All Saints - Season 8

Seven Network (ended 2009)


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Episode Guide

  • 11/22/05
    An explosion occurs at a local paint factory and victims are rushed to the Emergency Department. At the same time Nelson and Kerry are getting married. A patient is admitted having been blinded by the explosion, a cruel twist when his first born child is due to be born that very day.moreless
  • Season of Change
    Episode 40
    With Nelson's wedding around the corner his replacement arrives in the form of Deanna Richardson. Deanna seems very efficient - until she starts taking credit for things she hasn't done to impress others. Cate tries to get on with her life, but it is hard seeing as Vincent and Charlotte are working there to.moreless
  • Reckless
    Episode 39
    A man is found close to death after being attacked by two guard dogs in an auto wrecker's yard. Charlotte faces a hard decision whether to leave All Saints behind and go with Spence to Africa.
  • Thicker Than Water
    Thicker Than Water
    Episode 38
    A young boy called Gavin becomes trapped in a tunnel after it collapse. The officers arrive but are suspicious of his brother Tom, who while concerned appears to be hiding something from them. Kerry and Nelson continue with their small wedding plan until others influence them into a full scale one.moreless
  • Taking the Plunge
    Episode 37
    Charlotte believes that her life may be back on track after she spends the night with Spence. Vincent though soon puts the damper on things when he tells her that Spence knows she is gay. Constable Saunders' recovery is in doubt when his headaches lead to a seizure. He doesn't want to go on with life and discharges himself ready to take his own life.moreless
  • Out of Darkness
    Episode 36
    Charlotte is faced trying to solve the case of a female patient who went from being healthy to extremely sick. Her job is made harder when the power is cut and the generators don't kick in. Jack and Vincent put their differences aside at last to try and save the life of a patient.moreless
  • Life's Lottery
    Episode 35
    Nelson makes the decision not to go to the Northern Territory but stay and make his future with Kerry. Jack and Dan take care of a woman who is admitted after suffering an asthma attack - but she doesn't have asthma - can they find the cause?
  • One of Those Days
    Episode 34
    Trish tells Nelson it is time he decided what he is going to do, making Kerry nervous about her future with him. Cate and Vincent take another step forward with their relationship, but not everyone is as happy in particular Stuart when Jessica tells him she only wants to be friends.moreless
  • Time and Tide
    Episode 33
    Jack's past has a mind-blowing impact on his present, forcing him to reconsider his future. A devastating car accident leads Cate to rethink her relationship with Vincent.
  • A Lonely Road
    Episode 32
    Tensions run high in the emergency department when Charlotte and Von struggle to deal with a psychotic patient. Dan comes clean with Jess, while Vincent and Charlotte have a confrontation.
  • Honourable Things
    Episode 31
    When rival bikie gangs arrive in the emergency department, Frank and Dan must deal with a war zone. Also, Charlotte and Cate have an explosive confrontation.
  • Spinning Out
    Episode 30
    When a young man is badly injured in an illegal drag race, Cate and Vincent fight for his life. Frank uncovers the truth behind a suicide attempt, giving rise to issues with his ex-wife.
  • Requiem
    Episode 29
    When a light plane crashes on the outskirts of the city, Cate is confronted with issues from the past. A hectic start evolves into an emotionally moving and uplifting day for the All Saints team.
  • 8/23/05
    The police deliver a badly beaten and mutilated drug informant into the emergency department, putting the whole department at risk. A DIY project goes horribly wrong and Dan makes a startling admission to Jessica.
  • Frozen Moments
    Episode 27
    Dan and Jess are caught in the crossfire with a dying man when a gunman runs rampant in a local supermarket. Meanwhile, Frank finds himself in a medical dilemma that could incur the wrath of administration.
  • Moving On
    Episode 26
    Frank and Nelson watch the sad dissolution of a long-term gay relationship, while Stuart is spiralling out of control and Dan is helpless to stop him.
