All Saints - Season 9

Seven Network (ended 2009)


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Episode Guide

  • Judgement Day
    Judgement Day
    Episode 40
    Cate's problems come to a crisis point when she is brought into the Emergency Department after a Drug Overdose. AJ Temple escapes from a Prison Van after it is involved in a MVA, causing Erica concern about her brother. A Man entered the Emergency Department with a gun and someone is shot - will they survive?moreless
  • Love And Hate
    Episode 39
    Frank convinces a Father to let his son go. A patient Dan is caring for does something unspeakable and he then struggles to feel sympathy for him.

    Meanwhile, Zoe draws on her secret past to solve a baffling Medical Problem.
  • Breaking Point
    Episode 38
    When a Man is brought in with extensive injuries following a fall, his wife is unusually reluctant to allow his brother to see him. This raises suspicion amoungst the staff. Jo continues to pursue Sean, causing an incident between Sean and a patient. Sean warns Cate that Jo is a bad influence, but it falls on deaf ears as Cate's drinking later that day leads to a humiliating mishap involving Vincent, Cate's ex-boyfriend.moreless
  • 10/31/06
    On the E.R.'s busiest night, tensions are at their highest. A virus has swept through the community and the staff are dealing with the affected, which includes Gabrielle.

    A patient is brought in by the police after trashing his own apartment and he proves to be more than the staff can handle when he hits Erica during a moment of anger.

    Bart and Cate go head to head after Cate's hangover causes her to make an error in medication which could cost a man his life.moreless
  • Jaws of Death
    Episode 36
    A day at the beach for two mates ends in tragedy when they are attacked by a shark. Bart, inspired by a patient's outlook on life, plucks up the courage to tell Erica how he feels about her.
  • 10/17/06
    A patient who has been poisoned causes Cate and Sean to disagree. A prison fight impacts on the ED when the inmates are all admitted - and one of them is Erica's brother.
  • Contact
    Episode 34
    Dan finds working with the MRU on an accident scene involving a bus a new experience but it may prove to be his last ever when he ignores the rules. Bart helps in the interesting case of a patient admitted who refuses to speak to anyone.
  • Dead Girl Walking
    Episode 33
    When the team lose of their own, they are shattered. Cate gets some chilling insights from a young girl who believes she is dead. Elsewhere, when it seems that Sean's niece, Molly, is paralysed, Sean and Spence clash.
  • Happy Returns
    Episode 32
    Vincent returns refreshed from his time in Canada, however a major plane crash that brings multiple traumas is a harrowing welcome home for him. Meanwhile, Sean is furious when Spence elects to perform radical surgery on his niece and what could be devastating surgery on Sean's niece.
  • Ain't Love Grand
    Episode 31
    Nurses and doctors alike are shocked when a woman is admitted to the ED after having been scalped by an boyfriend. Dan is particularly disturbed and takes the chance to think about his relationship with Bianca.
  • 9/12/06
    A father is forced to make a heartbreaking decision about his seriously ill son. When a girl's dishonesty is the cause of a tragedy and Dan is furious. Meanwhile, Frank makes a surprise trip to Paris.
  • 9/5/06
    The ambos respond to a call for a woman who appears to be miscarrying but refuses help because she doesn't want her children taken away by DOCS.

    A confused former nurse is admitted as a patient, causing trouble for the nursing staff.
  • Private Lives
    Private Lives
    Episode 28
    At the site of a gruesome motor vehicle accident. a beautiful young surgeon infuriates Jack. Meanwhile, after a man presents with a voracious rash, the team are horrified when they discover its cause.
  • One Wrong Step
    Episode 27
    A difference of opinions over a patient's diagnosis gets heated for Dan and Zoe.

