All Saints

Seven Network (ended 2009)


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  • The one show a week I make sure I don't miss. Excellent medical drama with strong characters who don't always do the right thing, but keep you interested in their stories.

    All Saints is a long-running Australian medical drama that has the right balance of medical procedure and character interaction. I really enjoy the cases that come into the Emergency ward, they are well-handled and give you insight into both the medical situation and the emotional consequences of what has happened. Some of the incidents are bizarre, some funny, and some are tragic - a very good insight into the daily happenings at a hospital emergency ward.
    The cast are strong and human and don't always do what they should, which makes them more interesting. All Saints has had its ups and downs over the years, but the move to Emergency from Ward 17 was the best career move the show could have had - the stories have tightened and the drama enhanced as a result.
    I like the strong female presences, and the interactions which have a very real and down to earth flavour. Unfortunately character arcs are sacrificed for dramatic purposes a little too often for my tastes, but this is a small criticism.
    Overall a highly entertaining and consistent show.