proving to be an insightful diagnostician.

Being NUM is proving to be too much for Dan, and it looks like they'll be getting a new permanent NUM soon.

Cate and Sean develop a camaraderie over their medieval patient with a pig spit through his head. He has s seizure when they try to move him, but they stabilize him. There's a problem with moving the patient, which Cate comes up with a unique solution to.

Things don't look good for Bart's elderly patient, and the experience humbles Bart. He's philosophical about his fate, choosing not to be resuscitated, and Bart and Erica bond over it.

Evie shows up and Frank is short with her, showing the strain of recent weeks. The someone breaks into the locker room, having gotten hold of the master keys when Dan loses track of them. The job is harder then Dan anticipated, and he's sure to be only too happy to hand over the keys to someone – anyone – else.

Frank offers Bart advice on how to deal with his elderly patient, and puts the situation into perspective; they're giving him quality of life and respecting his final wishes. Sean, Charlotte and Frank compare notes on their first do not resuscitate orders.

A patient gets admitted after falling from a horse onto a fence. Once more, Mike proves he has excellent insights. He and Jack develop more of a mentor-protégé relationship, rather then master-slave. Frank and Mike seem to be getting along better.

Dan is extremely apologetic about things going badly. Frank doesn't much care; he's more concerned about finding out about Mike's credentials, and Dan negotiates for Frank to take on some of his workload in return for his investigations.

Mike and Jack do their first surgery together. Mike takes a lot of risks, but they always pay off. Jack had a lot of admiration for him, and Frank seems a little jealous of Mike's skill, but seems to have a new respect for him.

We learn that Erica used to work in palliative care, and has a knack with terminal patients. Bart learns something about the human side of medicine from them.

Cate and Sean's patient remains in intensive care, but is likely to walk away with minimal neurological consequences, which they're pretty pleased about. Frank and Evie hashed things out; Eve's been feeling taken for granted and they have to work out where they go from here.