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Discussion For Episode 11.09 'When Tomorrow Comes'

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    I didn't realise how much I disliked BAW until I watched this episode, because this was the best so far this season, and I believe a big part of it was there was no Annie and very little Bart.

    The storyline with the woman was Huntingtons was very well done, and I liked the way it made Dan reassess his future and his health. I REALLY hope his Hep C has gone (fingers crossed).

    The bit with Ricki showing off her ring was funny and seemed like a typical female thing to do, everyone crowd around and look at the ring :p Thought it was dumb for Ricki and Dan to try and keep their engagement a secret from Bart - what were they going to do, tell the whole ED to keep quite?

    Thought Bart's reaction to the engagement was forced, the same way I thought his reaction to their being together was forced. Wanted to smack him when he crapped on about 'we should have talked about the funeral, music' blah blah blah. If he hadn't been such a selfish prick and run around thinking of himself during her dying days, refusing to let her go, maybe they would have had more time to talk about those things.

    Incidentally, how come Annie gets a funeral and Sean didn't? No wonder the fans are abandoning this show, if they treat guest stars with more dignity than their permanant cast.

    Liked the storyline with the guy who had the infection, although I thought it was too neatly tied up that there were no consequences to having unprotected sex. It's a trend I'm not liking in TV in general, to gloss over STDs, and in AS is particular because they've done some very intelligent storylines about the consequences of unprotected sex. I thought the guy was an idiot and I would have liked to have seen that hammered home a bit more. Good to see Jack actually doing something, though. Now, if we can just get him a storyline which is actually about HIM and not just as the doctor who happens to treat case-of-the-week, maybe a decent girlfriend, we'll be in business :p

    Would have liked to have SEEN the meeting going on, I thought it went too neatly from 'bet Zoe has a hand in it' to Zoe leading the troops into battle against the big, bad Oliver. Interesting to see what happens next week.

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