All Saints - Season 1

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Episode Guide

  • Christmas Spice
    Episode 41
    Christmas has arrived at All Saints Hospital and to Ward 17. Von learns to appreciate what Christmas is all about, while a sick child makes a wish of her own. Also on the ward is an elderly man who wants nothing more than to give his dying wife a special gift. A homeless man who wants to stay on the ward in order to have the Christmas dinner tries everything to remain there and Bron gets the biggest surprise at all at the ward's Christmas Party.moreless
  • Hard Rain
    Episode 40
    A young girl has fallen down a storn water drain and is trapped. Ben and Bron rush to the scene, but don't have long to get her out as the drain is about to be flooded with water. Love is also blossoming on the ward as Jared and Samantha's feeling grow stronger for each other. A bet between Connor and Jared takes an unexpected turn.moreless
  • Moment of Truth
    Episode 39
    Steph's life is on the line when she and two patients contract a rare disease.
  • One Moment In Time
    One Moment In Time
    Episode 39
    When faced with a patient who doesn't see the need to say thank-you, Luke wonders if he is really a good doctor after all. The feelings that Ben felt during the siege boil to the surface and he admits to Bron that he is in love her. An elderly doctor is tactfully shown that it is time for him to retire by Samantha and Von. And twin Brett and Alan Cameron are admitted to Ward 17 and their plight pulls at the heart strings of the nurses.moreless
  • Happy Death Day
    Episode 38
    Bryan Taylor is admitted to Ward 17 and is determined to end his own life by suicide. Terri is in charge of his care and finds out he is suffering from Huntingdon's disease. Meanwhile, Bron and Ben find themselves in a siege and discover that they work well as a close team.moreless
  • The Price of Love
    Episode 37
    Bron is back on Ward 17 as an agency nurse and is unable to stop talking about how great her new job with the ambulance is. Jaz is becoming more confident as she gets an ally in her fight to see that Danny is charged. Peter has begun to ponder about the lives Jenny was able to save by donating the organs.moreless
  • 10/13/98
    Jaz is working on the ward when she makes a mistake. Frustrated, Jared has a go at her, not realising that she was raped. Connor is furious when she finds out and plans to get revenge on Jaz's behalf on Danny. Peter talks to Jaz about the rape, and helps her to work through her feelings to be able to better accept what happened.moreless
  • Out of Control
    Episode 35
    Linda Taylor is re-admitted to Ward 17 due to the continuing domestic violence from her husband, Kevin. Jaz continues to deal with the fact that Danny was the one who date raped her. When a Schizophrenic patient is admitted to the ward, Connor learns a lesson in tolerance and compassion.
  • Live Now, Play Later
    Ben's frustrations cause him to lose his temper and take it out on a mother. Meanwhile, Jaz goes out on a date - only to be raped.
  • Boys Will Be Boys
    Episode 33
    A teenager is admitted and Peter sees a starling relationship between this father and son and his own. The teenager has been binge drinking and it is beginning to cause serious consequences with his health. Bron begins her first day since resigning from the ward - now she is on ambulance duty. And footy fever has hit the ward - at least for Connor, who is hoping to be able to watch the grand final on TV.moreless
  • Cards on the Table
    Episode 32
    The rest of the ward finds out that Bron has resigned, but she has more news as she announces that she is going to move in with Jared and Connor. Jared gets put in a difficult position after a young woman who is a patient on the ward first flirts with him - then accuses him of raping her. Steph finally gets the courage to talk to Ben about children, leaving him disappointed that she may never want to have them.moreless
  • Parting Friends
    Episode 31
    A lung resection on a man goes wrong and forces Bron to rethink her career options and he choses to resign. Elsewhere, Connor is having a difficult time doing his job after a patient doesn't like him and is less than cooperative. Amanda is still causing Jared stress after she finds out that he is still waiting to find out if he is HIV positive.moreless
  • Best Laid Plans
    Episode 30
    Steph becomes responsible for Ward 17 for a day after Terri needs to fill in as the Assistant Director of Nursing. A woman is admitted to the ward after having a backyard abortion which leads to the woman needing to undergo a hysterectomy. Bron and Richard face-off as he forces her to make a sacrifice, which Bron is reluctant to make.moreless
  • Little White Lies
    Episode 29
    Adam and Emma Bennett are visiting Australia from England, when they are involved in a car accident and admitted to Ward 17. Emma is in severe danger due to a chest injury. Terri is attacked by a convicted rapist putting her religious faith to the test. Jared faces a life-changing dilemma when he gives First Aid to a dying junkie, unaware that they were HIV positive.moreless
  • Family Feud
    Episode 28
    Professor Richard Craig wants to continue receiving recognition for his work, but a patient who needs new heart surgery - changes his mind. Professor Craig decides to place all the blame on Bron. Bron and Connor are still at odds, and Jared can't stand it anymore so he organises a party, but the night does not go to plan and has a serious consequence.moreless
  • Yesterday's News
    Episode 27
