All Saints

Season 11 Episode 29

Solitary Confinement

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Sep 09, 2008 on Seven Network



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    • (Bart hangs phone up after yelling at the person on the other end)
      Bart: (mutters) Thanks for nothing!
      Gabby: (After witnessing Bart's outburst) Go Bart!
      Bart: Tried being nice. Didn't work.

    • (The new fill-in doctor walks in)
      Charlotte: I'm Charlotte Beaumont, 2IC. I hope you've had your weetbix this morning. (Shakes his hand)
      Tony Clarke: I did. Four of them.

    • Jack: (To Charlotte) Have you seen Frank?
      Charlotte: Yes, he's right here (Indicating herself).
      Dan: Yes, I can see the resemblance!
      (Charlotte hits him playfully)

    • (About needing a nurse to take to the prison)
      Mike: They wouldn't have contacted me if it wasn't serious.
      Frank: All right, take me.
      Mike: You going to wear a nurse uniform?
      Frank: Don't push it!

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