All Saints - Season 2

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  • 11/23/99
    Rachel is admitted to Ward 17 and goes into labour. She wants her family to be there with her, but they will have nothing to do with her because she chose love over her faith as a Jew. Elswhere, Steph and Ben have baby news of their own as Steph discovers she is pregnant, but they don't want to tell everyone just yet.moreless
  • Life Class
    Episode 42
    Dave Armstrong is re-admitted to hospital. He had previously refused treatment offered by Mitch and his lung cancer has gotten worse and he is now close to death. Gordie and Col thought they had it all planned when they broke out of jail - except they didn't plan on having a car accident. Ben and Bron are sent to the site to free them.moreless
  • Blood and Water
    Episode 41
    A boating accident sees one man, Eddie Furlong, admitted, but makes it hard for the nurses as he is worried about his brother Marty. When he finds out his brother is dead, Eddie attempts suicide. Mitch prepares for a dinner date with Rose's parents and is more than a little nervous.moreless
  • 11/2/99
    An agency nurse it sent to Ward 17 and a relieved Jared and Von are pleased that this time a more trained one has been sent - but not all is as it seems. The Melbourne Cup is also on and everyone has tips - could Von be on to a winner?moreless
  • Outside the Square
    Episode 39
    Charlotte 'Charlie' Wilde is admitted to Ward 17 with concussion. The up-and-coming boxer is hoping to get out of hospital as soon as possible, as is her trainer Jimmt, but Luke wants to run some more tests. Steph receives the results for a different test of Charlie's and it reveals she is pregnant and Charlie doesn't take the news well.moreless
  • The Stuff of Dreams
    Episode 38
    Steph, Luke and Mitch find themselves under extreme pressure when they perform surgery on a woman while being held captive at gunpoint. Bron and Ben are sent out to assist a pair of lovers who have gotten themselves into a painful position - to say the least.
  • Lost and Found
    Episode 37
    A dying man wants nothing more than to marry and stop his greedy sister from getting what she doesn't deserve - but will he survive to see the day? Ben and Bron are sent out, but get held at knife point by a man who wants them to save his dying friend.moreless
  • The Ties That Bind
    Episode 36
    A mother whose son is dying prevents his boyfriend from seeing him causing Connor to look at his own prejudices. Luke and Bron are back on, while Jared deals with an elderly patient and her grandson where not everything is as it seems.
  • When Duty Calls
    Episode 35
    A woman is admitted to Ward 17 after becoming sick. The source of her illness is believed to have been from her newborn baby. Bron's life is in danger after the other paramedic cracks under the pressure of stress.
  • 9/21/99
    Steph has a tough case when she must tell a daughter that her mother's dementia has gotten to the point where she will no longer recognise people. Terri has the feeling that she is being followed and fears that it may be a an ex-patient.
  • 9/14/99
    Bron is bitten by a spider which turns out to be a deadly one. A judge is brought into Ward 17 after being shot and they feel that the person who did it may not be far away. Jared starts questioning whether dating a gym instructor is worth it.
  • 9/7/99
    A woman is seriously ill after overdosing on alcohol and drugs. Ben and Bron are sent to administer medical attention, but when they arrive drunken party guests make their work hard. Connor also has his own troubles with a sleepwalking patient.
  • Time Bombs
    Episode 31
    Stan Ridgeway is back on the ward to investigate Steph, but when Luke makes a decision which almost costs a diabetic woman her life, his attention turns to Luke. With the baby news, Ben and Steph are once again together and appear to have turned into teenagers with flowers and notes.moreless
  • Three's A Crowd
    Episode 30
    Finally becoming a fully qualified ambulance officer, Bron wants more of the intense action. A young doctor is on Ward 17 and Steph challenges a diagnosis and treatment which may lead her to be red-faced if wrong.
  • Just Like A Woman
    Episode 29
    Connor gets the shock of his life when he discovers that one of the patients, Alana, use to be his football coach and a man. Sharon, an obsessive-compulsive patient who constantly has to have everything clean, allows Jared to see that he may be on a self destructive path himself.