    When Erica and Bart try to set Von up with a patient, they take their lives into their own hands.
  • Mind Games
    Episode 26
    A young woman named Annie is admitted by Cate after she is found confused in the local park, but not all is as it seems. An elderly couple are also admitted, but their behaviour is out of character leavign Sean to try and figure out what is causing it.
  • Extreme Measures
    Episode 25
    When Margaret and Nathan are admitted to the ED after a car accident, and Nathan dies, Erica suspects that there is more to it than meets the eye. Bart also has an interesting case when Wayne is admitted due to pain - from a fish hook - in a very peculiar place.moreless
  • Truth Hurts
    Episode 24
    When a man with a gun shot wound is dumped in the Hospital grounds, he needs surgery to save his life. However, in the middle of the difficult operation, Mike abandons Jack leaving him to fend for himself. Erica and an old friend of Frank's treat a girl who has presented with a broken arm but is not all she seems to be. The new doctor in the ED, Zoe, comes to blows with the mother of a patient over an extraordinary genetic condition.moreless
  • Drawing the Line
    Episode 23
    Two reality TV contestants are injured on air just hours before the end of the show. Mike and Cate are sent to the scene to treat them - live on air. Meanwhile in the ED, Martin is admitted after falling face-first to the ground making his hook nose ring close his jaw shut.moreless
  • Two by Two
    Episode 22
    A perfectly fit young man is brought into the ED and dies within the hour. Charlotte and Sean try desperately to save two other victims of the same infection while Erica ad Bart search a Shopping Centre to find answers. Meanwhile, Mike and Frank clash over the treatment of one of Frank's old University friends - a lawyer names Gerald.moreless
  • When Duty Calls
    When Duty Calls
    Episode 21
    A man, Ryan, is trapped in a car and causes Mike to throw caution to the wind in order to save him, but is it for the best. A young girl, Vicki, is admitted after being sexually assaulted but she doesn't want to press charges. This leads Charlotte and Erica to disagree on how they think the situation is best handled.moreless
  • Tough Love
    Episode 20
    When Sean fails to again let Dan know what is going on with a patient and then criticizes him, Dan looses his temper at Sean telling him exactly what he thinks. Rochelle is admitted to the ED unable to walk and her boyfriend Nick faces the possibility that she may never walk again. Mike and Jack disagree over a surgery resulting in Jack being kicked out mid-way through it.moreless
  • 6/27/06
    Chris is admitted to the ED after a car accident, but things are soon complicated when they find out he is due to go into surgery the following day to give a kidney to his son Luke. A skater called Rachel is also admitted to the ED and when her life hangs in the balance during a surgery Sean freezes putting her life at risk.moreless
  • One for the Road
    One for the Road
    Episode 18
    A poker night which gets out of hand with alcohol could spell disaster for Jack when Mike insists that he be the lead surgeon on an operation. A young DJ, Jeff, causes a headache for Sean and Dan as he continuously argues with them saying that he isn't taking drugs. Meanwhile, the emergency department's new Nursing Unit Manager, Gabrielle, arrives for her first shift and isn't quite sure what to make of them all.moreless
  • A Rock and a Hard Place
    Lisa refuses to have life-saving surgery until her missing 2 year-old Jasper is found after she was injured in a bag snatch. Frank takes a sickie in order to try and mend things with Eve.
  • An Apple a Day
    Episode 16
    The MRU are trying to save the man, Percy, who was skewered through the head while re-enacting a Medieval tournament. Dan starts his first day as acting NUM but things don't go well.
  • The Way of It
    Episode 15
    Mike Vlasek is the new Head of Surgery which is appointed to the Emergency Department. A girl is admitted with a mysterious illness which has the doctors puzzled, but together Sean and Cate are determined to solve it.
  • Sink or Swim
    Episode 14
    Frank must make one of the hardest decisions of his life over Nelson's deteriorating behavour. A new intern by the name of Bartholomew West turns up annoying Frank who isn't in the mood for him.
  • Getting to Know You
    Getting to Know You
    Episode 13
    Jack is left homeless after his landlady's duplex burns down, leaving her with serious injuries. An emergency call from Alaska sees Bruce admitted to the ED with liver failure - but Sean wants to deal with solving the mystery in a non-ethical way.
  • Wait and See
    Episode 12
    Jennifer is admitted with injuries which convince Charlotte and Erica she is the victim of domestic abuse - but Sean isn't fully convinced. Tristan has brittle bone disorder and is admitted after jumping off a ferris wheel, for which he blames his sister Carlene.
  • Brothers in Arms
    Episode 11
    Nelson receives a letter which will not just impact himself but also Von greatly. Frank is feeling better and decides to drop in on the Emergency Department. Vincent, Jack and Cate are sent out to a restaurant where they find a young man, Tim, in danger of losing his arm and hand after jamming it in a meat mincer. Jack tries to make amends with Frank after siding with Deanna over the sexual harassment allegations.moreless
  • Just Desserts
    Episode 10
    Still recovering, Frank is anything except a good patient but it is mainly due to Alison's constant interference. Deanna's plan is under attack when Jessica's replacement, Erica, arrives and knows exactly what Deanna is capable of.
  • 4/25/06
    A man struggles to cope when he is involved in an accident which may result in the death of his wife and daughter. One of the hospital team are found near death - but who is it and who exactly is responsible?
  • The Mercy Seat
    Episode 8
    A man struggles to cope when he is involved in an accident which may result in the death of his wife and daughter. The main issue is that she needs a blood transfusion - but her father insists that she still follows the religious beliefs of the Jehovah's Witnesses. When the daughter, Julia's, fiancee turns up and says she is no longer an active member it causes conflict as to who's opinion the team follow. Deanna files the sexual harassment allegation against Frank, thinking it will mean she is guaranteed of her job.moreless
  • 4/11/06
    Deanna continues with her plan to gain control and keep her job. A new doctor arrives, Sean Everleigh and Dan disagrees with him over a treatment.
  • Facing the Music
    Episode 6
    Dan walks out after trying to perform in resus. With Kerry still on her mind, Von struggles to deal with work and her emotions - but does it lead to her being careless?
  • The Things We Do
    Episode 5
    Deanna continues to work on her plan to make Jack believe she is interested in him, but Jack soon finds out not all is at it seems. Frank and Von are concerned for Nelson as he still hasn't returned to the Hospital so they go around and see him. A man is admitted to the ward with a pain in his stomach. And a patient is being investigated by Work Cover as they believe he is a faking it his condition.moreless
  • No Way Out
    Episode 4
    With Nelson back on duty Deanna wants to keep her job - which means planting alcohol in Nelson's locker so that he will get fired. Meanwhile, Jack makes another mistake and Vincent is intent on making sure he knows it. Von is worried when Nicole is readmitted to hospital after being beaten up by her boyfriend - even though she is pregnant.moreless
  • Moment of Faith
    Moment of Faith
    Episode 3
    Nelson looks to get new accreditation in order to stay in his job The Emergency Department has a difficult patient on their hands when Cate's former martial arts teacher is admitted with a serious brain injury, but is aggressive and refuses to listen to anyone.
  • The Real Thing
    Episode 2
    Still recovering from the shock of the previous episode the team still have to get on with work. A teenage boy, Aiden, is admitted to the Emergency Ward who is overly fascinated with aliens. As the staff dig deeper they find a shocking truth behind it. Meanwhile, a man called Roy accidently shoots his wife Samantha and is on the phone to Dan who is trying to calm him down and get to the scene on time to save her life.moreless
  • Till Death Do Us Part
    The Emergency Department is still in a spin after the chemical explosion. Charlotte finds herself in a difficult position when her patient refuses help, but she doesn't want to let her die. Jessica and Dan meanwhile tend to a man who has lost in sight because of the explosion.