All Saints - Season 7

Seven Network (ended 2009)


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  • 11/16/04
    Jack discovers Charlotte is pregnant with his child. Will it end the blissful new beginning he has found with Terri? Mac finally admits his true feelings for Cate. Dan finds himself compromised by an affair with a doctor when he suspects she is making fatal mistakes.
  • Cries for Help
    Episode 39
    Vincent takes another enormous risk, this time attempting an orthopaedic procedure on a patient in Emergency. Von is forced to deal with the residual grief from her sister's death when she tries to help a young boy and his mum come to terms with a family tragedy. The sexual secrets of the All Saints staff are highlighted when a man who has been unfaithful tries so hard to conceal his guilt that it almost costs him his life.moreless
  • The Last Resort
    Episode 38
    Vincent goes against every accepted medical practice, in an effort to save a young man's life. Charlotte's concern about her unborn baby makes her confide in Nelson, and ultimately realise where her priorities really lie. A serious car accident in which a young man is impaled in his car provides a welcome distraction for Cate and Mac who are unwilling to deal with the issue of their growing feelings towards each other.moreless
  • On the Brink
    Episode 37
    Mac and Cate are entrapped by a desperate gunman. The gunman's wounded victim wins Vincent's trust. Von returns to work with a new and unsettling attitude.
  • The Extra Mile
    Episode 36
    Charlotte's dedication to a patient may have dire consequences for her career. Dan and Nelson come to a new understanding. Vincent learns of Jessica's feelings for him.
  • Out On A Limb
    Episode 35
    Frank volunteers Jack and Terri to help when passengers and crew of a cruise ship are stricken with food poisoning. Cate and Mac investigate an under aged girl working at a brothel. Nelson puts himself further at odds with the ED staff by being overzealous in his new role as Staff Educator. Regina's first day back as Ward Clerk in the ED is not without its tensions, especially where Frank is concerned.moreless
  • Three Strikes
    Episode 34
    Charlotte is pushed to the brink when Frank puts pressure on her career and she's faced with telling Jack about the baby. Terri has to make a decision when Regina makes a claim of unfair dismissal. Dan intrigues Jessica when he becomes personally involved while treating a disturbed young girl.
  • Panic Stations
    Episode 33
    All Saints is caught in a wave of hysteria when a cyanide 'spill' fills the ER with patients and makes it hard to tell who the real patients are from those panicking. Dan discovers Jessica's secret. Mac is anxious about his forthcoming dinner with his prospective in-laws and Charlotte has good reason to feel anxious - she's pregnant.moreless
  • Karma
    Episode 32
    Nelson's life is turned upside down when he drinks alcohol and has no recollection of what he did the night before. Vincent continues to grieve over Grace. Cate tries to figure out what her real feelings are for Scott.
  • Don't Look Back
    Episode 31
    A reckless moment between Charlotte and Jack forces them to face how much they stand to lose if their secret ever gets out. Conflict returns between Frank and Vincent over a pregnant Down's Syndrome girl. Frank's personal life influences Von to make a life altering decision and put her family first. Jack tries to win Terri back by using a young car crash patient's relationship with his older wife as his inspiration.moreless
  • 9/7/04
    Terri's relationship with Jack looks too broken to fix as she takes over from Nelson as NUM of Emergency. When Jack intervenes on Jessica's behalf when she has a minor dispute with Terri, Terri resents Jack's interference and the end of their relationship is nigh. Regina is finding it difficult to cope with the new pressures she faces in ED. Von is affronted when her sister is brought into the ED by her daughter, believing it's all a trick for them to reconcile. Scott reports new 'Ambo' Mac for breaking protocol and earns the displeasure of his colleagues after Mac heroically saves a worker with severe burns.moreless
  • Odd Couples
    Episode 29
    Various couples in the ED are at odds with each other - Terri and Jack are on the rocks following Nelson and Frank's discovery of their affair. Scott is shocked when he finds that Cate has requested a new partner. When a prison van is involved in an accident, Jessica bonds with an injured nurse, bringing her into conflict with Dan who's concerned she's getting too emotionally involved with her patient, while Von nurses a murderer who must face his mortality, leading to tragic and shocking revelations for all involved.moreless
  • Out of Focus
    Episode 28
    The day in the life of Emergency through the eyes of a television crew brings out egos and reveals personal tensions in both staff and patients; leaving Terri to face a big decision about her future in the Department.
