All Saints - Season 11

Seven Network (ended 2009)


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Episode Guide

  • Against the Wall (2)
    Frank's leadership is be put to the ultimate test when the Emergency Department is held hostage and an explosion throws lives in the balance.
  • The Simple Things
    Episode 2
    Frank is again at loggerheads with Admin following comments he made to the media. When a shooting victim arrives at the ED, the team are shocked to find out their identity.
  • Comfort Zone
    Episode 3
    Frank comes up with a plan to win the hearts and minds of the other department heads but comes up against tough opposition in the form of the hospital administration. Following a patient's death, Zoe contemplates her own future.
  • Event Horizon
    Episode 4
    Bart tries to distract himself by working, but in the process comes face-to-face with one of the most difficult challenges he's ever had to experience. Meanwhile, Von realises that she hasn't been able to move on from an incident in her past as successfully as she would have liked.
  • Caught In A Trap
    Caught In A Trap
    Episode 5
    When Dan, Charlotte and Steve treat a young woman, another of Steve's secrets are revealed. Elsewhere, Frank is still subject to continuing pressure from admin.
  • 3/18/08
    When a young girl's condition rapidly deteriorates, Von and Charlotte struggle to find out why. Elsewhere, Oliver Maroney has a new ally and uses them to ramp up his attempt to get rid of Frank.
  • Little Decisions
    Episode 7
    When a horrific car accident brings patients to the ED, Frank and Charlotte find themselves having to fight for their patient's life. While Zoe is liaising with the Director of Medicine, whose decision will mean the difference between life and death?
  • Beginnings
    Episode 8
    The ED is under more pressure from Admin, which results in Frank makes a decision that will have an impact on everyone around him. Having to say goodbye to one you love is the hardest journey of them all and Bart finds it impossible to embark on such a journey. Dan planned on proposing to Erica, but his plans are ruined by the frantic pace of the ED.moreless
  • 4/8/08
    The ED is stunned to hear that it's Frank's last day at All Saints. When a patient presents with a horrifying illness, Dan is led to make an important decision about his own health.
  • Out Of The Fire
    Episode 10
    Zoe, Jack and Dan are fighting to save the life of a young burns victim, but they have no idea how complex the situation will get. When a young woman presents with a history of shakiness, fainting and a severe thirst, Steve and Erica try to solve the mystery. Frank is summoned to Admin for a meeting.moreless
  • 4/22/08
    It's Bart's first day back after Ann-Maree's death. How will he cope? After being a single working mother for a while Charlotte finds a possible solution to her challenges in this area.
  • 4/29/08
    A new mother is struggling to cope with her child's autism, and an even bigger challenge is revealed. And Charlotte can't believe her luck in when she finds the nanny from heaven.
  • Stepping Up
    Episode 13
    Dan's paraplegic brother, Luke is brought into the ED following a wheelchair basketball accident. The brothers are keeping secrets from each other; some of which could threaten Luke's recovery and Dan and Erica's relationship. As the final hurdle before attaining her Emergency Fellowship, Charlotte joins the Medical Response Unit.
  • The Circle of Life
    Episode 14
    Steve has to deal with an addict, and this paient will challenge all Steve's medical and personal convictions. Charlotte and Bart are set up by Frank to have their medical abilities tested.
  • That Window In Time
    Episode 15
    A disagreement over the treatment of a husband and wife involved in an MVA results in Steve and Jack clashing. Dan's brother Luke is uncomfortable about disrupting Dan's life.
  • Never Tell
    Episode 16
    The team face an ethical and moral dilemma when a young pregnant woman arrives.

