All Saints - Season 4

Seven Network (ended 2009)


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Episode Guide

  • Falling Down
    Episode 42
  • 11/13/01
  • A Little Death
    Episode 40
    The rapist strikes again, kidnapping Bron and leaving a young nurse dead. In mortal danger, Bron is shocked when she discovers the identity of the serial rapist. Ward 17 is threatened with quarantine after a breakout of golden staph. Luke is forbidden to operate on patients after being suspected as a carrier.moreless
  • Behind Closed Doors
    Episode 39
    Von is nursing a terminal patient, a cross-dresser who wants to go out in style, but his wife doesn't know about her husband's secret. Ben vows to find and destroy the rapist who nearly got Bron. Kylie Preece finally stands up to Dr Murphy. Lyle accidentally throws out a patient's thyroid gland.moreless
  • Child's Play
    Episode 38
  • Where There's Smoke
    Episode 37
  • Heartache
    Episode 36
    Mitch and Luke fight to save the life of a bride caught in a car crash, and there are echoes of wedding bells in Ward 17. Meanwhile, it's Mitch and Rose's first anniversary party, and everyone's invited - except for Terri.
  • Bitter Medicine
    Episode 35
  • Crictical Pressure
    Crictical Pressure
    Episode 34
    Mitch's desperate search for his wife and daughter turns into a serious incident for the police. Terri is so worried about Mitch, it's affecting her work and she makes a mistake on the job that could cost the lives of Von and a patient. Scott realises just how badly the tragic events of the last few weeks have affected him.moreless
  • Sympatico
    Episode 33
  • Life As We Know It
    Episode 32
  • Wild Justice
    Episode 31
  • Look into My Eyes
    Episode 30
    An exhausted Jared is making mistakes on the job and tragically risks Terri's life. Terri's accident is potentially fatal and for Mitch, this is almost the end of a bad day. Mitch receives some devastating news. A man suffering with tumours from second generation Agent Orange Syndrome looks to euthanasia for a way out.moreless
  • Delicate Matters
    Episode 29
    An ex-priest undergoes a near-death experience and returns to life claiming there is no God, stirring up Terri's emotions. Mitch is frustrated when Rose turns up at work and refuses to talk to him, and Lucy is not in the crèche. Jodi arrives back at work, but wonders if she has made the right decision. Ben gets the all clear to return to work.moreless
  • Poles Apart
    Episode 28
    Connor is speechless when he bumps into Jodi pole-dancing in a club while celebrating his birthday. Terri finds another nurse rape victim and to Von's surprise, the battle-axe she is nursing turns out to have the key to soothing the rape victim's pain. Mitch is driven mad by Rose's mother. While Terri would love to help, Mitch makes it clear that she's the last person who can do so. Luke pulls off a tricky operation after his technique is questioned by Professor Walter Thomas.moreless
  • A Little Knowledge
    A Little Knowledge
    Episode 27
    Mitch makes the decision that he isn't going to be affected by what Rose is doing which only makes her angry. Scott spies the new ambo Rebecca but his attempts to impress don't go that well. Connor is made an offer of a lifetime to work in London, England.
  • Private Lives
    Episode 26
    Scott is put to the test when Ben blacks out on the job. An emotionally distraught Bron then puts Ben's life at risk by undermining Luke's confidence before surgery. A man's life is thrown into turmoil when told he is terminally ill, only to later discover that there was a mix-up and he isn't going to die.moreless
  • Law of the Jungle
    Episode 25
    Pussle and Terri's future together is uncertain after Mitch and Pussle's arguments over a patient force their mutual jealousy over Terri out into the open.
  • Reality Bites
    Episode 24
    Mitch is struggling with his marriage, and faces up to a woman who is wrongly told that her husband has died. A visit from the Minister of Health throws Luke into a nasty situation when an organ donor's secret is discovered.
  • Maiden's Revenge/Chains of Love
  • The Sign
    Episode 22
    Mitch is faced with the fact that he may loose his career over a case where drugs are involved when he prescribes Marijuanna to a patient in pain. Terri offers her support to Mitch concerning Rose's Bi-polar but Mitch doesn't take it to well.
  • 7/3/01
    Some motorbike riders are helping raise money for the children's ward, but a nasty accident threatens to overshadow the fun festivities. Bron thinks she might be pregnant and is worried. Mitch and Terri argue over an elderly patient, who's also a priest. A newborn baby is found in one of the hospital toilet's, and the staff race against time to also find the baby's mothermoreless
  • Close to Home
    Episode 20
  • Can You Hear Me
    Episode 19
    Ben and Scott arrive at a low security prison to find a siege in progress with a guard, a nurse and another inmate held hostage in the prison clinic. A post-op patient lands Connor in trouble with Luke. Terri reveals to Von that she is worried Dr Pussle will want to progress the relationship faster than she can handle.moreless
  • Bed of Roses
    Episode 18
