All Saints

Season 9 Episode 16

An Apple a Day

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Jun 06, 2006 on Seven Network

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  • Cate and Sean get called out to a medieval recreational event gone wrong and do their renegade thing; Frank and Mike clash like nobodies business.Bart's drifter from the previous episode returns and teaches him a humbling lesson.

    Cate and Sean get called out to a recreational event gone wrong - think pig spit through the head - and bond over the experience. It seems TPTB have gone back to setting him and Cate up, which I think is a pity, because I thought he had much better comaraderie with Charlotte. Mind you, they're bringing back Peter Phelphs (Spence) next week, so that may be why...

    Frank and Mike clash constantly, not the least because Mike seems determined to prove that Jack 'belongs' to him more then he does Frank. Jack initially seems resentful that Mike sees him as a toy to be played with, but by the end of the episode, he has a lot of respect, even admiration for the older man. Mike's something of a cowboy with brilliant instincts, the kind we saw the potential for in Jack when he first came onto the scene. I get the feeling, from this episode and the previous, that Jack has been drifting for some time and needs a good kick up the ass by someone who sees his potential, which Mike seems only to happy to do. I think it will do him the world of good professionally to have someone riding him as hard as Mike seems to have in mind, and maybe now that he's moved in with Dan, that will do him the world of good personally, too.

    Bart's drifter from the previous episode returns, and he's basically dying, and dying fast. There's nothing Bart can do but honour his request not to be resucitated. He's been trained 'first, do no harm' no the idea of just letting the man die goes against what he believes as a doctor; however, as a human, he must respect the patients right to die. his leads to quite a touching scene between Frank, Charlotte and Sean over their first DNR patients.

    We learn that Erica used to work in pallitive care, and has a knack with terminally ill patients. Even though she has less qualifications then Bart, she has quite a soothing, but keeping-in-line presence on him. I can see them as the new Jess-and-Dan.

    A REALLY good episode, with good personal relationship between characters (except Cate and Sean; they're just not doing it for me), character developments. I'm cautious this Spence storyline that gets resurected next week; I've always been very wary about the storylines with Jack, Vincent, Spence etc which imply Charlotte's really straight in desguise, but I liked them together. I wonder if this is a way for them to write in Macintosh's pregnancy, and, as I pondered last week, how will it affect Jack (or Vincent, for that matter?)