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  • Love ' 'All Saints ''

    Love this show!! where can we buy the DVD's ??

    I live in the USA and I love a few of the Australian tv shows......

    ''Prisoner Cell Bloke H'' and ''Wentworth '' ''Rush'' ''Neighbours''

    Thanks for such wonderful shows :)
  • dr mitch was so cool

    my favourite character was dr mitch I love him he was a great doctor and I love everything about him watching all saints again recently I forgot how awesome mitch was and I love terri to
  • love the show were can we buy te dvds

    one of the best aussie shows I have seen were can we buy or download the dvds
  • I like to watch all saints every week thats why i rated it 9.9 out of ten and classafied it absolutely fabulous.

    I like to watch all saints every week because it is my number 1 show out of all of them i like it because of the drama that un-folds every episode i like to see the way they run the ED and the way John Howard as Dr Frank Campion runs the ED and i also like the way he is all ways getting mad and most things but thats what gets evry one through there work day and i like to see the steps that they take to save the persons life and i like the whole cast they are all such good actors my favorite is Frank Campion because of his aditude.
  • i love this show its a great show to watch

    its pretty much like any other drama series but it in a hospital and its great i really like the old episode sthe ones i've seen anyway and i really love the new episodes and i can't believe Judith McGrath (who plays Von) is still in it and it great and i wish georgie Parker(who plays terri)was still in it
    but my fav actors in the new series are Mark Priestley who plays Dan, Christopher Gabardi who plays Vincent and the actress's Jolene Anderson who plays Erica,Tammy MacIntosh who plays Charlotte, Alexandra Davies who plays Cate,Libby Tanner who plays Bronwyn,Natalie Saleeba who plays Jessica
  • Best Australian Show on T.V at the moment :)

    This T.V show is one of the best australian shows on air, at the moment. I only started watching it about a year ago, but i am hooked on it. It is the best show. and every week, i cant wait to the next week. because there is so much drama. and romance. at the moment with zoe and sean. i dont think it will work out. none of the relationships work. but hopefully it will!!! the one between erica and the new intern. hopefully they end up together. cause they look like they are meant to be.
  • Best Australian Drama ever!

    Ilove this show even though i started watching at like episdoe 300. People and i always thought that this show would not be good but i guess when my mum began to watch it (i had to)(or sleep). The show is just better than expected. I thought it would be like " Home and Away " that goes forever but it's way better. I never thought i would like soap dramas. Oh well, things change. Yeah i have pretty much waisted my whole review on how i started to watch the show. I only need to do 3 more words. 100 words complete!lol
  • Fantastic medical drama that draws you into storylines.

    All Saints is the one show that brings tears to my eyes every single week. Each episode has a heartwrenching story, as well as some heart warming ones. The acting is really great, and the characters are fabulous, especially Frank Campion, who is one of the highlights of the show for me. They get most of their medical atleast passably correct, according to my mum the nurse, and that is a lot better than many of the other medical dramas whcih often seem to use guess work to depict medical situations. I would reccomend this show to anyone who enjoys medical dramas, especially those who don't enjoy the often gruesome scenes in some other meddramas, as this one is relatively good with all that. No inside-the-body camera work or anything. They have really truthful reactions from the patients and families, and I am glad that they stay true to reality, and don't overdramatise anything. It's all very lifelike, and watching it, I feel like I'm there, and I feel all their pain.
  • Sad day at All Saints

    The episode starts the evening before Nelson and Kerry's wedding.
    Kerry wants to be traditional and leaves with Von to spend the night at her place. As day breaks, Von hears some strange sounds coming from Kerry's room, but she thinks Nelson's in there. In the meantime there's a fire at a factory.

    Nelson gets a flat tire on the way to church and Jack shows up at the church with his sister.
    Time passes in the meantime. Von goes to get the flowers and everyone is waiting at the church.
    When Von returns, Kerry is still in her room. Finally, she thinks it a bit strange and walks into Kerry's room only to discover something dreadful, that won't leave any of the main characters untoucht.
    It's a sad, but excellent episode. Everyone plays their role splenditly. Although sad, worth every second!
  • The one show a week I make sure I don't miss. Excellent medical drama with strong characters who don't always do the right thing, but keep you interested in their stories.