    Mitch diagnoses gangrene in an independent homeless lady. When she rejects medical attention, Mitch finds it hard to respect her decision. Bron nurses a young backpacker who has lived with epilepsy for most of his life. After a failed lunch date, Ben finally catches up with Bron. Jared arrives at work to find the medical fund-raising calendar has gone on sale.moreless
  • Growing Pains
    Episode 17
    Ben and Bron have spent their first night together, but can Ben put the past behind him? A couple are distraught when the father accidentally knocks down and kills their two-year-old baby. Von and Kylie nurse a man who likes to be treated as a baby.
  • To Be or Not To Be
    Episode 16
    Rose tries to set Terri up on a date. Mitch is drawn to a patient that is on a hunger strike, but will his story match-up with his medical results? Ben and Scott are called out to a man who recently lost his wife. His loss mirrors Ben's own. A patient Bron is looking after provides her with the stimulation she needs to confront Ben about their feelings for each other.moreless
  • 5/22/01
    Connor wrestles with the fear that his mother has contracted a very serious illness. Bron confronts her own issues with her childhood and her father when a man is admitted after slashing his wrists. Scott organises a birthday treat for Ben - a raunchy on-stage tango with a lingerie waitress.
  • You Do Me Wrong
    Episode 14
    Bron comes face-to-face with her estranged father while she is nursing a teenage girl with a heart disease. Everybody has suspicions about how this girl has contracted the disease, but only Bron knows the truth.
  • Lost Boys
    Episode 13
    When two teenagers are brought onto the ward following an explosion at a State Boy's Home, their different attitudes lead to a number of wrong conclusions. Rose returns to work, with the added stress of leaving her baby in the crèche for the first time.
  • Lest We Forget
    Episode 12
    Tony returns from his holiday in the United States, but it's not the return the All Saints staff would have liked. A Vietnam war veteran is brought in because his prostrate cancer has returned. Mitch tries to convince a young man that he's not a vampire. Terri has her first day back at the hospital.moreless
  • Night Terrors
    Night Terrors
    Episode 11
  • 4/17/01
    Mitch tries to organise the best heart surgeon for a patient, but everything goes wrong. Ben and Scott are called out to a patient during a domestic dispute. A patient catches on fire during a procedure Luke is carrying out. Administration needs to reduce costs associated with All Saints so corners are being cut and patients are being put at risk.moreless
  • Changing Places
    Episode 9
  • Secrets and Lies
    Episode 8
    Mitch and Von correct a diagnosis done on a patient by an Indian doctor using an internet website. Bron comforts a young woman who was born with ambiguous genitalia. Kate gives medication to the wrong patient. Jared is getting on everyone's nerves by making sure everyone is doing their jobs to perfection.moreless
  • 3/27/01
    Mitch is forced to realise he is not so different from a hypertensive potential stroke victim whose high-risk condition is largely caused by work, diet and lack of exercise. Connor defies a senior surgeon. Ben comes to the rescue of a timid, slow young man.
  • Mixed Messages
    Episode 6
    Mitch admits a woman in her mid-thirties, whom he suspects has been brutally raped, possibly by multiple attackers. During her care, Mitch and Connor discover the case is more complex than initially thought. Luke comes into conflict with Claudia following the death of a recently-discharged patient. Meanwhile, Jodi finally breaks her moody silence.moreless
  • A Matter of Choice
    Episode 5
    Sarah's health is failing fast and the fight to keep her alive through the compensation case is taking an emotional toll on Mitch and Kate. Bron's gambling debts land her in trouble with a loan shark. Tempers fray between Scott and Ben when they are called to a biscuit factory where a worker has collapsed.moreless
  • Bend Till You Break
    Mitch diagnoses a gifted ballerina with scoliosis, forcing her to make a choice between her health and a career. Bron is looking after Brett Addison, a former patient who is booked in for spinal surgery. Connor surprises Jodi with flowers and finds her reaction not at all what he expected.
  • Happy Birthday
    Episode 3

    In the late stages of a terminal disease and 38 weeks pregnant, Sarah wants to go home to organise her daughter's fifth birthday party.

    When she goes into labour in the ambulance, a battle ensues to keep mother and baby alive.

    Jared is forced to make a decision about his career. Connor, Bron and Kylie prepare to celebrate Jared's birthday.

  • What Kate Did Next
    What Kate Did Next
    Episode 2
    Connor, Bron and Jared don't know what has hit them when they come up against Terri's replacement, Kate Larsen. They soon realise that this nursing unit manager has very different ideas about how Ward 17 should be run.
  • The Heat is On
    Episode 1
    Changes of all sorts are needed as the hospital staff are reaching boiling point wanting a much needed cool change. Ben and Scott, his new partner, find themselves on the wrong side of a fire when they become trapped. Still embarrassed over Bron, Connor finds working with her awkward.