    Light, camera, action - the ward is disrupted by a television crew who are there to film a famous couple have a double mastectomy. Must to Bron's dismay, the truth is revealed by Professor Richard Craig and she fears that it may destroy her relationship with Luke. Angie has asked Jared again for help, but this time he turns her away.moreless
  • Touch and Go
    Episode 26
    Terri is visited by Sister Marguerite, but it troubled with her friend's sudden personality change. Jared gets a lesson in love from an older couple who can tell him a thing or two know. And Professor Craig successfully saves a patient's life, but the surgery could have cost the patient their life.moreless
  • A Mother's Love
    Episode 25
    A sense of understanding is felt between Steph and an elderly patient. Steph has just discovered she is pregnant, while the elderly woman who is dying, wants desperately to stay alive for the birth of her grandchild.
  • The Price You Pay
    Episode 24
    Stephanie continues to worry about Ben and how he is coping with the recovering from the bashing. Meanwhile, a young police officer faces the possibility of never working in the force again, after his spinal column is damaged when he is shot on duty.
  • Possession
    Episode 23
    When a patient is admitted due to domestic violence related injuries, it brings back memories for Terri which she would rather forget. The new head of Cardiothoracic Surgery begins their duties at All Saints, putting Bron in a difficult situation.
  • Truth or Dare
    Episode 22
    Stephanie assists in the care of a man who has been attacked, while he is badly bruised and has concussion, it is the injury to his hand which worries her the most as several tendons have been cut. The man's wife arrives at the hospital and is convinced that her husband should be in psychiatric care. Another victim is also bashed, but this time it is Ben. He is left in the empty park and when found is rushed to the Accident and Emergency Ward.moreless
  • Smooth Operator
    Episode 21
    Jared has to deal with consequences of his decision when he botches the treatment of a patient by not following his instincts. Meanwhile, Luke is distracted by a visiting surgical consultant, who he takes a liking to despite her barracuda-like reputation.
  • Revelations
    Episode 20
    A young woman faces death just six weeks after she has given birth to her very first child. It begins with a bacterial infection, but turns deadly when she goes into cardiac arrest. Elsewhere on the ward, Jaz has three very special patients, and she wants to make sure that these elderly women know that they are appreciated and loved. Von meanwhile tries to help a shy gentlemen become more assertive, but he soon shows that he can be a bit of a devil.moreless
  • A Hard Day's Night
    Episode 19
    Luke feels helpless when he watches a patient's condition continue to deteriorate. Angie is still interfering in Jared's life, but his fears are realised when he discovers her working as a prostitute. Peter is trying to put on a brave front since Jenny's death, but Terry discovers that his emotions are still running very deep.moreless
  • Sounds of Silence
    Episode 18
    Laura Wilson makes the decision to have cochlear implant surgery and gets much needed support from Steph. Laura's husband, Brett, however is not happy with the decision but is afraid to share the reason why with his wife.
  • Babes in the Woods
    Episode 17
    Old friends, Terri and Peter, put their differences aside to save the life of a new born baby whose teenage mother, Melinda, doesn't want her. As Jared continues to get his life together, Angie returns wanting help.
  • 6/2/98
    An incompetent and poorly trained agency nurse arrives on Ward 17 which causes more work for existing nurses as they need to keep an eye on them. Added stress and workload is then caused by two high-dependency patients who are moved to the ward from the intensive care unit.
  • Crimes of the Heart
    Episode 15
    With Jenny now deceased, Terri finds herself on an emotional rollercoaster as she mourns for Jenny and her lost friendship with Peter. Havoc is caused on the ward elsewhere by a patient's mother and Geoffrey tries his best to reassure an AIDS patient.
  • 5/19/98
    Jenny has been declared as being brain-dead and Terri is put in the difficult situation of approaching her husband Peter to request that he consents to donate the urgently needed organs. Peter though is finding hard to face the fact that his wife will not recover. Connor is given the responsibility of being the Team Leader, but his newly acquired power causes friction with the other staff as it goes to his head. Another patient is about to be discharged, but it is delayed after Jared noticed a mole which appears cancerous. The delay in being discharged due to Luke doing a biopsy causes a bed shortage and an elderly patient going missing as they wait.moreless
  • The Hard Yards
    Episode 13
    A rugby player is admitted to Ward 17 and Connor is assigned to care for him. He learns that the rugby player was stabbed by his girlfriend. After having a long talk with his ex-girlfriend, Jared decides that is may be the time for reconciliation.
  • Heart to Heart
    Episode 12
    A coronary by-pass surgery which has been scheduled for a high profile lawyer is postphoned. She is furious, but is told it is because she has been irresponsible not following health instructions to give up smoking. Luke and Bron's budding relationship puts strain on her friendship with Connor who is jealous whenever he sees the two of them together.moreless
  • Terminal Speed
    Episode 11
    An intern that is drug dependent is befriended by Stephanie and Peter has to deal with a bulimic that has become attracted to him.
  • A Little Magic
    Episode 10
    A teenage boy, Aiden, desperately needs brain surgery but it is delayed by witches.