  • Bad Seed
    Episode 27
    Terri fights to save the life of a pregnant woman and her unborn child. Jessica wrestles with the demons of post-traumatic stress. Charlotte's search for a semen donor threatens to destroy her newfound happiness with Addy. Cate accuses Scott of being jealous of sexy new 'ambo' Nigel.
  • Falling from Grace
    Episode 26
    Vincent elects to spend the weekend with Grace at her home, partly to help, partly because of the growing feelings he has for her. But he gets a reality check from a young patient and with a bit of his own investigation realises that Grace and her father are not the angels he perceived them to be.moreless
  • Mind Over Matter
    Episode 25
    A homeless man's injuries bring Terri and Jack into conflict. Scott and Cate have to deal with more than a robbery when the Ambulance is burgled. Jessica is disillusioned, when Dan turns out to be a very red blooded boy. Vincent is concerned about a surgeon's eccentricities.
  • When Worlds Collide
    Episode 24
    A tragic multi-vehicle accident unexpectedly brings people on different life trajectories together. Terri's offer to assist Frank in his personal crisis is met with resentment and rejection.
  • Consequences
    Episode 23
    Families in crisis give both Frank and Charlotte pause for thought about their own domestic situations. When a badly beaten young woman is brought into the E.D. a whole family is torn apart. The traumatic events have particular resonance for Frank Campion, who is having increasing problems with his own daughter, and for Charlotte, who is desperate to have a child of her own.moreless
  • Luck of the Draw
    Episode 22
    Charlotte finishes her relationship with Addy when she makes a life-changing decision. Terri finally discovers the source of Frank's ongoing bad mood, but not before Frank and Jack almost come to blows in the middle of Emergency. Cate relives a painful memory when she watches one man give his life trying to save another.moreless
  • Pecking Order
    Episode 21
    Vincent conflicts with a superior over the treatment of a young boy. A conference at the hospital has ramifications for everyone.
  • Feet Of Clay
    Episode 20
    Jack becomes impatient with with his position in the E.D. and jumps at the chance to prove himself. But has he taken unnecessary risks? Elsewhere, Vincent meets his new Intern, Grace, and realises there's much more to her than meets the eye.
  • Under the Skin
    Episode 19
    Scott's demons are brought to the surface when the ambulance service is troubled by a serial hoaxer. Charlotte has to deal with a woman who blames her for the death of her son.
  • Clean
    Episode 18
    Charlotte treats a little girl who needs a bone marrow transplant and faces the difficult situation of keeping a secret - her father is not her biological father. Jack treats Josh, a ten year old with a mystery illness and absent parents. Sterlo collapses in the street with an infection from a dirty needle.moreless
  • Into The Fire
    Episode 17
    Sterlo resorts to desperate measures when police are called into investigate the theft of prohibited drugs. Terri and Jack deal with the awkwardness of "the morning after". Charlotte refuses to let Frank ruin the after-glow of her blossoming romance with Megan.
  • Meltdown
    Episode 16
    Tempers flare and the staff are put to the test when a contamination scare sees them all locked into the Emergency Department. Terri finds herself looking at Jack in a new light as he rises to the challenge.
  • Zero Tolerance
    Episode 15
    Alex witnesses a shooting, and must make a moral choice which could affect the rest of his life. Charlotte's professionalism is cast into doubt when a patient's grieving parent threatens litigation. Terri continues to attract the attention of a much younger man.
