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Seven Network (ended 2009)


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  • This is one of my favourite shows of all time!

    I love All Saints. Marks out of 10? how about 50! Yep, this is one of the best shows I know, and I really love it. I seriously miss Mitch, but at least Terri and Victoria (Rose's Mother) make up in the end, Terri becomes Lucy's Mum, which I think is just the most perfect end to a painful storyline for both of them.

    I really love Frank and the way he's revolutionised the emergency department. I was a little angry with him about his choice of words when he first addressed Terri, but that's been long since forgiven and accepted as part of what makes Frank, Frank. I really love Frank these days, he's what a lot of people would refer to as a rough diamond.

    Poor Vincent! Beth is crazy. She is probably going to end up destroying everyone at All Saints, she has to be stopped before she becomes homicidal. Two bombs, a fire hoax and two kidnapped dogs so far, how far will this woman go to destroy her victim and those around him? Watch All Saints and Find out.

    The show is going from strength to strength, and I just want to say: All Saints; Keep up the good work.

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