    After thinking about his life so far, Ben makes the decision that he wants to start a family.
  • Forget Me Not
    Episode 9
    Jared is worried when a new mother, Tracey, rejects her child and when the baby goes missing, the teenage mother is the prime suspect. A woman recalls the situation causing her blindness.
  • Think Positive
    Episode 8
    Bob Parkin is re-admitted to Ward 17 when he catches pneumonia. From the start he begins to be the difficult patient as Von tries to get him to have a HIV test and he refuses. Another familiar face is also back on the ward. Angie has also been re-admitted after relapsing by taking an overdose. Jared is desperate to sort her out and when she is discharged makes her an offer which angers Connor.moreless
  • Combat Zone
    Episode 7
    Nura, a West African, has to decide whether to follow traditions or get help when her young daughter becomes ill.

    Sophie talks things through with Nura in an effort to get her to do what she feels in her heart is right.

    Meanwhile, Von has a difficult patient on her hands when a man is admitted and then chooses to refuse treatment.moreless
  • Give and Take
    Episode 6
    Robbie Watson has been on dialysis for years and now he has been admitted to hospital to receive a kidney transplant from his sister Emily. While Emily appears to have no problem with giving a piece of herself to her brother, as the operation draws closer, Connor goes for a beer at Cougar's and finds Emily there. If she has a drink though, it will mean the operation will be off. Connor is surprised at her taking the risk and Emily confesses what is annoying her about the operation. But the question is - will Emily go through with it?moreless
  • Night Shift
    Episode 5
    A quiet night shift quickly changes when Connor and Bron discover that Jaz has been slipped a party drug by her date Jamie and isn't doing so well. Against hospital protocol, they decide to administer help to Jaz, without signing her in - something which will cost them their career if caught. Another patient, Greg, is becoming sicker with cancer and he feels the best thing he can do for his girlfriend, Melissa, is push her away while he still can - to save her feelings.moreless
  • 3/10/98
    After a motorcycle accident Arnie Walker is bought into Ward 17 to recover, but it soon becomes clear that his injuries are not totally consistent with an accident. Sophie has her first day back on duty and feels she can do nothing right because her skills are so outdated.
  • Gut Feeling
    Episode 3
    Luke makes a huge mistake when he compromises his professional judgment because of personal feelings. Ben meanwhile is called out in the ambulance and has to face trying to save a drug dealer's life.
  • Everybody's Human
    Episode 2
    A patient is admitted to Ward 17 with chest pains. The nurses suspect it may be a cardiac arrest, but fails to act quickly leaving the patient feeling they did not receive proper treatment.
  • Body and Soul
    Episode 1
    This is the first episode of All Saints, a medical drama set in Sydney, at All Saints Western General Hospital. The drama centres around the lives of the staff of Ward 17, led by NUM Terri Sullivan, and of the patients under the ward's care. Terri and her staff fight, play and work hard, especially where patient's rights are concerned. Terri and Peter fight to defend the rights of Judith, a terminally ill patient who wshes to die with dignity, and who wishes to die having made her won choice about the treatment.moreless