  • A Whole Lot to Loose
    Reverend Geoff Cavendish is admitted to Ward 17 needing surgery - but is afraid of what might happen, causes him to want to put off the necessary operation. Tony is finding his job as ward clerk is getting too much as more than one piece of equipment decides to break-down at the same time. Still separated from Ben, Steph receives a dinner invitation from Luke, but she isn't sure she is ready to take that step.moreless
  • Lesser of Two Evils
    Episode 27
    A mother has been interfering with her daughter's development which causes issues when Mitch and Terri try to treat Mary for high blood pressure caused by the steroids. Vince, a patient Bron and Ben, are trying to treat refuses it because he needs to prove to Tina how much he loves her. An unconscious patient is admitted to Ward 17 with a curious physical aspect - he has a large penis - and unable to listen to the talk anymore, Connor sneaks a peek and gets caught by the patient!moreless
  • 7/27/99
    Settled in her apartment, Terri invites her parents over for dinner. When Mitch hears about he insists on coming to dinner as well. During the course of the evening Terri starts to suspect that her father's drinking may be causing him to be physically violent towards her mother. Ben confides in Bron that he and Steph have separated for a time, but he isn't able to tell anyone else. Steph and Ben get only a short time to try and work through their problems - but they don't get far.moreless
  • End Game
    Episode 25
    A difference of opinion sees Luke disagreeing with an intern - Dr Ashok Patel about a patient's breathing problem. Steph isn't herself and some of the staff wonder if Ben has left her because of the trouble that was caused over Kerri.
  • Second Chance
    Episode 24
    Wanting to help Thomas (who Grandmother died in the previous episode), Bron helps him as he is being assessment for placement by teaching him the basics he will need to show, but with only a day to learn she is in for a challenge. A domestic dispute leave Gareth unconscious on the floor because of his wife Kerri. While Ben and John attend to Gareth, Ben catches Kerri about to shake her baby because he won't stop crying. Kerri is admitted to hospital where she wants to make out she is the victim and tells Steph that she was assaulted by the ambulance officer and Steph tells her to report it - aware that it is Ben.moreless
  • In With the New
    Episode 23
    Thomas is a man who lives with his grandmother who has died. While Ben and Bron attend to her the police arrive which frightens Thomas who is subsequently hit by a car. Terri plans a small flat warming party but it gets out of control when Connor spikes the punch. And Leo is a diabetic who put his life on the line when he drinks too much alcohol. Jared pushes for information but has no luck but Leo tells Mitch what happened - he was raped.moreless
  • Shoot the Messenger
    Episode 22
    Cystic Fibrosis sufferers Alan and Brett Cameron return to Ward 17 to be checked over as their condition is worsening the longer they are on the waiting list to receive lung transplants. When only one transplant becomes available a heart-breaking decision as to who receives it must be made. Seb Connelly, a promising football player in Sydney on a scholarship is admitted to hospital. The young Aboringal though may find his career and dreams on the line after it is discovered he only has one kidney. Jared has confided in Connor about Greg's heroin addition and Greg continues to cause problems in the house when Bron's rent money disappears and accusations fly that she is once again gambling the money away.moreless
  • Forget-Me-Knots
    Episode 21
    Greg is still being resistant to mending his relationship with his brother Connor which is frustrating him to no end. But when Jared comes home from work and Greg is there, the truth comes out. Bron is nursing a Phil who remembers nothing about the accident he was involved in - only that Bron was there - but she doesn't remember him. As Phil sees more and more of Bron, the realisation of what happened before the accident comes back to him and he isn't sure he can cope with the truthmoreless
  • Disaster Plan
    Episode 20
    A male patient is admitted to Ward 17 after he was found attempting suicide, but he has no identification. No one is particularily woried about him as the overdose is suspected as being from spelling pills - until he dies and the pathology lab contacts Mitch with terrifying news about what the man has taken. Connor is faced with seeing his brother Greg after years of being estranged from each other. Bron is pondering whether she made the right decision in leaving nursing to be an ambulance officer.moreless
  • The Human Touch
    Episode 19
    Bron is still avoiding Luke, so he demands that she decides on what she wants. An older couple, Donald and Beatrice, are injured and Ben along with Bron attend. The realisation of true love and the fact it does exist leaves Bron to make a decision about Luke.
  • Desperate Remedies
    Episode 18
    Steph takes up a patient's cause when Brenda, in for her breast reduction, finds herself staying awake during her operation. At first Brenda's complaint is treated with disbelief. Only later does her experience begin to sound credible. Von has her own battle as she enlists help to get through to a teenage boy who won't listen to her.moreless
  • Head to Head
    Episode 17
    A factory worker is trapped in machinery by his arm. Luke and Ben have different opinions as to the best way to get the arm free and treat it, but they work together to try to get the best outcome. Steph again questions her decision not to have children with Ben when a woman is admitted to the ward who gave up a child when she was a teen.moreless
  • An Irish Lullaby
    Episode 16
    Samantha's mother is getting sicker and is close to death but can't face the reality of both the death and what happens after. An alcoholic is rescued from a warehouse which is on fire by a bystander. But the circumstances as to why the bystander was there doesn't add up for Ben.moreless
  • Get a Life
    Episode 15
    Mitch allows his personal feelings to interfere with his judgment after a cancer patient refuses to have treatment and he goes out to convince the patient of otherwise. The talk of a promotion has Steph planning out a new career path.
