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Discussion for episode 427 'It Aint Necessarily So'

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    I enjoyed this episode so much, I could overlook Bart moping around.

    I don't think I can express how much I loved Von. McGrath was terrific, she had demonstrated more talent in one line then the others did in the whole episode. Her final line 'he had something of mine, but I got it back' was mesmerising. I wish they'd give her more to do, she always delivers when she gets it. I would have liked her to forgive the guy, but I liked the way she demonstrated the burden she's been carrying because of the rape.

    The antagonism between Jack and Steve was funny. I think they finally paired Traval up with someone he's got chemistry with! I find the way they squabble very believable and a good dimension to the show. I really hope they pair up Jack and Gabby, not only do I think they have great chemistry but I'd love to see the antagonism between Jack and Steve step up a notch. Watching them squabble with Gabby stuck in the middle (and siding with Jack!) made me think there's a lot of potental for an interesting triangle there.

    Liked the way the athlete thing unfolded, I honestly didn't see that coming (could have been a tiny bit fleshed out, but that's my only gripe). Thought it was a bit unfair for them to be blaming Frank for handling the media circus when it was Jack that spoke to the police, but that's a detail I can overlook given how much I liked the storyline.

    Like the foundation between Charlotte and Rhiannon, I'm interested in seeing where that goes - hope it isn't wrapped up too early, it's nice to see Machintosh given something to do and I think this has the potential to be one of those interesting ongoing stalker storyline, like Niel Phillips or Ian Niel (just finished watching s5!).

    I've gotten to a point with Bart where I just can't stadn him. Maybe if they put him on teh backburner for a month or two (pref until I go on my trip) I'll be more inclined to line him, but currently, he's been so exposed with what I consider to be such a crap storyline that I really can't stand the sight of him. But he wasn't in it much so I could deal.

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