All Saints

Season 6 Episode 9

Only the Good Die Young

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Apr 01, 2003 on Seven Network

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  • Goodbye Mitch!

    The time has come for Mitch's operation.

    Everything goes well, and those who don't know what's to come next are the lucky ones.

    They will wait impatiently together with Terri as Mitch undegoes surgery. All looks well when he makes it through the operation and is even moved up to ward 17.

    But, this episode will break your heart. I have never cried so much during an All saints episode, as I did during this one and the next to come.

    It's a sad day when All Saints has to say goodbye to "a bloody good doctor", as Forlano says!

    This episode tore me apart and my heart went out to Mitch and Terri.

    All Saints at it's saddest!
  • Mitch's Last Episode, this one will break your heart. Poor sweet Terri.

    This is Mitch's last episode, and it couldn't be a sadder one if it tried. Viewers were reaching for their tissue boxes, and their hankies, as the episode progressed. Mitch gets through his operation, but lives only long enough to open his eyes and declare his undying love for his wife. Terri never fully recovers from Mitch's death, although there have been some minor attempts at romances for her. Of course, Rose makes everything difficult for poor Terri, who is only just recovering from the death of Mitch, by banning Terri from ever seeing Lucy again. Still, that plotline came full-circle this year, with Terri becoming Lucy's new mum, after Victoria's death. Everyone misses Mitch terribly, and his death is all the more tragic because of the events which lead up to the diagnosis. I miss Mitch so much, and I'm not even Terri