  • My Mother, Myself
    Episode 14
    Jared contemplates his relationship with Samantha after her mother is admitted to the ward and he finds out about the life she hides from her daughter. Once again Bron and Ben argue after they attend a herion-addicted mother and Bron fails to follow protocol. Connor has his birthday and a wicked party.moreless
  • Roll the Dice
    Episode 13
    A young girl suffering from an aneurysm is admitted to Ward 17. Both Mitch and Luke have different ideas on how to treat her. Ben is still battling with the idea of never having children with Steph. She is still dismissing the desire he has, until she helps in the delivery of a baby, Rent money goes missing and Jared points the finger at Bron, without having any proof.moreless
  • Judgement Day
    Episode 12
    Peter makes the decision to leave All Saints to try and get his life together and start new. Steph is placed in a difficult situation when a bashing victim confides a secret to her, but Steph is torn whether or not to tell the police. The ward finally gets a temporary clerk, but they manage to irritate every staff member of staff.moreless
  • Friends and Lovers
    Episode 11
    Peter has a reality check after his son is reported missing and he realises that he has been neglecting him. Jaz is stunned when Danny is admitted as a patient. She decides to try and get him to admit that he date raped her, but Danny won't budge, this forces Jaz to rethink what she is going to do with her life. A man is trapped under a tree and Bron and Ben are dispatched to get him, only when they arrive on the scene they disagree to how to go about freeing him.moreless
  • Pushed to the Limit
    Episode 10
    Still finding life hard to deal with, Peter's life starts to spin out of control, which leads him to make some quick and tough decisions. Ben is still facing the news from Steph about her not wanting to have children. It has impacted how he feels about her and isn't sure if he wants to continue with the relationship.moreless
  • 3/30/99
    A man approaches Terri for some advice about his sexuality which sees Terri torn between her vows as a nun and her job as a nurse. A psychic patient tells the nurses that she has seen and talked to the ghost of Sophie Williams, which causes friction between the staff. Lily returns to see Connor, with a night to remember.moreless
  • Bloodlines
    Episode 8
    An ethical situation arises when Terri and Luke disagree over a patient's religious beliefs. The patient is a Jehovah's Witness and being so means that they can't accept any blood. Bron finds herself in the middle of an armed robbery which forces her to make hard decisions to save a life. Connor begins to get over his past feelings when he goes on a double date.moreless
  • Dependence Day
    Episode 7
    When a junkie is admitted to Ward 17, no one expects that his friend, a fellow street kid, will storm into the ward to get him out - holding Mitch hostage in the process. Bron and Ben are called out to help a woman who has gone into early childbirth which soon turns complicated and a race against time.moreless
  • 3/9/99
    Mitch is still setting into Ward 17, but his unusual approach to doctoring is still causing friction between the staff. A tractor accident is attended by Bron and Ben, who is on his first day back on the job since taking time off after the bashing. Jared and Samantha's relationship is tested when she suffers a blow to her confidence which could cause her to end the relationship.moreless
  • 3/2/99
    Ten years after a romantic affair, Terri must face the man she once loved as he begins work on Ward 17. But Dr Mitch Stevens isn't like other doctors. Jaz knows that she needs to make a decision about the pregnancy, but it is made harder when Terri and Steph argue over it, forgetting about what Jaz herself wants.moreless
  • The Longest Day
    Episode 4
    Luke sends a patient home after the ward runs short of beds. Steph is adamant that the patient needs to remain and Luke has to live with the consequences of the decision. Connor continues in his pursuit of Lily, but his first impression doesn't go exactly to plan.
  • Aftershocks
    Episode 3
    With changes starting, Terri is finding the Peter and Sophie's behaviour hard to deal with. While at a local shopping station Ben resuscitates a girl which leads him to remember the past. Employee of the Month is selected and the honour goes to Von, who although says it is no big deal, it actually very pleased with the award.moreless
  • Truth and Consequences (2)
    In the continuation of the storyline from the previous episode Sophie makes a rash decision which endangers the life of Terri and Peter.
  • Truth and Consequences (1)
    Sophie faces the possibility of losing custody of her two sons as her father-in-law challenges her fitness. Bron is trying to raise money for the local netball team, but runs into walls when people care more about what they want, then actually helping. Von's resolution to give up smoking seems to be impossible to stick to.moreless