  • Immortal
    Episode 25
    Dan and Stuart face painful ghosts from their younger days when a car load of teenagers is involved in a very serious car accident. The driver of the car is a young girl called Nicole and her boyfriend, Cameron, is one who is seriously hurt. Complications occur though when not all the teenagers survive and Nicole decides to keep a secret to herself.moreless
  • 7/26/05
    Vincent is forced to go to extraordinary lengths to avoid tragedy as Beth makes her final move. Meanwhile, Frank and Jessica find themselves at loggerheads when a couple's romantic dinner goes horribly wrong.
  • Divide and Conquer
    Episode 23
    A bomb scare causes havoc in the Emergency Department as Beth's revenge continues. Nelson and Vincent put their lives in danger by treating a highly contagious patient. Jack faces a life-threatening situation and must call on all his resources to save a patient.
  • Right To Life
    Episode 22
    Charlotte and Jack fight for the lives of a young couple and their unborn child after an horrific car accident, while Frank quickly condemns a young copper for a pursuit gone wrong, but has he made his judgement too quickly? Elsewhere, the maintenance man finds love where he least expects it and Vincent is close to breaking point, but it's Cate who gives him an ultimatum.moreless
  • Poison
    Episode 21
    Beth continues to wreak havoc in the lives of those close to Vincent and with a few home truths from Stuart, Vincent is forced to make a serious decision about his future. Meanwhile, Cate makes a disastrous error of judgement and Charlotte struggles to help a patient with a mysterious illness, unaware that personal tragedy is about to strike.moreless
  • In The Name of Love
    Episode 20
    In the aftermath of Beth's car bomb, Vincent feels the burden of guilt. Jessica is finally honest with Stuart as to why they broke up. When Von and Nelson deal with warring mothers, they realise they have to sort out their own issues and a young man takes drastic measures to prove his love to his ex-girlfriend.moreless
  • Satisfaction
    Episode 19
    An horrific accident brings a family into the ED. Terri finds herself spending her last day at All Saints on a crusade to alleviate a young girl's guilt. Vincent's belief that Beth Chandler has finished with him proves wrong when her jealousy spirals out of control, jeopardising the lives of those around him.moreless
  • New Beginnings
    Episode 18
    Terri redefines her own future while nursing a girl who believes she no longer has one. Cate's first day as a full-time emergency department nurse convinces her she's made the right move from the ambulance service. Jessica allows a private obsession to threaten her relationship with Stuart. Nelson, after a successful first day back as NUM, makes a fateful decision.moreless
  • Double Lives
    Episode 17
    Terri decides to work part-time so that she can care for Mitch's daughter Lucy, leaving the NUMs position up for grabs. Cate and Stuart react differently to a man trapped by industrial machinery. Stuart hits a roadblock in his relationship with Jessica, while Nelson's attempt to sort things out with Von's niece has surprising consequences.moreless
  • Maternal Instinct
    Episode 16
    Terri's day in Emergency is over shadowed when Mitch's mother, Victoria undergoes a life-threatening operation. Von is unhappy when she suspects a relationship is developing between Nelson and Kerry. Charlotte is reminded of the tragedy of her miscarriage when she treats a six-month-old baby.
  • False Convictions
    Episode 15
    Vincent, accused of stalking and charged with assault, faces a hostile court hearing. Cate comes under fire professionally and faces a career crisis. Meanwhile, Terri is asked to make the promise of a lifetime.
  • Innocent Until...
    Episode 14
    Charlotte's faith in Vincent is tested when he is arrested for assaulting Beth Chandler. After a violent incident at a brothel, everyone involved ends up in the ED. Terri reaches an understanding with Jack after they spend the day with Mitch's daughter Lucy.
  • Echoes
    Episode 13
    A road accident brings Terri face to face with her past, and Charlotte has to heal a relationship and a patient. Meanwhile, Vincent is confronted by Beth's terrorism, and Von finds a family member back in her life.
