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    This week Australian television viewers bid a fond, if somewhat reluctant farewell, to All Saints.

    The Channel Seven soap has been with us for 11 years and 12 seasons. But as production costs increased and Seven met its drama quota with Packed to the Rafters, Home and Away and City Homicide, something had to budge.

    Actress Judith McGrath, still the show's only original character, suitably becomes the focus of the show's exit as Nurse 'Von Ryan' departs the Western General hospital.

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    What will you miss most on All Saints? Share your favourite moments below!

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    It truly is the end of an era with All Saints coming to an end. It has been a standout Australian drama since episode one, and it not only managed to sustain itself over its twelve seasons, but it managed to thrive and it constantly improved as it went along. It was a show that was not afraid of massive change, and when the show looked like it might be running out of legs by the end of 2003, they completely reinvented the show the following year by moving it from Ward 17 to the Emergency Department, introducing us to Dr. Frank Campion (John Howard), who would become, in my opinion, the best character on the show. And this leads directly into the real success of All Saints - the brilliant acting by all performers - stars, recurring characters and guests - over all seasons, and the tremendous characters created by the writing staff. For me, All Saints will go down as the best medical series of all time, surpassing in every way the medical shows coming out of the US. Australian drama, more than any other country portrays a realism not seen elsewhere. The characters are not jumping into each other's beds and having sordid affairs every week. The relationships are more natural and typical of the environment, and most importantly, the emphasis was always placed on work and the patients, not centred around the character's love lives.

    I started watching early in its second season, and since then have probably missed only around 10 or so episodes from their initial run on Channel 7. For the last ten years of my life Tuesday night was always set aside for All Saints - now, I have no idea what I will do on a Tuesday night. And ultimately, the thing that pains me the most is that the show was still successful. If it was failing in the ratings and people were tuning out, I wouldn't mind so much, but the show was thriving, and would win its time-slot week-in week-out. It is a sad reflection on Australian TV drama that All Saints is axed as Packed To The Rafters, City Homicide and Home And Away are all immensely popular and there wasn't enough room or finances for all four shows. There is something seriously wrong when a network is unable to fund the production of four quality locally produced shows, when you see the amount of garbage shows being made in the US every year.

    I am terribly saddened by the end of this terrific show, and I will always remember it fondly, as well as remembering all of the diverse, talented and brilliant characters/actors that appeared on the show, from Dr. Frank Campion, the superb Von Ryan (Judith McGrath), Terri Sullivan (Georgie Parker), Dr. Mitch Stevens (Erik Thomson), Dr. Charlotte Beaumont (Tammy MacIntosh), Bronwyn Craig (Libby Tanner), Dr. Luke Forlano (Martin Lynes) and of course Dan Goldman (Mark Priestley, may he rest in peace). But special mention has to be given to all of the current stars - I loved all of them, and I don't want to be parted from them. I want to know what happens next for them. They have become almost another family, and it just won't be the same without them.

    Farewell All Saints. Thank you for all the wonderful memories.

    James Beauchamp

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