  • Life After Death
    Episode 14
    A senseless act of violence sees a Chinese boy left a potential organ donor - but no-one is keen on the way they have to get permission. Frank fights to do the non politically correct thing when he believes a Down's Syndrome mother should abort her child at her grandfather's behest.moreless
  • Ground Zero
    Episode 13
    It's Terri's first day in Emergency ... a new environment, a new position and a new boss, she is at ground zero.
  • Bad Pennies
    Episode 12
    Paula has to decide whether to go to the States with Luke as Terri prepares to come back to work and face the challenges presented by both her new boss and Jack Quade. Charlotte has an unusual decision to make and Scott and Alex discover that luck can be a fickle thing.moreless
  • Brave New World
    Episode 11
    The remaining staff of ward 17 have a baptism by fire in the emergency department, which is run by the hard-nosed Frank Campion. Sophia leads the charge for changes, only to find herself Bruce's first victim. Terri shares a room with a troubled patient, and teaches Jack a lesson or two.moreless
  • 4/13/04
    Terri undergoes open heart surgery to discover if her heart tumour is cancerous. The permanent closure of Ward 17 heralds the end of an era and generates much uncertainty among the nursing staff. Charlotte gets a heart-stopping induction into emergency medicine.
  • Deceptions
    Episode 9
    Terri is forced to face her mortality when she is diagnosed with a rare tumour in her heart. A man with a STD deceives his fiancee regarding his condition. Charlotte, prompted by Sophia, takes matters into her own hands, clashing once more with Dr Alison Newell, this time with unexpected consequences. A terminally ill young man confronts his fear that his girlfriend only stays with him out of pity.moreless
  • Prison Walls
    Episode 8
    Nelson helps a young man confront his mother while attempting to confront his own drinking problem. Sophia nurses a menacing criminal. Charlotte and Von uncover a young woman's secret.
  • Fight or Flight
    Episode 7
    Terri and Nelson find it tough to get past recent history. With help from Von and Nelson, Matt struggles to overcome a serious injury on what should be the best day of his life.
  • Peripheral Vision
    Episode 6
    Nelson finds himself in emotionally difficult territory when a child, on her bike, shoots out in front of his car and ends up in ICU. Jack deals with a patient who wants a reversal of a tubal ligation ... without her husband's knowledge. Things reach boiling point for Nelson, when Terri turns up on his doorstep, urging him to open up to her - but he takes things too far and immediately regrets his actions.moreless
  • In Too Deep
    Episode 5
    Luke and Paula face their final decision as Michael makes a play for the family he wants. Sophia's lonely heart and her feelings for Vincent are revealed when she bonds with a patient who has an appointment to marry a man she met in an internet chatroom. Terri and Julia clash when Julia transfers Nelson off Ward 17.moreless
  • Wolf
    Episode 4
    Opinions are split over the treatment of a paedophile, who has been admitted to All Saints following a violent assault. Some nurses refuse to assist in the surgery that will save the man's reproductive organs. Sophia and Charlotte find a family dispute reflects their own situation.
  • Happy Families
    Episode 3
    A Bucks' night prank goes horribly wrong for the Groom and Sterlo - his best man. Paula agrees to Michael having informal access to their son, Max. But Michael begins to subtly use the situation to turn the screws on Luke and Paula's relationship, whilst endearing himself to Max. While everyone thinks Sophia is Charlotte's estranged lover their real relationship is much closer. When a medical emergency throws everyone together - their personal and working relationship is put to the ultimate test.moreless
  • Opening Up (2)
    Opening Up (2)
    Episode 2
    Terri begins the fight to save Ward 17. Regina plays cupid and spends the whole day making sure Terri can't back out of her date. Charlotte's nose is out of joint when a new young resident beats her to a diagnosis.
  • One Day at a Time (1)
    Ward 17 is under threat of closure, and Terri is forced to get by with limited means. The aftermath of the shooting still hangs like a dark cloud over everyone's head.