All That Glitters

(ended 1977)



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All That Glitters

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All That Glitters was a creative, but short-lived series produced by Norman Lear. It depicted a complete gender role-reversal. The women were the heads of households and industries, while the men were the homemakers or "househusbands" and secretaries. The syndicated series ran late-night for one season before it was cancelled.
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  • What would the life be like if women were in positions of power in the world and men were the homemakers financially and emotionally dependent on their female spouses????

    It was 1977. I was a 29 year old woman working at a big corporation that barred women from having certain jobs because only men were "capable" of doing them. All That Glitters showed what it would be like if women were in charge and had the power and men stayed at home and were financially and emotionally dependent on women. The young males working at the corporations would try to get ahead by romancing the older women executives. Men were mostly concerned with their physical attributes and how they were perceived by women. Their idea of success was landing a successful woman to support them.

    It was fascinating and ahead of it's time. I found it humorous and it helped me get through a number of outrageous years of male parental management and gave me the courage to see myself differently and work towards change. By the time I retired, I was a manager of the department that we weren't allowed to work in 30 years prior. I would love to get my hands on episodes of this show.....LOVED IT.moreless
  • What a revelation!

    No matter how open minded I ever thought I was and had always been sure that I had no silly sexual biases, this show showed me a whole new idea of thinking. I always believed myself to be open minded, but seeing the world frrom a totally different perspective of the female dominating society from the begining and seeing women doing what men have always have done by being in control, showed me that I needed to think again. Until I saw this show, I had a condescending view of women and how to treat them. After I saw this show I got rid of all the old ideas I had and thought about everything again. There was the husband of one of the top female executives who showed me something I never knew about myself. He gradually from being ignored, slept all day in a closet and only came out at night to clean and cook and so forth. He never went anywhere. I found myself envying him! I thought again about what I wanted out of life and changed my thought patterns. I am better for having seen that show.moreless