  • 5/3/05
    Regina struggles to keep a promise to a dying friend. Meanwhile, Jack triumphs over a complicated and life-threatening case and in the process wins the respect and friendship of the younger staff members. Elsewhere, Charlotte and Vincent get more than they bargained for on a night out, while Dan feels a tinge of jealousy at Jessica and Stuart's growing friendshipmoreless
  • Time Bomb
    Episode 11
    A car explosion rocks a local supermarket, sending waves of paranoia through the community. The question on everyone's lips is - was it terrorism? The truth is eventually uncovered but it comes at a high price. Meanwhile, Vincent is dealing with demons of his own while trying to anticipate Beth's next move.moreless
  • Boys Will Be Boys
    Boys Will Be Boys
    Episode 10
    Cate is forced to confront her feelings about Mac's decision to leave and, through an encounter with a grieving widow, learns to let go. While All Saints radiographers are on strike, tensions run high in emergency and Terri has to get tough with the department's men. Dan grapples with his expectations of mateship when his best friend hits it off with Jessica. Charlotte begins to realise that Vincent is moving on.moreless
  • Funny Games
    Episode 9
    Vincent and Charlotte find themselves at loggerheads when Beth is admitted to All Saints, while Terri and Jack get more than they bargain for when they treat a woman who has exorcised her son. Elsewhere, Von's plan to buy a house hits an obstacle when she is knocked back for a housing loan.moreless
  • Fractured
    Episode 8
    Frank, in trying to save the victim of a motorbike accident that could be a suicide attempt, and dealing with the victim's distressed relatives, is given fresh insight into his own domestic situation. Jessica, intrigued by the repeated ED admissions of a 16-year-old schoolboy, unwittingly fuels the crush he develops on her as she pushes to identify his condition. Dan, nursing a patient who effectively talks himself into a heart attack, does his best to help the guy understand the importance of letting go of the past.moreless
  • Letting Go
    Episode 7
    In the aftermath of Charlotte's miscarriage, Terri returns to All Saints to a cold reception from Jack. In this bitter mood, Jack has little patience for a man brought in with septic shock from self-inflicted wounds following the death of his twin brother. Unable to engage emotionally with the grieving man, Jack pushes to have the patient treated against his wishes. Cate refuses to let Jack allow his own pain to compromise his usual compassion.moreless
  • Potential
    Episode 6
    Charlotte is sent sprawling by a hit and run driver and fights to save her unborn child. Things with Mac are coming to a head for Cate. She suspects that he's on the verge of a decision that will send him back into arms of Gill - breaking her heart. Jessica's high-spirited but difficult bipolar patient refuses to medicate himself, but when he lets slip that he had a couple of car accidents earlier in the day her curiosity is piqued.moreless
  • Lost and Found
    Lost and Found
    Episode 5
    Vincent and Cate work together to save a critically injured construction worker, his wife's emotional instability threatens to throw them both off balance. Nelson faces his inner demons when he discovers a six year old girl, near death, locked in a car outside a pub on a blistering summer's day. Cate's future with Mac is threatened by the arrival of a surprise visitor.moreless
  • Begging For It
    Episode 4
    Jack admits how he is really feeling about becoming a father. Lyall comes into emergency covered in blood and then collapses - but he does so before anyone has a chance to get any details. Another patient called Dean may hold the answer.
  • 2/22/05
    Jack learns to reflect on his own behavious after a patient is admitted after a fatal road rage incident. Frank and Kathleen's arguments continues when Frank learns his ex-wife has been to see her.
  • Outside Looking In
    Episode 2
    Frank's ex-wife is admitted to the ED after an accident. Mac is devastated at the prospect of living the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Dan decides to try and help two girls at the nightclub, but the consequences of what they did may be too much for them.
  • Happy New Year
    Episode 1
    Celebrating New Year's Eve turns nasty when the roof of a nightclub collapses with some of the ED inside. Mac is among the most seriously injured and isn't sure if he can cope with it being permanent.