    Erica meets Dan's parents, but doesn't get the welcoming she'd hoped for.
  • Risky Business
    Episode 17
    Frank receives an unpleasant ultimatum from Admin which causes problems. This is further compounded by Charlotte and Zoe working well together. Meanwhile, Mike, Jack and Erica attempt to help a man whose foolish attempt to impress his wife leaves him risking becoming paraplegic.
  • Under My Skin
    Episode 18
    Zoe feels unsupported by Frank when he sides against her in the treatment of a patient. Elsewhere, Bart, Erica and Steve struggle to treat a man suffering from an apparent psychotic break down.
  • Blind Faith
    Episode 19
    A woman on the brink of marriage is revealed to have a surprising legacy from the past. Elsewhere, Charlotte deals with the fall-out of Rhiannon's explosive accusation.
  • Torn Apart
    Episode 20
    Von finds herself caught in a cultural and political crossfire. While nursing a a patient who's struggling to stay alive, Dan makes a life-changing decision.
  • Justice For None
    Episode 21
    Rhiannon convinces Charlotte to meet her away from the hospital in the hope of finding a way to reconcile their differences. Dan and Erica make plans for a Registry Office wedding at the end of their shift, But, as the moment draws closer, second thoughts start to creep in.
  • 7/8/08
    Charlotte's day in court arrives and her plan rests squarely on the strength of her character, but while her reputation as a doctor is impeccable, it is her personal life that is called into question once she takes the stand A young woman is torn between the friend she's always loved and the man she is in love with when the pair are admitted to the ED with severe injuries.moreless
  • Blood Lines
    Episode 23
    Dan and Bart deal with a patient who has to make a life or death choice. The patient's mother finally accepts her son is the only one who can make this choice and once she does, Dan learns what Bart has already learnt - that sometimes love equals letting go. Dan finally confronts his mother who has been battling out wedding plans with Erica's mother and only adding to the tension of getting married.moreless
  • Sons and Lovers
    Episode 24
    Erica's hens night takes a turn for the worse when a pole dancing class goes wrong and the instructor injures her wrist. Meanwhile, a teenage boy is brought in with horrendous injuries resulting from the collision between a shopping trolley he was riding in and a car. When his father arrives he is devastated to see his son barely clinging on to life.moreless
  • Horses for Courses
    Episode 25
    A homecare patient is brought in after taking a lethal drug combination, and it's up to Von, Bart and Frank to work out whether or not it was an accident. Erica helps a patient with a cardiac irregularity maintain a positive outlook.
  • Wish List
    Episode 26
    Frank's niece Amy starts work in the ED and makes a mistake which has tragic consequences for a patient. Frank is forced to take over in an emergency surgery while treating a farmer when Steve and Mike both come down with a mystery illness.
  • Best Laid Plans
    Best Laid Plans
    Episode 27
    Tragedy puts Erica and Dan's wedding at risk, with multiple traumas hitting the ED and Dan feeling responsible for the accident that brought them in. A woman has been badly injured and her husband's panic complicates Dan's attempts to assess and administer first aid to her. The van carrying the people who "kidnapped" him is a mess and Dan has to rally the less injured drunks to help him.moreless
  • Echoes
    Episode 28
    Mike forms a bond with a patient whose life story echoes his own; Von acts as an intermediary for a young man whose only hope of life lies with the family he's never met; and Jack tries to get through to a woman who refuses to face reality.
  • 9/9/08
    Frank and Mike come face to face with a cold-blooded killer, forcing them both to reconsider where their lives are going; Gabrielle watches Steve and Amy very closely as they deal with what looks like a desperate suicide attempt while Bart is frustrated by hospital delays as his young female patient suffers unbearable pain.moreless
  • 9/16/08
    Mike realises that to avoid becoming the type of doctor he hates, he needs to confront his fears. Also, Charlotte feels the pressure when the young daughter of a patient appeals to her for help.
  • 9/23/08
    Mike surprises himself by following his heart to Melbourne. Meanwhile, Amy puts her foot in it with a heavily-disfigured patient, resulting in her feeling like the entire department is against her.
  • Training Wheels
    Episode 32
    Jack finds himself called out to an MVA where the only way to save the young mother is to amputate her legs. Von takes Paula home to commence home-care, but Amy is the one who learns something about nursing from the experience.
  • 10/7/08
    Three young adults end up in Emergency after a house party, but all are suffering different symptoms; can the team discover the cause before it's too late?
  • Out On A Limb
    Out On A Limb
    Episode 34
    Steve and Gabrielle fight to save the life of a worker who has suffered long term exposure to chemicals. Meanwhile, Von and Charlotte treat the worker's boss, who is suffering similar, but lesser symptoms. Does he know more than he's telling?
  • Running For Cover
    Episode 35
    When Dan is confronted by a man's trauma following an armed robbery, he is forced to re-assess how he is dealing with the disappearance of Erica. Meanwhile, Von and Bart struggle to help a woman whose adult son has the mind of a child.
  • Reality Check
    Episode 36
    When Frank gives Jack an ultimatum, his ability to function as a doctor is called into question. Elsewhere, Mike has to face the possibility that Juliet is hiding something from him.
  • Secrets and Lies
    Secrets and Lies
    Episode 37
    Dan and Bart deal with a complicated pregnancy scenario that heightens Dan's sense of loss about Erica. Frank is desperate to know how the new Doctor, Adam, and Von know each other.
  • A Safe Place
    Episode 38
    Claire, the new nurse is both professionally and personally tested on her first day in the ED. Elsewhere, Juliet asks Mike to accept her as she is.
  • Spinning Out
    Episode 39
    A crash at a race way leaves a young man struggling to cope with the consequences of his actions. Dan continues to bury himself in work, and the police arrive wanting to talk to him about Erica.
  • Time Bomb
    Time Bomb
    Episode 40
    The Emergency Department is placed on alert when a worker from a car parts factory is discovered to have a bizarre but deadly injury that could spell disaster for her as well as the entire ED.