    All Saints is a long-running Australian medical drama that has the right balance of medical procedure and character interaction. I really enjoy the cases that come into the Emergency ward, they are well-handled and give you insight into both the medical situation and the emotional consequences of what has happened. Some of the incidents are bizarre, some funny, and some are tragic - a very good insight into the daily happenings at a hospital emergency ward.
    The cast are strong and human and don't always do what they should, which makes them more interesting. All Saints has had its ups and downs over the years, but the move to Emergency from Ward 17 was the best career move the show could have had - the stories have tightened and the drama enhanced as a result.
    I like the strong female presences, and the interactions which have a very real and down to earth flavour. Unfortunately character arcs are sacrificed for dramatic purposes a little too often for my tastes, but this is a small criticism.
    Overall a highly entertaining and consistent show.
  • Up there amoung the best Medical Dramas

    I have been a fan of this show since it's very beginning but it has outdone itself in the past year, especially in the Kerry-Nelson storyline which I think I will always remember, like the day that Molly died in A Country Practise.
    All Saints is one of those shows which patches real life medical emergency with real life drama, without being to fake or overdramatised -- a perk of being an Aussie drama (no pretention). While other shows tend to rely on gimicks to get their audience, this one is stands alone as a shiny beacon of drama and fact.
  • 10 out of 10!!! Great Australian Drama at its best!!!

    Well where to start?
    I've been watching this show since it started and every season it keeps getting better and better... Although the team and location have changed over the years the show has still remained one of Australia’s best dramas; and that’s thanks to the great story lines and the great actors who keep us entertained each week. The move from ward 17 to the emergency department was a great transition for the show and the characters. The character development since the move has been amazing, we have seen the characters grow, learn more about themselves and adapt to the fast paced and unpredictable life in the ED… Overall its been a great journey for the show and its loyal viewers and I hope it will continue for years to come…
  • This soap is reality. Those things happend in the real world. It's great to hear the story and it will never be boring. You want to look the next episode. You will see how hard the life of a doctor realy is.

    This is the best show ever. Better than 'Spoed', here in Belgium. I find it cool that they got a lesbian doctor. It's normal now so you have to deal with it. She is also normal like everyone but she has a different preference. I like that. I haven't got enough words to say I love All Saints!
  • now, that they changed the concept ...

    i used to watch a fair bit of all saints ... until it got a bit boring. every week the same stories, nurses looking after patients. so i kind ofgot off it. now, that they changed the concept and made it a fresh, always busy emergency room with heaps of interesting stories all saints got me back. onces again i'm hooked.
  • Australian television at it's best

    All Saints has always been a great Australian Drama for years now.
    It is always exciting and can be very unpredictable. It completely holds your interest each week so you can't wait for the next episode to see what happens next.
    I think I mostly like the show because of the relationships between all the characters and that you do get to see the personal and professional side to each of them.
  • All Saints is the best show on earth

    All saints is my best time show ever.

    I really love Alexandra Davies i will give her ten out of ten.she is a bright 28 year old actress and i hope the best for her.
    Frank, well where do we start. i think he a bastard. He always is even on greenday. One good thing about him that he care for other people especially his daughter and his work mates.
    i really miss Terri, i hope she is still doing well. But i am glad that you guys didn't kill her off.
    I rekon tha jess and dan should hookup, they really suit each other. I would want to see von hook up with someone eg Nelson or Frank.

    Keep the good work up.
    By Anna

  • This is one of my favourite shows of all time!

    I love All Saints. Marks out of 10? how about 50! Yep, this is one of the best shows I know, and I really love it. I seriously miss Mitch, but at least Terri and Victoria (Rose's Mother) make up in the end, Terri becomes Lucy's Mum, which I think is just the most perfect end to a painful storyline for both of them.

    I really love Frank and the way he's revolutionised the emergency department. I was a little angry with him about his choice of words when he first addressed Terri, but that's been long since forgiven and accepted as part of what makes Frank, Frank. I really love Frank these days, he's what a lot of people would refer to as a rough diamond.

    Poor Vincent! Beth is crazy. She is probably going to end up destroying everyone at All Saints, she has to be stopped before she becomes homicidal. Two bombs, a fire hoax and two kidnapped dogs so far, how far will this woman go to destroy her victim and those around him? Watch All Saints and Find out.

    The show is going from strength to strength, and I just want to say: All Saints; Keep up the good work.